Beautiful Justice: Buy-bust operation ends in a bloody disaster | Full Episode 2 (with subtitles)

Sabrina Cuevas. Will you marry me? Yes, Lance! Yes! But I never had any regrets about us being together. The day when Ronron was born, that was the happiest day of my life. You two are the most important people in my life. It’s okay with me to lose everything except the both of you. Why don’t you apply and come work for us? Since we always need new agents. Really, sir? Of course, Dennis. Sir, thank you, anyway. But Dennis, if you’re going to look for work, please stay away from drugs. If I become an agent, at least, I’ll be able to do something good. Somehow, I’ll be able to make up for all the bad things I did before. Dennis, our asset, told us that there will be a party at Manila Bay. That’s where he’s going to meet his source, Smokey. And there are unconfirmed reports that Lady M will also be there. I don’t know if we should tell our boss about our suspicion. All we have are suspicions. We don’t have any evidence. But we have a lot already Just keep those. When we get enough evidence, that’s when we start to find out who to turn to. Lance, where are you? I’ve been calling you. I’m sorry. My phone died. I didn’t know that there’s going to be a sudden operation today. There’s heavy traffic here at Agoncillo. It’s not moving. Lance, I won’t make it. I’m with my guy, Dennis. This is Hunter and that one is Chuck. They had a problem with their old supplier that’s why they’re here. Your name is Hunter, right? Yeah. I like your name. Just like me, I’m always out for new adventures. Smokey, I’ll leave them to you. PDEA! We’re from PDEA! Put down your guns! Put down your guns! We’re going to die here, sir. Put them down. Sir, I don’t want to die yet. Put your guns down! I don’t want to die yet. Put your guns down! We’re from PDEA! Put them down! Down! Sir, I don’t want to die yet. You need to toughen up! Pull out! Pull out! Go! Where is our back-up? Move! Move! Pull out! Pull out! Pull out! Ronron? Ronron! What are you doing here? It’s already late. I can’t sleep. I just want to play with my boat. I think the boat is already broken. Ronron, it’s too late for playing. And I told you not to play here. And not to play with water. Okay? Look! You’re wet. I’m sorry, mommy. Come on. Let’s change your clothes. Okay? You have to go to bed now. Lady M! Execute Clean Slate Protocol. Make sure no evidence will be found. I’ll wait in the speedboat. Hello, Lieutenant? Lieutenant, I need a boat to bring me to the yacht where the operation is taking place. Lieutenant? Lieutenant, the yacht is on fire! Lieutenant, we need rescue boats immediately! Lance, pick up. Lance, pick up. Hello, sir? Sir! We have a situation, sir. The yacht is on fire! I don’t know the status of the other agents. I can’t get through them. Yes, sir. I already informed Maritime. I already requested for rescue boats. Yes, sir. I’ll stay right here, sir. Yes, sir. Come on now. Go to your bed. Mommy, can I sleep here? All right, fine. Sleep here. Go to sleep now, okay? Mommy, dad hasn’t come home yet? He will come home soon. Go to sleep now. When you wake up, your dad will be here already. Go to sleep. Go on. Sleep now. What happened? I don’t know. It was just utter chaos. And I panicked so I jumped in the water. And then something exploded. You don’t remember anything else? Nothing else. Thank you. Ocampo, what’s the update? Sir, I was able to talk to one of the survivors but she couldn’t give any information. She appears to be drugged and traumatized from what happened. What happened to your team? Still no sign of them, sir. How did you get here? That’s the thing, sir. There was a problem. I got stuck in traffic last night that’s why I arrived late. When I got here, they were already gone. I don’t know what happened. What? Look for them! Let me see that one. The last one. A new developing story just came in. Around 3am in the morning, a yacht in Manila Bay caught fire. Rescue operations are currently underway. There are speculations that a drug party was taking place before the yacht exploded. And that there are PDEA agents that were involved in the tragedy. Sir. Blanket. Move! Sir, we found something. This might be from one of your colleagues. This is Decena’s watch. Where is Agent Decena’s body? I’m sorry, sir. That’s all we found. In explosions like this one, it’s possible that other bodies cannot be identified and recovered anymore. Sir, sir! Can you confirm for us right now that there were PDEA agents that were in the yacht when it caught fire? No comment. Sir, is it true that a buy bust operation happened during the party? Yes, sir. Was there a buy bust operation? I said no comment. Move the line further. Make them leave. Sir, just one comment. We need to get information. What really happened, sir? Please, sir. Sir, please answer us. We need to notify the families of the victims. The press might beat us to it. And we need to identify the bodies. Okay? Yes, sir. My God, Ronnie! Please pick up. Please. Please. Hello, Ronnie? Uh, Tony. I’m glad you called because I’m worried about Ronnie. Uh, Ronnie… He left last night. He said he had an operation. But he hasn’t come home yet until now. I saw the news about the yacht that exploded. No. No. No! No! No! No! Ronnie! Ronnie! Ronnie! Good