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  1. The Damage Report says:

    What are your thoughts on Bernie Sanders' plan for criminal justice reform? Leave a comment below.

  2. ᗰᗩᗪ ᗷᒪᗩᑕK-TITᗩᑎ says:

    Conservatives will never care about the black man

  3. Lyssa Proxy says:

    Bernie bernie bernie …. BERNIE!

  4. travellight says:

    Democratic Socialism is the system "We the people" were meant to have and the Corporatocracy we now have is not at all, "..of the people, by the people, for the people"? Every Economist will tell you, when folks have more money they buy more stuff and that´s good for Business. We know "trickle down" doesn´t work, so let´s try a little trickle up. Bernie 2020

  5. Night Shine says:

    All that bernie sais is right for the non violent offenders. All that he sais is right when it comes to how our tax money should work to take care of the usa citizens not buy the heads of corporations 7 mansions. Big corporations need to pay their taxes just as we do. We are not just money generators. We are ppl that deserve our tax dollars to work for us the 99%. Trump works for the 1%. Bernie2020 works for us the 99%. Give the actual good man a chance! Register and vote!

  6. Eric Wood says:

    Libtards ignore the attacks on police. This is why Demorats are incapable of being fair and balanced.

  7. Henry Wartemberg says:

    Agree with a lot of this. Don’t really like prisoner minimum wage if I heard that right. Sorry, nope.

    I don’t think private companies should be able to exploit that either though. Simple solution prisoner work can only be public sector not private. Whatever it is they do is cycled back into the community they get a stipend lower than minimum wage but not ridiculous . Keep in mind they haven’t exactly got living costs whilst in prison.

    Focus should be on training programs and apprentice type work options.

  8. Mr E says:

    Colorado Dept of corrections pays .60 cents a day and incentivized programs pay $1.50 a day

  9. Stephen Rioux says:

    Read this through, and tell me what's wrong with this picture:

    Criminal Justice is a movement for full employment. Full correctional facilities maximize the system`s per diem allotment, which allows for larger prisons, larger staffs, and greater political power and influence. To that end, crime must be maintained at all costs. A shortage of criminals jeopardizes the system. Therefore, more criminals must be manufactured to maintain full employment. They pick on minorities to insure that their own loved ones don't get caught in the gears of the machine. Just bad luck and a poor choice of parents on their part. Sorry, guys. We told you that it was your own fault.

  10. Joel Stuart says:

    An ex president of the United States went to an island that is known to have underage girls having sex with men. he has the right to vote. A citizen of the United States should have basic rights. The right to health Care the right to vote the right for free speech.

  11. Richard Carlington says:

    Yeah all the money the police make through civil asset seizure goes to purchasing militarized civil obedience guard wear. The Damage report covers the greatness of Sanders more than fuckin TYT! Why? They're too busy suckling Warrens teet ! #nowarrennoway BERNI/TULSI 2020!

  12. Aza Smith says:

    You know, it's funny: I'm a Texan surrounded by Holier Than Thou Christians and the Theocratic politicians that parrot them, all who have the belief that only Christians are in any way moral and if this country is to improve than everyone else should be Christian too… and the only one out there with a heart and a soul is the one Jewish guy everyone knows.

  13. John Fry says:

    I hope that the push back from Trump. Is this progressive. LET'S MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE BUT DON'T SIT ON YOUR HANDS! SHARE SHARE SHARE THE JOE ROGAN AND BERNIE SANDERS PODCAST FRIENDS, FAMILY AND COLLEAGUES. change is not without effort or sacrifice.

  14. Robert Lavelle says:

    Haha Haha Haha !
    tRump is having a hissy fit with his former BFF. No one can figure out why. ( hint…….his name is…..ready (?)……Tim ……..BARRACK !
    Haha Haha Haha!!!
    How deliciously ironic !!!

  15. Joe Eoj says:

    Sanders a communist pig who wants to take away your guns, rights and money- he thinks he knows what's best for you- Wake UP!

  16. b mckone says:

    what about how the prisons take like 50% of monies sent to the inmates? why are they allowed to essentially steal from people?

  17. EndSpire says:

    *A backpack

  18. AMAZIN BJJ says:

    If prisoners get minimum wage i’m going to prison. Free room, board and healthcare. #Thegoodlife

  19. Alexander Stone says:

    How mad will you Americans be when you find out that Bernie is a Canadian Operative? 🇨🇦 Vive la Resistance!!

  20. earth ocean says:

    Why did this female reporter find it necessary or pertinent to wrangle praise for Hillary Clinton into a discussion about Bernie Sanders? Would she level the same praise for the lawyers of tRump or Epstein?

  21. earth ocean says:

    Slavery was never abolished, it simply expanded under capitalism. Very few workers are paid fairly in order to live comfortably.

