Best Massage Seat Cushion of 2017 (Unboxing & Review)

I have found one of the Massage Seat Cushion for 2017 at an amazing price. I hope you enjoy my review and unboxing of this amazing massager cushion!
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Version 2:

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In this video The Deal Guy has found the best shiatsu massage seat cushion of 2017 which is made by Naipo and is a back massage and shiatsu massage. This seat cushion is an amazing massager and this product is a much cheaper and more effective version of a traditional massage chair.

Let me know if you like my best massage chair review!


The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video.

59 Responses

  1. Mark Emery says:

    love the channel Matt pick me! lol love ya dude

  2. O'Neal Douglin says:

    I could use a massager.

  3. August Adelgaard says:

    I need this! :p

  4. Tebogo Dawe says:

    Very nice. It looks very awesome with the glowing dices

  5. Beatriz Collan says:

    Sooooo going to get this

  6. Monica Richards says:

    I deserve a massage

  7. Nicholas Russell says:

    Stress reliever

  8. Tiffany Langham says:


  9. chavig1 says:

    Oh I really need one, my back gets uncomfortable throughout the day

  10. Ethan Graff says:

    Omg gimme this

  11. Donna Kabel says:

    This is great. I love the way it is like a seat. We have one the is floppy and hard to use. Great deal!

  12. Erica Jane says:

    Need that for my grandma

  13. Thomas V says:

    You……Are…… AWESOME

  14. Debbie Storey says:

    Love that massager!

  15. Kristen M says:

    This would be amazing after a full work day at the hospital πŸ˜‰

  16. Coach jusnovit Curia says:

    Great review, am ready to review one on my channel too. Good job πŸ‘

  17. Abdullah Noor says:

    Amazing video

  18. Henry Gonzalez says:

    This is amazing

  19. Charles Ly says:

    Must have

  20. vincika palmer says:

    Ha ha ha

  21. Julia Cosalan says:

    must need for long days of practice.

  22. Adam Ibrahim says:

    Your the best hope I win the giveaway

  23. Teri Baynes says:

    OMG I really wish I could have one of these!! xXx

  24. Unexpected Gamer says:

    Love today’s deals

  25. Richie Chlopecki says:

    MacBook Pro!

  26. Young Rome says:

    Cool video 2day

  27. Quinnetta Davis says:

    Coupon code doesn’t work I’ve tried everything

  28. J348 says:

    This chair is great … just what need …. not in the budget … another time on sale and another giveaway please. More like this product please do reviewe. So many oout there ahrd to tell the really good form the just ok or a waste of money ones. Thank you

  29. James Tabone says:

    code not working :/

  30. Kelly Haygood says:

    Send that my way.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚

  31. Antreas Konstantinou says:

    does it come with a 12v socket so you can plug it in a car?

  32. questof1 says:

    looks orgasmic… πŸ™‚

  33. afrocubanita1969 says:

    I love your Enthusiasm…!

  34. Tinnakorn Sai says:

    Is it my turn yet?

  35. shiraz daruwala says:

    Is it available in India?If yes what would be the cost?

  36. Bruce Lee says:

    Are you Wearing a Wig…i have a system too

  37. Keromor says:

    I am sorry but I have tried these things and they do not feel great as people seem to express.

  38. Mary Proveaux says:

    If Brookstone is still in business? Wow. Traitorous.

  39. joeylantis22 says:

    that lisp that comes out at 3:20 omg

  40. Darren G says:

    I use the Brookstone S8 Message Topper chair I have no back issues before or after but I used it 2x a day b/c I can. My advise is to wear a back brace when moving stuff around I do when it's heavy and life with your legs only never use your back.

  41. Durrpadil says:

    Yep. I need one. Every time I see a masseuse I am told my muscles are extremely tense. I challenge myself often, and my body takes it literally at times. Where the latissimus dorsi meets the trapezius transversus is where I need the most kneading. I can't wait. I've waited 4 years for one of these. I think it's time.

  42. Terry Dobson says:

    Can you plug it into the auto

  43. Vikrant Jadhav says:

    That expression on 3:20 πŸ˜€

  44. Studio Nets says:

    awesome video D

  45. Zack cash says:

    thank god nonutnovember is over

  46. Byronkulet05 Roblox says:

    I tryed on sm molino its cool

  47. party meerkat says:

    I'm so jealous I love having a massage

  48. Jack vdBrug says:


  49. canne says:

    does this work in a car seat?

  50. Kawsar A says:

    Wish i had one

  51. mss burr says:

    Before you buy this go to bed bath and beyond and try one out. I tried it and the nodes were really hard.. I guess you can put a pillow or cushion to minimize the hard feel.

  52. Brandon Parker says:

    I need one so bad really bad I have a pain in my back I have been trying get rid of for 2 days now

  53. David Vasquez says:

    I’m fat af will this work on me

  54. avinash anchan says:

    Trying to find this….. πŸ™

  55. damnitsmaliq says:

    2:48 when you nut and she keeps sucking πŸ˜‚

  56. RHINOCEREYE says:

    I've tried Snailax and Zyllion Shiatsu
    massagers and they just didn't massage and support my low back good
    enough. My L5S1 disc is mostly degenerated. I bought a Massage Lynx
    Shiatsu massager a couple weeks ago on amazon because it has a bunch
    of massage nodes working all at once to support your whole back. It
    feels more thorough with all those different size nodes working
    together adjustable to a high speed and it supports my low back way
    better! I don't have to use the Massage Lynx for as long as I needed
    to use the others.

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