Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill Movie HD

That’s him right there! There he is! Take a shot! Who’s that? You must be new! That… is Bruce Wayne Mr. Wayne! Clark Kent, Daily Planet. What’s your position on the Bat Vigilante in Gotham? Civil liberties have been trampled on in your city People are living in fear He thinks he’s above the law The Daily Planet criticising those who think they’re above the law is… hypocrytical Won’t you say ? Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree you write a puff piece editorial about an alien… who could burn the whole place down Most of the world doesn’t share your opinion Mr. Wayne Maybe it’s The Gotham city and me We just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns Boys! Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent Uh… I love it! I love bringing people together! How are we? Lex Hi… hello! Lex it is a pleasu…oww! That is a good grip! You should not pick a fight with this person! Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? It’s that power can be an asset You’re gonna go to war? That Son of a ***** brought the war to us! You know you can’t win this… It’s suicide. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham! You’re psychotic That is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds It’s time you learn what it means to be a man Stay down! If I wanted it… you’d be dead already! If man won’t kill God… …the Devil will do it! What have you done? Oh Fu… She with you? I thought she was with you

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  1. Vahag Danielyan says:

    tatul na na na

  2. kenia marisol says:

    hola soy reina azucena

  3. Chrize says:

    Batman: "Aw Shit" XD

  4. Alex Haden says:

    holy shit doomsday is in this movie, this is going to be the best movie ever

  5. Encik mirza Akbar says:

    Sebelah kiri

  6. Gustav Ramirez says:

    Absolutely adored this film! The critics can take a bucket of piss and call it Granny's Peach Tea, but I won't drink it! xD

  7. Hardcore jew says:

    Satanic piece of shit directed by retarded jewish director.

  8. Richard Kiersey says:

    it had good moments it was too over the top… acting was good but badly written for a movie

  9. princedastan87 says:

    I watched it,horrible

  10. Mister Jdvik says:

    The trailer should of stopped at 1:24

  11. Lx Historys says:

  12. Rere Rega says:

    batman v superman VS Captain america Civil war…Who will win???

  13. Nik Pokushevsky says:

    Never again i'm gonna hype myself for something like i did for this movie.
    the movie is completely shit, i'm very disappointed.

  14. Feni Dellalisti says:


  15. Kenneth Williams says:

    well this part is kinda lame 2:43

  16. PINK GUY says:

    Why did they let Batman kill?

  17. Patrick Bateman says:

    I already watch this on my tv but i want to watch this in theater Also in 3D. B)

  18. The tiger says:

    batman is the bast

  19. Jack West says:

    If you have not seen this movie yet…do yourself a favor and just stick needles under your finger nails and then shave your head and stick it in a steaming pile of poo…cause that is how much enjoyment and fun you will have watching this…better yet just move to North Korea and let Kim junkinyourarse ewww have his way with you…cause that is how enjoyable this movie is. utter shit. If i could sue for torture or get a binding U.N. resolution to ban this from existence I freaking would! Marvel just gone ghostbusters reboot shit all over marvel fans. cheers!

  20. Watch Movies says:

    My G+ for this movie HD!

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  22. Isorozco511 says:

    the awkward moment when the trailer is good but the movie sucked

  23. Farhad Gravi says:

    nice movie

  24. Phillip Brown says:

    This movie was a flop.

  25. Mohd Amy says:

    ugly batman stupid director

  26. Golden Popo says:

    affleck dosnt know how to half smile

  27. Jess H says:

    why does alfred look same age as bruce?

  28. Lavinia Dorobantu says:

    Such a horrible thing 😡 man whats going with people ,i cant not understand …Hollywood is no more Hollywood is a horrible thing

  29. Lavinia Dorobantu says:

    And.the next movie will be Jesus vs God ?I mean why is the world going so down?

  30. Jacob's Characters. says:

    The idea of the voice modulator for Batman is genius. No more need to try to make the voice yourself and accidently become an internet joke in the process like Bale did. XD

  31. Davina Maitry says:

    Enjoy Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) HD Full

  32. wheelinthesky300 says:

    Eisenberg is the only one having any fun here.