morning, Alexis. Good morning, Brie. Lights on, please. What news? Sorry about what? Huh? Brie! Brie! Nanny? Brie! Brie! It’s Lance. Why? Something happened to Lance. Alice? Bebet. Alice. Condolence. Bebet, I need to go. Ronron is asleep now. Go ahead. I’ll take care of him. Just tell Ronron that I’ll be back, okay? Don’t let him watch TV. Gellie. Bebet. Excuse me. Where is Mr. Ronnie Vida? Here. Where is he?! Where is my son?! Wait. Wait. Wait. Where is Dennis? Over there. Thank you. My God! Dennis! My son! My son! My son! My God, Dennis. Dennis! What did you do to my brother?! You said you won’t hurt him, right?! You said you will protect him, right?! What did you do?! What did you do to my brother?! Why did you leave us?! Excuse me. Do you work here? Okay, good. Because someone called me. I was told to come here. I really don’t know what I’m doing here. Who are you looking for, ma’am? Lance? Lance Decena? I’m his fiancee. And I think there seems to be some kind of mistake. I’ll take care of it. Are you Brie? Lance’s girlfriend? Yes. Good. You know him! Where is Lance? This weird thing happened. It must’ve been a mistake. Someone called me and told me to go here because apparently Lance is a PDEA agent? And he got involved into some kind of accident but I think you got the wrong guy because Lance owns a restaurant. Okay? Maybe the guy has the same name. Or I don’t know. But I’ve been trying to call him. He’s not answering my calls. Do you recognize this? This belongs to Lance. I gave him this last night. It’s our anniversary. We just got engaged. I just posted about it last night. I’m sorry, Brie, but this is the only thing they found. Wait. I don’t understand. Where is Lance? Who are you? I’m Agent Vin Ocampo. I’m Lance’s partner in PDEA. Last night, we had an operation in a yacht that exploded. He was there. We haven’t found his body until now. But he’s presumed to be dead. What happened, Tony?! Alice, I can’t give you an answer yet because the investigation is still ongoing. I’m not part of the press! Tell me the truth! It was my husband who died! He was your friend! I really don’t know what happened. But I promise you, I will get to the bottom of this. All I know is that there was an operation. A buy-bust. Maybe they figured out that they were agents. I don’t know. Things like this don’t usually happen. And Ronnie knows the risks. No! I told you, Lance is not a PDEA agent. It’s common for PDEA agents to hide their true jobs. No! Brie. For all I know, you just stole that watch from him. Give me that! Excuse me. This is evidence Brie… Sorry about her, Agent Handsome, okay? Brie! Brie! I know my husband. You know him. He wouldn’t get himself in a situation that will harm him. Alice. I still don’t have the answers to your questions. But I promise you. I’ll get to the bottom of this. Ronnie was like a brother to me. I was the one who mentored him at the agency. So I promise you. The person who did this to him will pay. I’m really sorry. Do you think what they’re saying is true? That Lance is a PDEA agent? What? You also want me to believe them that Lance is gone? That Lance is dead? That can’t be. We just got engaged. We’re going to get married. What if it’s true? We should accept it, right? We should accept that Lance is already gone. There’s only one way to find out if what they’re saying is true. Hey. What are you going to do? Brie? It’s true. Lance is a PDEA agent. Brie. Brie. Brie. Brie, if it’s true that Lance is a PDEA agent, that means… he’s dead?! That can’t be! That can’t be! He said he won’t leave me! He said he loves me! He said that he will never disappear from my life. That can’t be! That can’t be! Brie. That can’t be! Here, mother. Why did you choose this? He doesn’t have any other decent clothes. This is what he wore during the debut of Vicky’s daughter. He never liked this. He said that’s itchy. He doesn’t like that. He won’t feel it. Because he’s gone. Our son is gone. Why did this have to happen now? He wanted to live a new life. It’s your fault! Why did you force him to go with those PDEA men?! Go ahead, mother! Go ahead and blame me. If I only knew that would happen to him, I would’ve stopped him, right?! But go ahead and blame me. It’s my all my fault. It’s my fault why my brother died! Stop arguing! Hershey’s right What are you two saying? Kitkat, it’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. No one wanted what happened to Dennis. Mommy! Hello, auntie. Alice? Are you alright? By the way, I cooked lunch for you and Ronron. Sorry but Gellie and I need to go now. Jed has been calling me. I don’t know about my husband. It’s as if he doesn’t live there. He couldn’t find some stuff at home. He doesn’t even know how to cook for himself. It’s so crazy. I’m fine. Bebet, thank you for taking care of Ronron. That’s nothing. If you need anything else, anything, just tell me. Okay? You know that your friends are always here for you. Okay. Gellie and I will go now, okay? Gellie? Let’s go now. Your dad is already looking for us. Bye! Bye, Ronron! Bye! Mommy? Why isn’t daddy with you? Baby. Your daddy is gone. He’s gone. Where did he go, mommy? When is he coming back? He’s not coming back, baby. He already went to heaven. But I don’t want him to go to heaven, mommy. Who’s going to play with me now?

