BC Doesn’t Have a Boundary Tribunal

there is a quasi-judicial roll much of
that is created by authorities and legislation in British Columbia water
boundaries are very prevalent water boundaries are actually ambulatory so
they’re not fixed they move they can move through a process known as
accretion which is the slow gradual imperceptible buildup of land or the
retreat of water or they can shrink through erosion and those are natural
processes we operate on a British common law system so those boundaries are
ambulatory there are a number of statutory provisions in both when title
act the land act that relate to those water boundaries that give the surveyor
general certain authorities that are quasi judicial authorities what we don’t
have in British Columbia and it would be appropriate for us to have and we’re
certainly in discussions is we don’t have a boundary tribunal so if we have a
boundary dispute in British Columbia the courts are the final arbiter of that in
fairness do I believe we need a simple administrative process that people could
come to yes we don’t have that that being said certainly my staff my
deputy surveyor generals spend a lot of time with land surveyors and others
providing advice actually trying to avoid that court action which is costly
timely and an uncertain outcome

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