  33. pherson Mc says:

    재밌을것같은데 한국인들은 다 까기 바쁘네

  34. zaynboyadvnace M says:

    when wonderwoman arrives with shield and sword I laughed my ass off, it seemed fake and such awkward, like a freak person and besides this woman does not suite for wonderwoman role as she does not have blue eyes and she does not have the boobs and the golden boob plate what a shame

  35. Yes Sir! says:

    Is there a movie one should've watched before this one? There was a lot I didn't get. What was that robot, or what ever it was, in the beginning that were destroying the city? Who was the woman with the sword? It was like jumping in the last quarter of a movie.

  36. htrahdis says:

    I don't know whether it's right but after watching the film batfleck never really looked like he was trained by league of shadows.He would have undergone rigorous training to display such fighting abilities. But he lacks a certainty and confidence in his character that such a trained fighter should have. Most often we see him confused and frustrated . But Bale's batman was not so and had this composed character.

  37. Martin Lee says:

    this trailer shown too much

  38. Martin Lee says:

    anyway wonder woman and doomsday was just there to be in the movie they didnt explore why they needed to be in the movie in the first place that was the problem with batman v superman i agree should have 2 movies not sure anyway, they were too obviously showing people they were settling up for future sequels too obvious marvel did a great job cause they dont show they were settling but people knows they but at least marvel did a better at it they focus on the movie they were making not focus too much on settling up for sequels

  39. NeonTime says:

    "Its time you learn what it means to be a man." Why isn't this in any version of the movie? It's an awesome line and fits very well with batman's lesson to superman

  40. NeonTime says:

    The only reason this trailer doesn't summarize the movie is because it doesn't mention Africa, which was basically the center of the plot.

  41. ابو هيثم الغفيري says:

    باتمان هو الافضل

  42. ابو هيثم الغفيري says:

    الكلب سوبرمان

  43. Ricardo Pina says:

    No movie trailer should go beyond 1 minute.

  44. WhoIsMaik says:

    Please make Superman+Batman vs Pikatchu 😍

  45. Chandler Spitsworth says:

    After watching this trailer I feel like I don't need to see the movie.

  46. Raycust Ramoon says:



    Life on Earth is fleeting.Eternal life is beyond.

  48. Brij Vijay says:

    What's the background music called ? Any idea ?

  49. Cyrus Winston says:

    #14 Wonder Woman is Bruce Wayne's Aunt. Princess 👸 Merida was Lex Luthor's Mother, and I, Vice-Devil, was Lex Luthor's Father. Lionel? I may live that long…#Crisis on Two Earth.

  50. JA MES says:

    i liked batman when it was dsrk knight trilogy. it was darker and more human. not some lame superman fan fare . i hate superman , so corny. they need to make superhero movies closer to real life.

  51. Raed Lateef - Fikayki says:

    the music theme here on trailers aren't in the film's soundtracks list !😫

  52. Angelica Smith says:

    StewPee-D trailer. Ben (=Son) sucks.

  53. Daniel Fuller says:

    I liked it

    not ashamed

  54. WhoIsMaik says:

    OMG I just had the best idea for the next movie….how about….superman vs flash!!!
    Flash have sex with supermans wife and when Clark found out the truth he get pissed off and hunt flash to kill him and flash Run for his life!!

  55. Isaiah Williams says:

    I'm gonna watch this because I'm 17 and it's rated r sooo I can as it all by myself

  56. valtteri says:

    I want a sequel

  57. Zach Solema says:

    why they put doomsday in the trailer !!! iam really angry

  58. Zach Solema says:

    that mean the people will say oh batman nd superman will stick together to kill doomsday!!

  59. Zach Solema says:

    so people will see there real enemy!!

  60. Albin Gjoka says:

    this trailer was actually very good till they showed the plan of making doomsday, THAT should have been kept a secret…

  61. Brandon Andrews says:

    This film sucked on major levels as an introductory film to two of DC's most famous superheroes(Batman and Wonder Woman). The action was decent but the direction and artistry was pitiful.