  22. GTOHawg says:

    Empathy is somehow rarely mentioned in politics as that should be the main reason to get into politics. To help those that cannot help themselves. And who would be taken advantage of by the wicked.

  23. Bigs says:

    In Australia if you are serving a prison sentence of 3 years or less you are allowed to vote – BUT if you have a longer sentence you stay on the electoral roll but cannot vote until paroled or released.

  24. Very Stable Genius says:

    burnie hates dead albino baby jesus CONFIRMED

  25. Donut Frump says:

    Let's get a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket going for 2020!

  26. T. Padgett says:

    I have no issue with convicted felons having the right to vote AFTER they are released from prison and finish the sentence. But they should regain ALL civil rights to include the right to keep and bear arms. Just a fact all right are restored or no rights restored.

  27. Debby McCormack says:

    Classic YouTube. Video about Bernie, ad for Kamala for president.

  28. 100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party! says:

    Criminals should lose their rights, the fact that they committed crimes proves that they cannot be part of society.

    Wow, all of those rights and all those privileges for people who have committed crimes, how about the victims?! It was not mentioned that victims should be compensated for the loss of their property, get all their medical cost covered, reconstructive cosmetic surgery for people who were disfigured from the attack, loss of wages, transportation, funeral cost for the ones they kill, financial support for the children of the victims, etc etc…

    People who are locked up have perks and amenities that poor folks can't afford. They get FREE legal representation, cable TV, the internet, workout equipment, 3 meals a day…they are getting a whole lot more than the working poor can afford.

    I can't get aboard with legalizing marijuana. It's easy for him to talk and others who don't live in neighborhoods that have a large number of people who smoke pot (especially the one that smells like they are raping a skunk!) it is horrible having to pass by a fog of smoke that stinks up your clothes and makes you physically ill. Legalizing marijuana is just going to cause a bigger mess of problems from fights, to more of them smoking in the presence or in areas for children, more muggings, more marijuana sales on the street and people showing up to work stoned.

    At one time I thought that Bernie Sanders was a pretty good candidate but now…absolutely NOT!

  29. Craig Rik says:

    Votes for all citizens! You don't lose this right while serving punishment time! It's a punishment you're serving you haven't lost your citizenship!

  30. Cindy Lloyd says:

    Century XII Quatrains 52-71 Particular attention to Chateaux.

  31. Cameron Hersey says:

    You might want to be careful for what you wish for. A lot of prisoners are considered a captive audience to the “religious wrong”.

  32. Sheryl Ferraro says:


  33. Stephanie Thomas says:

    People trolling the "Leftist" you realize we don't do the same to u. Maybe u should do something better with ur time to make our county better. Like volunteer at a homeless shelter or plant trees or anything besides hate… Just a thought.

  34. Jim Wallington says:

    Do the math. There are 2m people incarcerated in the US. 400,000 of these people are in for lack of bail. That leaves 1.6m convicted of a crime. Many of these are for victimless crime. We are talking less than 0.5% of the population. Lines have to be drawn in the sand. Taking away peoples right to vote is like not giving people healthcare. How many people should die because they can't afford drugs or surgery?

  35. wombat 47 says:

    Watch out people black knight is on the prowl. And I can spell his name correctly.

  36. Jim Wallington says:

    Kamala would have to find a new excuse for keeping people in prison if she wasn't allowed to use them for slave labour. Maybe they are all truants.

  37. KnuckleDuster2004 says:

    Feel the Bern and burn Down the corporate jail system

  38. Pitbulls are Great Babysitters says:

    Where's my reparations Bernie payday loan merchant

  39. Scott C says:

    You should have spent more than 6+ minutes talking about his plan since there's more and all of it is extremely progressive.

  40. the Reverend Chris says:

    Is it "controversial" to want a good, safe, fair country to live in? Apparently in the USA it is.

  41. Arachnid Soul says:

    All those changes would be great.

  42. Randy Strong says:

    I think people who commit violent crimes and sex crimes should not be able to vote. All other inmates should have the right to vote. My opinion.

  43. It's OK To Be White says:

    Want to vote? Stay out of prison.

    Every person reading this is doing it.

    It's so not hard.

  44. Berny Lorenzo says:

    Public defenders are in cahoots with the d.a and the judge

  45. It's OK To Be White says:

    Living wage for prisoners?

    Are there any sane libtards left?

  46. memory lane says:

    Bernie is an old goat

  47. memory lane says:

    Bernie is a cermudgen

  48. memory lane says:

    Bernie is senile

  49. memory lane says:

    Bernie is 100 years old

  50. memory lane says:

    Bernie is a codger

  51. memory lane says:

    Bernie sleeps on public

  52. memory lane says:

    Bernie spits when he talks

  53. memory lane says:

    Bernie needs to change his Depends.

