Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer

Auf sie! Come on, come on! Are you out of your mind? You’re gonna get us all killed! Edwards, behind you! Come on, Edwards… Go, go! EDWARDS! Move! Get going! Come on, this is our objective! Stop! You fool! Dig deep, boys! Artillery!

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  1. Terra Asara says:

    No limit

  2. Wilt Williams says:

    "gameplay trailer" didn't even see one gameplay thing

  3. Aleks Morawski says:

    I get goosegumps

  4. ICU says:

    My internet stopped working for a day or two

  5. Rodrigo McTusk says:


  6. Aziz Zhanakov says:

    1:13 that's why you come here

  7. Ömer Faruk Torun says:

    İyi güzelde kasıyo aga

  8. Gordon Schneider says:

    I love how DICE basically dropped BF1 for BF5

  9. Napoleon Bonaparte says:

    1:36 Me and the boys trying to catch the school bus.

  10. Charles Martel says:

    Still better than BFV.

  11. Alex Cruz says:

    Boys locker room be like

  12. Hockey Pelican says:

    Anyone else love the feeling when you shoot someone with a shotgun right before they kill you with their bayonet?

  13. Jays T.V says:

    B3st game ever

  14. MAFIA PAYNE says:

    Here 3 years later watching one of the best game trailers ever.

  15. Dr. Jones says:

    Installing now..until bfv finally will be good

  16. Erdem YILMAZ says:

    ?. Ö

  17. N I G H T M A R E says:

    Were no Fortnite

  18. subscribe to subscribe to europe heart finale says:

    Battlefield 1 is like four games behind Battlefield 5 and is much better

  19. Adrian King says:

    First I started seeing the trailer for gtav in my recommendations and now battlefield 1… Anyone else?

  20. Fratzen Solis says:

    2019 and I still love the game. I just hope it will last for a long time.

  21. InformedBlock57 says:

    I’m hyping myself up for a game that’s been out for 3 years at 5 am

  22. warytank says:

    Who watching in 2019 jul

  23. Caleb Newell says:

    Teacher: Arlight guys today we're going to learn about ww1

    Girls: ugh that's so boring


  24. TorN_StarCraft says:

    watches in 2019 oooooh still gives me the chills

  25. ALONE WOLF says:

    2019 🙄 ?

  26. Breno_lool456 top says:


  27. SHITLER ON BLITZ says:

    i think the trailer maker changed

  28. G_ JO_ says:

    Hey EA how come u didnt make BF5 as good as bF3?

  29. Spectre 55 says:


  30. Evan says:

    Dope they used Wiz Khalifa

  31. Ahnaf Dragneel says:

    where are the COD haters in 2019? LMAO
    this is coming from a COD and a Battlefield lover

  32. Amer C says:

    Still gives me chills

  33. Mike Lopez says:

    This is still the greatest video game trailer of all time.

  34. eggydrums says:

    How do you go from this masterwork of cohesive artistic direction and impeccable atmosphere to the mishmash that is BFV?

  35. Josip Broz Tito says:

    This is way better than Battlefield V

  36. Antoniolenox says:

    The best Battlefield ever!

  37. Ryuga Anderson says:

    Theres this masterpiece

    And them there bf5

  38. lNFECTEDsammyJ says:


  39. Secret Service says:

    How are you gonna go from a gem like this and go to something like BFV

  40. sparknoid says:

    Omg ,!!! Wow ,!!

  41. Hans says:

    Why can't we just have another one of these

  42. Anatolij Diatłov says:

    2016: Haha COD IW what about it?
    2019: UNO REVERSE

  43. EnderKing260 0 says:

    This paints ww1 so perfectly
    This game is a masterpiece

  44. charlie rec says:

    this game is a masterpiece

  45. TheRedfox909 says:

    Bruh I've seen this at least 20 times but that part where the air plain in in a up ward dogfight still makes my jaw drop

  46. Happ Felagi says:

    When battlefield was battlefield and didn't feel and play and look like a crappy call of junk duty game..*cough bf5 cough cough* …smh….WHAT……A…..SHAME!!

    Was so psyched for bf5 after playing bf1 I thought it would be like bf1 but ww2 and I was crazy excited for it…..but then played it at long last and to say I was dissatisfied and disappointed is a gross understatement. How can you go so backwards between games? How can you go from groundbreaking, incredibly immersive, absolutely stunning, beautiful, massively grand bf1 to such a shabby, shambly, dry, click click call of duty like, mess????? Why??!!

  47. Micheal Circelli says:

    Legit cried during 3 campaigns. 10/10 game. Really the visuals and sound really put you in the sh×t…scary to think what these men went thru. Proud of them all.