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  1. danica camporidondo says:

    Excited na ako nang sasabak na sila tatlo..

  2. Eljun Colis says:

    Yasmin was so good in acting…ronron the child was good also…the husband of Yasmin…Gabbis acting was OK..pero pakihasa young iba like gil cuerva lalo na page intense angvscene…dapat young pagsalita nang bawat karakter eh tingnan bang director kc minsan ang OA…Yasmin is so excellent Basra produktong starstruck…Ewan ko sa iba saan nila napulot yan

  3. Arky Buen says:

    Maganda to!!!May aabangan na namn ako Gabi Gabi!!

  4. serri tenshi says:

    Ang cool neto. Galing ng mga fight scene. At ang seksi ni Lady M. She's glowing😊

  5. T.R.B. CHANNEL says:

    Feeling ko masama talaga ung boss nila na PDEA kaya wlang dumating na backup at kaya nalaman ng mga kalaban na PDEA Sina Ronnie,Lance,at dennis

  6. Sherei Usman says:

    Ang ganda ng story,tumps up gma,sana tell end,hndi s umpisa lng maganda.. sana tangkilikin ito ng masa,wag puro idol duon lng tayo sa ini idolo ntin,doon tayo sa maganda story na may aral din makukuha.

  7. Kevin Cano says:

    nakakadala iyak ni yasmen galing 😊

  8. February Bernardo says:

    grαвí nmn tσ kαkα rєlαtє pαnαч tαgαѕ ng luhα ko

  9. Regie Cerilo says:

    Nice to see Merriam from the clash <3

  10. Ruby ann Seratubias says:

    I like dis Show…#BeaBinene

  11. Love Nuro says:

    anu bayan bago palabas dame na pinatay na bida

  12. Loren Jutt says:

    Parang tong boss Nila kasabwat cya NG sindikato πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  13. Rica So says:

    nkkaiyak nman itong drama.

  14. Pammy Yap says:

    Bakit pinatay si Gabbi Eigenmann? 😞

  15. Jayson Castillano says:

    Maganda ang storya pati ang camera hanip….

  16. Xiao Yei Chen says:

    Honestly, okay na sana..Kaso parang may kulang..PDEA team ka dapat kahit cguro di experto at least straight point ang pagbaril..Hahaha..Ung mga namatay agad, extra lang tlga sila..Si Derrick mabubuhay yan

  17. Xiao Yei Chen says:

    Parang si Victor Neri dito kasabwat pa sa mga drug syndicate..🀣🀣🀣

  18. Jam mer says:

    Sino nandito para kay Choco? #FrancescoAlcantaramaafi

  19. cyril montebon says:

    Galing ni yasmen! Ang ganda ng palabas good job!