  54. memory lane says:

    Bernie smells like old man

  55. memory lane says:

    Bernie orders off the senior menu

  56. memory lane says:

    Bernie goes to meetings in his pajamas

  57. Dianna Skare says:

    Our "Justice System" in The Land of the Free has been set in the Revenge mode and never has followed the Constitution!
    It would be wonderful to change the "mode" … to have a TRUE JUSTICE that is MADE FOR REHABILITATION and giving a Hand Up NOT A HANDOUT while finding the individual talent's …. of Each Individual!!!

  58. It's OK To Be White says:

    We need to let inmates out on weekends and give them free passes to Disneyland.

  59. D Saint says:

    Go Bernie 20/20

  60. steelerdave2000 says:

    Yeah, just let the prisoners out. Good Lord, you people are beyond stupid. Lots of people can’t be rehabilitated. People, especially drug addicts, are wired differently, and often violently. Liberals are morons, and this is proof.

  61. Jack pine Savage says:

    A good start for prison reform would be to send convicted criminals to prison as punishment, not for punishment. Just being there should be a deterrent to crime. Of course, very few care about the men and women in prison. Inmates have no political power. When Alabama decided to cut prison funding and allow living conditions in prisons to worsen to the point of being cruel and unusual,, it was only the Federal courts who forced the State of Alabama to improve the living conditions in the prisons. The richest nation on earth can afford to incarcerate the largest percentage of it's citizens vs. any other nation on earth. It's time to invest more in our schools and teachers than we do in prisons and correctional officers.

  62. It's OK To Be White says:

    Are inmates getting enough ice cream? If not bernie better fix this!

  63. Christy Jones says:

    I had a court appointed public defender, her first words to me were..you look very guilty Mrs….I later got another one due to complaints against her, she took an early retirement. I did plead guilty but CPS and family court are totally different than any other court, its crazy. Took us almost 2 years to get our kids back over a bad xray, and our son having eczema and late shots. The new judge is giving kids back to everyone, even in actual cases of abuse where the kids are in danger. No candidates ever address any of the issues I have been through, or have seen.

  64. Buford says:

    $0.75 cents an hour for prison labor. Nope. It's more like $0.17 cents an hour instead.

  65. matthew benard says:

    not a fan of this chick, But WoW those nails are extreme. IDK how you can use your hands with nails like that. hope she dose not have to push any buttons lol

  66. Terri Jacobsen says:

    I think the law sucks. My son got picked up for sleeping in the canyon. Tresspassing. Spent 40 days in jail and 2 years on probaion. That's bullshit. The law sucks. Terri

  67. indigohonesty says:

    History is important! The 13th amendment only abolishes slavery for those not currently serving time for committing a crime. This is why prisoners aren't paid minimum wage, or a living wage: they are slaves. This is also the reason many municipalities prohibit inmates from voting: they are slaves. Apparently this needs to be stated: slaves don't have rights. Our country failed to fully abolish slavery; some states, like Colorado, have finished the job by adding amendments their constitutions. Perhaps, we as an entire country, can finish the job and amend the 13th to completely abolish slavery under the next administration. if this factual information could be more widely talked about, maybe support for extending the 13th amendment to prisoners can be generated??? #FactsMatter "It's allowed to continue" because it's constitutional. re: 4:48ish … everything in Bernie's plan is awesome, but it doesn't go far enough if it doesn't completely abolish slavery. jmo

  68. Nathalie Dufour says:

    Bernie SANDERS POTUS 2020 !

  69. ihartevil says:

    Since the main shows comment section has so many comments I thought I would post this here

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  70. Saynt0 says:

    So someone who kills another human being should still have their rights to vote?? Um… I'm not a fan of this reform. Limit it to non violent acts, take away phone charges and make wages for prisoners half of the minimum wage. They get free room and board and shouldn't be allowed to leave prison with wealth!

  71. Cheyenne Boyer says:

    Kalief Browder was accused of stealing a backpack. (Love you guys but I believe I heard bike, not bag.)

  72. rustydog0329 says:

    Bernie, champion of illegal aliens and criminals. Imagine him campaigning in a cell block.

  73. Beastmen Delegate says:

    I can feel Bernie’s Warcry from here. The dude is an Untamed Beast. I’m Verinspired by his message. It’s time for the Age of Chaos to come to an end, vote Sanders 2020!

  74. cloudyskiesnow says:

    Trump's base consists of white nationalists, edgelords, 4chan trolls, incels, mass shooters, and people who think incest is a way of life.

