Ayodhya Verdict | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee

Hello friends The Supreme Court has finally given its verdict on the Ayodhya issue after ages The issue of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir had been ongoing for ages In 2010, the High Court had pronounced its verdict by saying that the land should be divided into three parts, but no one agreed This case then went to the Supreme Court which has given its judgement almost 10 years later that both the Mandir and the Masjid will be constructed The disputed area of 2.77 acres The Supreme Court said a Mandir sgould be constructed there The Supreme Court has handed over this land to the central government The central government can appoint a trust which will then look into the construction of the Mandir The supreme court also said that the Sunni Waqf board should be provided a 5 acre land somewhere by the central government for the Masjid They can then construct a Masjid there This was to to satisfy both the parties and allow them to construct both a Mandir and a Masjid A Mandir is to be constructed at the disputed site and the Masjid can be made elsewhere Hence the Masjid is to be allotted a bigger space The Supreme Court has also said that the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 was a serious violation of the law But the Supreme Court has not pronounced any judgement against them because this judgement was that of a civil dispute and not that of a criminal case It is very likely that separate criminal proceedings will be pursued against them Was the verdict of Supreme Court right or wrong? In my opinion, this was an ideal verdict in case where decision making is extremely difficult If you think from the perspective of the judge of the supreme court then decision making in this case was almost impossible because in normal Court cases you have to think what is right and what is wrong legally But in this court case, you have to keep in mind the beliefs of the people You also have to keep in mind what is right factually and historically Because the Supreme Court has written in its judgement that historically, there was indeed a structure beneath the Babri Masjid There was indeed and an un-Islamic structure beneath the Babri Masjid but it could not be proved that it was actually a Mandir You also have to keep in mind the impact of your decision upon the people I think, factually, morally, ethically, historically, More important than these is what the consequences of your decision will be It might be so that you take a factually correct decision here But if your decision leads to riots in the country, then would it actually be a right decision? How to take a correct decision that would maintain peace in the country, that boosts communal harmony among the people of the country and fosters Unity and at the same time it should be legally and factually correct So you can see how difficult it is to keep things balance here Therefore, I have a lot of respect for the judges of the supreme court who took such a huge decision in such a calculated manage Some people could allege that this was a majoritarian decision This imposes the views of the majority upon the minority but I do not believe so My belief is that the majority of the population was not even interested in this issue Most of the people in our country are indifferent to whether a Mandir or Masjid is constructed They are more affected by the fact whether they are getting jobs or not Is the air clean or not? How are the roads constructed? How are the government schools and hospitals built? My belief is, no matter what the media shows you, in my opinion, the people are more affected by actually issues At the same time, majority of the population is indeed affected by the side effects of the Ayodhya verdict It may not matter whether a mandir or a masjid is constructed, but, but if a verdict was pronounced in the Ayodhya issue that would lead to riots in the country, then majority of the people start to get affected and that should indeed be so It should then indeed have an effect on them Hence, to take a decision that takes its consequences into account which would be the most peaceful decision, and it secures India’s unity and secularism for its future That was of utmost importance here This is a good news for our country that most of the people irrespective of whether they were Hindus or Muslims, have peacefully accepted this decision And I believe this decision is a lesson for our young generation Which shows us how much money, how much time and how much energy was wasted collectively by our country regarding this one issue Sometimes, it so seemed that this Ram Mandir issue was the most important issue in our country Lacs and crores of hours were wasted by our TV channels on discussions on this issue and conducting debates on it daily So much time of the people was wasted The Supreme Court conducted its hearings for 40 days This was the second longest hearing in the history of Supreme Court It is a judgement of a 1000 pages Now, some journalists would waste their time reading this 1000 page judgement They would pick up some points and criticise them and then there would be a discussion on them Some people would want to file a review petition against it Endless This issue can run on endlessly But it is up to us to end it right here The people should say that “it is enough” after this judgement This issue has now ended here and now, let’s talk upon issues of importance Think about it,the lakhs and crores of hours (spent) by the media instead of talking about the Ram Mandir, would have discussed about economic and environmental issues , the people of our country would have been so much more aware about issues like these They would have been so much more educated And our country could have progressed leaps and bounds 2020 is round the corner There were talks about a “superpower 2020”, twenty years earlier Look at the condition of the various issues in our country I could have indulged in a historical analysis of this issue if I had wanted to just like I do in the rest of my videos. But why? Why should I waste time in reading and researching upon such issues? I would prefer to use my time in reading on issues like environment conservation, urban planning, economic theory, sustainable development That would also be of some use What would be my benefit or your benefit in researching upon issues like these? It is of no consequence and only your time would be wasted The data on farmer suicides has finally been revealed which was being withheld by the government since 2016 They have informed us that in 2016 there were 11,000 farmers suicides Moody’s has brought out its new ratings in which India’s economic outlook has been downgraded from “stable” to “negative” There are a lot of issues that can actually have an effect on you and we will talk about (them) in our upcoming videos If you liked my opinion in this video,then share it and if you want to support my work then you can do so on Patreon.com/DhruvRathee We will meet in the next video and I have a small request Do not spread communal hate down in the comments and the rest of the social media Talk to people respectfully Thank you