  20. Lheyne dolliente says:

    super likeπŸ˜„

  21. Xiao Yei Chen says:
    Guys, link for September 11, 2019 Episode..Watch nio po..
    PS. PLEASE VOTE ALSO..Click the star..Thank You po

  22. Xiao Yei Chen says:

    Ung Part 1 jan General's Daughter hahahahaha..Sinindikato din..Lol

  23. LADY in RED says:

    intense grabe kaba kaba naman to

  24. Caren Telan says:

    Parang may chemistry sina Gabi at Gil aa. 😍 Sana till end yung ganda ng storya hindi sa umpisa lang.

  25. SoTrue says:

    Panira nmn tong undercover (d ko alam name) umarte. D alam kng panu.

  26. Julie Ann Lee says:

    Tama yan GMA nag lelevel up kayo sana lging gnyan kaganda treatment nyo sa palabas at ska mas nakaka angas pag may obb kagaya sa mga krdama ang aastig ng mga bob

  27. Marichu Perales says:

    Kalain patay dayon si carlos agassi😏.

  28. Alix Mutya says:

    Nice ep 2 πŸ™‚ sana tuloy2. sana yung kwento nito Di na umikot sa love love, love team. Pls focus sa title, sa action, sweet revenge, and more stunts. πŸ™‚

  29. August Querubin says:

    Sana laging my full episode πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘para kang nanonood ng pelikula s mga teleserye ng gma.. Sayang naman extra lang c gabi eigenman… Galing pA naman nia., grabe iyak q Jasmin sobrang nakakadala bawat patak ng luha mo😭

  30. Lyspaul Caturza says:

    Ganda ni gabi morena litaw tlga ganda nya

  31. The Builder says:

    lahat ng clashers nabibigyan ng chance umakting

  32. devine grace says:

    Hhhhh….ayaw nya yan damit na yan makati yan…

    Nd nman nya mraramdaman…

  33. najima dual says:

    idol Yas😍😍😍😍😍

  34. Lee Naa says:

    Sa daming artista bkit Bea pa d nman mgaling umarte at walang luha haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  35. najima dual says:

    buyshit naiyaka ako ha😭😭😭😭😭😭

  36. najima dual says:

    friend pala ni Yas isa sa mga The Clash😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Noraisha Malik says:

    Patay agad si carlos agasi at gabby?

  38. Jeanjie Languido says:

    Like ko si long hair

  39. Noraisha Malik says:

    Hay nalang si victor neri ang kasabwat ng sindikato…πŸ‘ˆ

  40. Cherry capitulo says:

    Woow Yasmin ang galing mo umarte

  41. me tadle says:

    Like nyo guys Kung naiyak din po kauπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  42. Bonji Bonji says:

    Wow..ganda kudos sa inyong lhat..solid kapuso my aabangan nnman ako..

  43. maribel jakosalem says:

    grabie ang iyak ko dito huhu😒😒😒😭😭😭

  44. Ada Dangka says:

    Inaabangan ko talga to😍

  45. Tt Ff says:

    Ang ganda naman…

  46. yukkA Patagoc says:

    I'm sure second episode rani taman.


  47. angel malditha says:

    Good job guys sna mgnda ang bwat episodes be millennial tau mggling ng cast wooow at director's at ung story prang totoo ngyyri a pilipinas about drugs crimes etc.sna mlman din kng cno mga master ng drugs..

  48. robelyn bacus says:

    C Gil ang dahilan why i watch..
    Beautiful Justice

  49. Jann Marcus says:

    Sayang naman si Carlos at gabby nmatay agad, mahusay pa nman sila pareho mapadramat aksyon! May iba pa silang project? Bagay pa nman sila sa kanilang role, sana iba na lng kinuha bilang asawa ni jasmine kung mamamatay man lang

  50. Alyn Alcantara says:

    Ano ba tong si bea umiyak ganyan ba talaga sya mag drama..parang ang O.A sa facial expression..

  51. Catrina Mon says:

    Galing ni Ms Yasmien..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  52. Michael Angelo Almoite says:

    Yasmine Kurdi grew into a finer actress she is now ….

  53. Ems Yap says:

    Thanks gma.. galing..

  54. Alvin Arca says:

    Ron ron the best mag acting bata palang at baguhan pero napaksgsling nysng umarte galing lablab ronron

  55. Jejomar Beans says:

    Sana kunin si Krystal Reyes d2…

  56. Annie Angris says:

    Aabangan ko to kasi andito si Gabbi(Brie)

  57. Nancy Inocian says:

    Malupit ang consultant ni Lady M si Will Devaughn shooter talaga.