  62. Ali Abdul Hai says:

    +grandprince the devil is doomsday

  63. Alex WAllar says:

    When me and my parents saw this in theaters it didn't feel like we were there that lonng

  64. Balbo Target says:

    superman saved batman not when he killed doomsday and saved the world but when he made him good again….the batman saved superman when he saved martha

  65. John Wolfchild says:

    Zack Snyder, this is not your best movie yet…but u should have done Suicide Squad instead of David ayer……also i hope u do not Disappoint with Justice Leauge nov 2017….:/ we got a long way til that movie comes out so we will get caught up with wonder womans Back story in the summer at least before she met bruce wayne and clark kent

  66. Angelo Shen says:

    This movie is so sucks that I have to come here to tell. Batman is supposed to be the best detective, but he didn't even think about why he has to fight superman, only superman saw lex Luther create a monster with cryptonian technology, he didn't tell Lois, but Lois just know it must be killed by the cryptonian spear, and why lex Luther wants to create a cryptonian monster even more powerful considering one supermen is more than enough for him. Superman resurrect himself with sunshine after being nuked but can't resurrect after being killed by the monster. The president hold for the nuck towards superman and the monster, but the US army launched it anyway. Anyway, this movie is so full of plot holes that I consider it complete waste of time to see it.

  67. Timur Joro says:

    I can believe people watch this number one bullshit!

  68. bOi says:

    Why do people hate this movie so much?

  69. QGXY Reverse 98 says:

    Batman VS Superman : Down Of Justice for me it was the best D. C movie forever even i know a lot of people hate this movie but i really like the style that they use in the plot and the fight scene one thing that i aways in my mind is The Flash cameo scene in Batman Nightmare , and find other Super Human for the team and i like Wonder Woman in the movie can't wait for her own movie the fight scene of Batman , Superman and Wonder Woman is very cool .

  70. QGXY Reverse 98 says:

    Batman VS Superman : Down Of Justice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  71. im outside your window says:

    This trailer literally just shows the entire plot of the movie and even in chronological order LOL

  72. Alejandro Mendoza says:

    el peor trailer de la vida

  73. Sara Subset says:

    Whole movie in one clip. Wasn't a very good clip to begin with …

  74. wtf_starlight says:

    Ah…good times. This trailer changed my life. Learned my lesson to never watch a superhero trailer until I actually watch the movie. Spoiled the whole movie for me so I didn't enjoy it as much, but it wasn't the worst movie in the world.

  75. Lisa Mena says:

    When we met Wonder Woman

  76. sbowesuk says:

    That awkward moment when Warner Bros. blows its load, before the movie was even taken its pants down.

  77. The Aptly Named Sir Not- Appearing-In-This-Film says:

    Did this trailer really need to be three minutes long?

  78. Gisselle Bruno says:

    i came back to watch this bc i just watched wonder woman

  79. Film TIFTA says:

    still love 2:43 this scene moment.

  80. Justice League and The Avengers says:

    it have a feeling of half Batman , Superman and Justice League Movie style because of Wonder Woman , The Flash , Aquman and Cyborg cameo when Wonder Woman show up it was amazing but it doesn't have the feeling of Batman and Superman Movie anymore . I know why people hate it because of Batman use gun anyway i don't mind Batman use gun and i like this movie more than Superman : Return .

  81. Arturo Valdez says:

    i saw that movie with me dad in LA

  82. Cole Worley says:

    Joker killed Robin spoiler alert watch video again and pause when get to suit with letters on it

  83. Joe Dirt says:

    As much as I liked the movie I feel they should've have made a batman movie or 2 before this. Maybe another Superman as well

  84. Fernando rosales says:

    I like batman

  85. Erick Nigma says:

    Worst trailer ever. It spoiled the whole movie

  86. jeffy sucks says:

    Ben Affleck is the best Batman

  87. lord evil kovero says:

    Batmam vs superam melhor filme de todos tempos

  88. thomas azucar says:


  89. Kathiravan Ganesh says:

    After watched justice league I think bvs 10 times better than justice league.

  90. सिद्धार्थ बौद्ध says:

    Love to see this trailer

  91. Enzo Henrique Godoy says:

    Bom demais e legal

  92. Theman Joe says:

    the trailers for this movie pretty much gave away the entire film.

  93. X Dragon says:

    ben affleck is much better than the dark knight one …..because he looked kinda old

  94. TheRicokilla says:

    This was the trailer that buried DCEU and Warner Bros..

  95. Filimon Galogavros says:

    One of the best superhero conflicts .
    I pleasantly recommend this movie to anyone who likes superhero movies .

  96. Richard Fry says:

    What' no new commends…. all the buzz is moved on. The waves of interest off on another movie.

  97. D.J. says:

    2:47 That is the deepest Batman voice.

  98. Marcus Rondo says:

    Man of Steel is the most underrated superhero movie ever.

  99. Ömer Berken Taş says:

    I hate justice league

  100. Dann Jay says:

    It's time you learn what it means to be a man?

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