  48. IcyQu says:

    So many hackers now…I played really a lot more than a year ago and every now and then there was a hacker, now that I am back playing I notice EXTREME hacks (placing down mobile respawn points, calling in artillery fire and other crazy stuff – wtf?) in almost all matches! Dice, come one!

  49. TheArachnerd says:

    Girls locker room: Why is it so hot in here?
    Boys locker room: 1:13

  50. STRIPMASTER 94 says:

    BF1 trailers still give me goose bumps.

  51. Георгий Уваров says:


  52. Daniel Madsen says:

    DICE you should take notes from your own trailer to the next Battlefield game

  53. Liouliou Iee says:


  54. JB4_LeLeO says:


  55. some Andriod says:

    I have it i played it why im still hyped?

  56. UseCodeCeeday - says:

    Me to my school when they said they prefer COD

  57. Jamian Singleton says:


  58. Anonimus Prime says:

    The Crowbcat trailer version still looking better until today, and shows real gameplay 😂😂😂

  59. Roberto Estrada-Ramirez says:

    Looks like cod got its revenge

  60. CloudStrifeh2003 says:

    I love to death this game. Great details, mechanisms, soundtracks and epic ambiences (DICE nailed it with Verdun Heights). Sadly, the entire BF franchise is not that great, and with BFV's failure, i think it's sure to say that the new Modern Warfare being released this year is going to destroy BFV, and maybe BF4/BF3

  61. Sane Sanny says:

    Idk if i should buy BF 1 or BF V, tell me guys which BF game is the best from 1 to the rest

  62. الوحش الغزالي says:

    Best game ever.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Andrew imege says:

    vfxyfiisfdfihsfjdj ohhhhhh my it it …. beautiful!!!!

  64. Aqua Core says:

    20025-???:this game graphic are sucks

  65. CoolJoe says:

    This was fun then…

    Battlefield V

  66. Hector S says:

    How did we go from this masterpiece to the politically correct battlefield V garbage

  67. ALSHEMALI 00 says:


  68. J4y_37____ _ says:

    I'm back bf5 was disappointing

  69. S_T_R_E_L_0_O_K says:

    God damn it this trailer still gets me excited

  70. RobinWrath16 says:

    Now BFV many dislikes on trailer.. so it's obvious BF1 is better than 5

  71. عمر سامي says:

    What do you do for you're battlefild 5

  72. Christophis Games says:

    I was here 3 years ago praising the death of COD. Now after battleflop 5 I have found myself pre ordering and eagerly waiting for Modern Warfare.

  73. ius imper says:

    no pay no game

  74. Akilbek 1012 says:

    Этим можно брать и обмазаться

  75. DarkStarGaming says:

    I miss the memories i had on this game. i was excited af for bfv. but i never bought it and got into it. ill always miss this game

  76. TorN_StarCraft says:

    why does 0:35 to 0:50 give me goosebumps every time?

  77. Chris Lam says:

    So what are you guys wearing to the BF funeral?

  78. SamuraJ says:

    Girls locker room : I don't like PE
    Boys locker room : 1:14

  79. Mitchell Dufresne says:

    i have this game it is fun

  80. Dumpus Glumpus says:

    Wtf why is there a stupid BFV video pop up when the horse scene starts?

  81. nwenler says:

    Damn it dice. What happened to bf5?

  82. you don't know me says:

    This is how we all thought they was going to make ww2

  83. -_-SaosA-_- says:

    Это самый пиздатый трейлер, что я смотрел.

  84. Angelo Spitale says:

    Damn, even 3 years later this looks as if it’s yet to come, way ahead of its time. 👑💯

  85. lonely star says:

    Who's here after COD MW's trailer??
    Both are great franchises with ups and downs
    No hate
    Just love

    Bravo Six
    going dark

  86. T T says:

    so what are you guys wearing to the BF funeral?

  87. Dank Lunacy says:

    Not the advert i remember

  88. Muthanna A.S says:

    No one
    YouTube: it's been 3 years but Leme show you how good this trailer is

  89. Mikey Williams says:

    When you think about how they went from this to bfv

  90. Aberdoff Linkler says:

    bf5 makes me sad

  91. KRM says:

    E incrível como o bf1 pode ser lançado daqui 4 anos e ainda será um jogo lindo e foda

  92. Steve says:

    Battlefield 1 is more intense and fun than Battlefield 5

  93. Arthur Morgan says:


  94. Leo da Poa says:

    *When you're friend is giving you ride to take you and you're crush to the movies but she menssages you that you're taking to long

  95. Game Vault says:

    Really heart touching..

  96. Osman Braun says:

    October 2019 anyone ?

  97. A Mildly Upset Loli says:

    Boys in history class be like

  98. Bartek Szczupak says:

    Who is still watching it

  99. Noble Crusader says:

    Say what you want about Battlefield V, but this game was the peak of Battlefield.

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