  58. yally asilo says:

    Kaabang abang

  59. Chim Pan Zee says:

    Ang huling dalawang linggo

  60. κΉ€λ©œλ°” says:

    parang alam ko n kwento nito kasangkot ung c victor neri bkit nila alam n PDEA ung bisita nila cnong nagtext na pdea cla? inside job

  61. Jonalyn Sucajel says:

    Ang ganda

  62. Steph Scarlet says:

    Pag ako naging artista, papaturo ako kang Yasmine paano umarte. Napakahusay nya as in.πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ’“πŸ˜˜

  63. Steph Scarlet says:

    Hershey at KitKat? Sounds delicious πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

  64. Mjane's channel says:

    ang tagal nyo po iupload yung next episode sa yt.kawawa mga walang t.v like me ahah πŸ˜…

  65. Rolyn Bulay-og says:

    Wow fresh from the clash @miriam napasabak na agad sa matinding drama

  66. Min Joon Do says:

    nakakaiyak mga eksena.
    nasira lang nung si Gabbi Garcia na. πŸ˜πŸ˜…

  67. boyTISOY-JOJO De Tomas says:

    Derrick idol

  68. Jeany Raye Ochia says:


  69. Mickmostrado Mostrado says:

    Napaka oa mo bea

  70. Kent John Naldo says:

    Sabi sa balita babalik sa showbiz c carlos at abangan sa beautiful justice tapos patay lang pala agad

  71. Tropang Ahndy says:

    Yasmien kurdi really nailed her acting!. Ang galing nia!.❀

    -Youtuber here. Yakapan tau!

  72. AJSD DARMIH says:

    Mission impossible NATOπŸ˜…

  73. jhay eliz says:

    ^ grabe nadala ako sa iyak….. More upload

  74. onetut1 says:

    kakaiyak naman. para rin akong namatayan. ang galing nila gabby and carlos para talaga silang mga agents. ang bilis naman nilang namatay. ganda pa naman samahan nila ni yasmin. galing ni yasmin, nadala ako sa pagiyak nya. feel mo talaga ang pain..galing nila lahat. good casting.

  75. Joefelyn Malapad says:

    Galing talaga ni yasmin….

  76. Wazzup Mga Mananap says:


  77. Cesar Sanchez says:

    Pepito full episode pls

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    Yasmien kurdi the best ang acting…galingπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  79. AXE_MOBILE legend says:

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    Nice,,,maganda to

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    Ang gara namatay agad

  83. Cheng Chiba says:

    Grabe ang ganda

  84. Cheng Chiba says:

    Wag nyo naman patayinc gabby eigenman at carlos agassi

  85. Marian Meme says:

    Kodos gma galing ng mga cast at ung camera malinaw galing

  86. shine love says:

    Wow nanjn si merriam

  87. Iam Yuson says:

    Sarang yun character ni Carlos Agassi at Gabby aga namatay πŸ™

  88. Jenifer DolormeNte PiNlac says:

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  89. Nathan Olorocisimo says:

    Sana masustain ng gma un gnito kaganda na serye pati un kuha like a movie … Cinematography galing pati angle ng mga kuha

  90. Nathan Olorocisimo says:

    Love Victor Neri

  91. Nathan Olorocisimo says:

    Hot Victor Neri

  92. romy satra says:

    Ang ganda talaga

  93. SMTV says:

    Grabe ang ganda ng mga scenes gagaling nilang lahat. Sana mag trending tong palabas na to.

  94. kompyuter 2003 says:

    Yasmien ang galing mo !! I'm heartbroken for you sa role mo… πŸ™

  95. Al Torres says:

    Ganda ni Gab!!!

  96. Nico Saspa says:

    Kudos sa Buong Team Ng Beautiful Justice nadadala ako sa mga eksena napakahusay ng mga actors especially si Jasmien Kurdi napakahusay 3 Claps para sa Cast Ng Napakagandang Beautiful Justice πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  97. Josh Bariga says:

    Nagulat ako kay miriam ang galing pala niya umarte nako excited talaga ako sa susunod na episode

  98. John Boado says:

    ganda ng kwento sa.totoo lng magaling sila umarte lahat, talagang may thrill,action pang hollywood ba?naangasan ako

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