  75. Lopi robinson says:

    The whole point of criminal justice reform is to evolve our system of checks and balances. The death penalty is tricky because there are quite a few circumstances where I would want it to be enforced but I understand, as a man who tries to see things objectively, why some want to abolish it. Violence and hate will always lead to the end of a species. As we evolve, we see that being civilized and objective, seeing things for as they are without emotion, our society could prosper. Or we could go back to living in the dark ages…and even sociopaths wouldn’t want that, would you…

  76. Telly Vin-a says:

    surprise surprise, in a world where you make money locking people up, everybody is a criminal

  77. Andy Her says:

    I don't think I've ever seen Brooke so animated before. She was just spitting fire here, and for good cause. We are the most savage, stupid and dangerous country in the world and our criminal justice system reflects that pretty accurately. Actually, every country's does. In Skandanavia, for example, the prisons tend to be decent, humane places that improve society. Their only problem is falling incarceration rates. Now, can any of that be said about any of our brutal, nasty and socially dangerous shit holes? A single one, anywhere, that isn't run by sadistic weirdos who get their rocks off by torturing other humans? We suck at everything that really matters, and yet we call ourselves the greatest country on earth, the land of the free, even. Well, I did mention that we had that stupid thing going on…

  78. ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

    A convicted person can run for Congress but you say no for voting?

  79. Chris Drakerton says:

    Donnie is gonna love the new reforms come next year after his election loss.

  80. Chris Drakerton says:

    Donnie is gonna love the new reforms come next year after his election loss.

  81. Go X says:

    75 cent a hr is good. I made 70 cent a day in prison 3 yrs ago

  82. GWINE says:

    The US has the highest rate of incarceration, in the world, over 2 million in prison (even China has only about 1.6 million). Something is wrong.

  83. carl miller says:

    Bernie Sanders ……another russian politician for your consideration vote bernie to help trump win again

  84. MsCervantes R says:

    I love seeing Brooke and John on-air together. Their chemistry is on fire. Whether they agree with each other or not, they bounce off of each other beautifully.

  85. Daniel Galan says:

    Excons deserve the right to vote

  86. freitmeyer says:

    Total bullshit. Cops have the toughest job on the planet and has to protect everyone especially those that hate them (all leftist scum). You cowardly stupid fucks have no respect and discipline and most importantly NO BRAINS OR COMMON SENSE!!!! I am a retired LEO so I know this!!!!!!! Violence will only get MUCH WORSE under Demoncrat policies. I GUARANTEE YOU THIS!!!!!!

  87. stillwill2215 says:

    I'm voting for Bernie but I think that money would be better spent on getting folks actual Defense Attorneys as opposed to Public ["just plead guilty"] Defenders. Every American citizen should have the right to vote. Once one has served their time and is released, they should be allowed to vote, they are still American Citizens.

  88. freitmeyer says:

    To all you stupid fucks who NEVER served as a LEO. Sanders bullshit is a smokescreen and hates cops as much as all you leftists!!!! You fucks want to let every felon out of jail, let felons vote and now in CA, Newsom is questioning the actions of all cops to decide whether they want to go home at night by HESITATING which will result in more cops DEAD!!!!. It has NOT gotten worse under Republicans, ONLY under Democratically controlled states and localities.

  89. It's OK To Be White says:

    Why stop at voting? Let's let felons own guns and live next to parks and schools.

  90. Lynn Lobliner says:

    The reason for wanting prisoners to have the right to vote is that prisoners are counted in population of the area where the prison is located, which is generally rural, and the representatives and senators consider them constituents (as much as they consider any people as constituents). It all affects gerrymandering.

  91. Lynn Lobliner says:

    If they pay prisoners $15/hr they will demand the prisoners to pay for room and board. Be prepared for THAT to happen. You're in prison and you have to pay for your incarceration. I hope Bernie's bill takes the prisons out of private corps. Or that there is a separate bill.

  92. Oline Wright says:

    I am glad that Bernie is talking of getting rid of the civil forfeiture laws which have been abused by Law officers (not all and likely not many but they exist) to rob people of their possessions to avoid a fake charge or having their children taken in to "protective charity.

  93. Zhu Bajie says:

    Socialize the lawyers!

  94. bubbiesdad says:

    "certain communities"?

  95. Robert Jung says:

    One rich person to commit crimes? Let's see, Trump, Epstein, Murdock, Clinton (both),… Could count many more.

  96. Travis Bickle says:

    Don't break the law and you won't have to worry about prison. Simple.

  97. Bunkiebe says:

    Bernie knows! He wrote the damn bill!!!!!!

  98. Deb wright says:

    I notice no one brings up the fact that Bernie is Jewish. Because of that and in the current climate with talks of socialism, I don't see Bernie becoming the democratic nominee . Truth be told democrats are circling the drain at this point. Time will tell.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Trump didn't win on issues and facts.😯😯😯😯

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