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  1. arfin 123 says:

    Nice Dhuruv

  2. Jhadeepankargolu7976443108 Jha says:

    Bhai tu nastik ho sakta hai lekin ham nahi hamko to mandir se matlab tha kam to ham dely karte hai tu sirf you tube par bheek mag sakta or kuch nahi kar sakta tujhe mandir se matlab nahi to kyo video bnaya

  3. iEnVY乛jıNN Gaming says:

    Bhaii bhot glt bol rhe ho .. waha pr masjid tha masjid bnna Chahiye tha .. Mandir tha hi nhi ye bilkul bik chuke hn judges ..itna fark nhi pdta h logo ko to Mandir Kahi aur bnwale …

  4. Programing channel says:

    Judgement Dena supreme court ka kaam h aur Shanti kayam karna govt ka kaam h

  5. pearl says:

    bhai mandir masjid chhodo mujhe lagt tha ke supreme court ye kehengi ke yaha sabse badi college banegi kiseko bura nahi lagta

  6. Dharmaram Babal Bishnoi says:

    वाह रे तु तो समझदारी भरी बातें करने लगा है अच्छा है गांड तो फटनी ही चाहिए

  7. Sani Mishra says:

    तू मस्जिद बनवाना चाहता है

  8. Crea Tor says:

    Fatti bhosrek, Muslim appeasement ke daale

  9. Koothodil Abhijith Augustine says:

    Are you a minimalist?

  10. ashish dandhonde says:

    Sab dekh liya sab sun liya TU apne taraf se mujhe peaceful decision Bata mai wait karunga Tere ans ka

  11. ashish dandhonde says:

    Tune kaha peaceful decision dena chahiye tha sath me tune ye bhi kaha mai apna time kyu west karu or bhi mudde hai bat karne ke liye lekin jab tune is topic pe video nikala to tu hi iska peaceful ans de

  12. azhar ammar says:

    Stupid decision
    Murti rakhna ghair kanooni tha
    Masjid girana ghair kanooni tha
    300 saal say masjid thi
    Per zameen mandar ko day di
    Wah india wah

  13. abdul kalam mehar says:


  14. Rajkumar Baraskar says:

    Correct, one thing we missed that
    In 2020 we dreamed about Super Power and it's nothing at all..
    Missing Hon.APJ Kalam sir now days..

  15. DATA WORLD says:

    we love you dhuruv bhai 😘

  16. Deepak AhlawaT says:

    Half mentle ho

  17. Deepak AhlawaT says:

    Kuch bhi volta rahnnne

  18. Shravan Mishra says:

    सुलग रही है को नही सच्ची बता रे
    बाकी दंगे करके देख तो सही 😉😉😉

  19. Digvijaysing Pawar says:

    1 number
    100% right

  20. NITESH JANGRA says:

    Masjid koi dharmik jagah nhi hai arab deso m to masjid todte rahete hai

  21. Ramit Siwach says:

    Ye 16k log kon h jinhone dislike kiya h
    So called Dharam k rakhsak LoL

  22. Arun Jetli says:

    Time was wasted when I was taught incorrect history and philosophy by the likes of thapar and habib

  23. Arun Jetli says:

    Dhruv you have study epistemology

  24. WASIM ANSARI says:

    Waha pe na mandir banna chahiea na masjid banna chahiea waha koi accha sa goverment hospital aur goverment school bana dena chahiea jaha bharat ke garib bacche padhe..isse sabko khushi milti yeh meri Raiy hai that's all..

  25. Bilal Siddiqui says:

    Wo sab to thik hai…lekin Khairat nhi chahye..

  26. Sagar Kumar Pal says:

    Perfect said sir 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  27. Sagar Kumar Pal says:

    You have a big golden heart 💟💟💟

  28. viras viras says:

    Achha masjid bani hoti to kya tab bhi aap yahi kahtey……….Ab bas ho chuka…..Rahne do……Ab ageee badhna hai…….Kyu….?

  29. viras viras says:

    Tumne ye nahi bataya ki nyay hua ki nahi………Des ki buniyad nyay par tiki hoti hai my dear…

  30. Shakil Ahmed says:

    Aby ja

  31. Annosha Ali says:

    Hinduwata rationalism spiriorty idealogy bases verdicts decision by Indian hinduwata base COURT I strictly condemned by this one sides hinduwata base decision

  32. Umer innovative says:

    shukar hai Allah ka Hum na 1947 ma azadi la li. deakha Quaid e azam sahi tha na Muslims ko lia alag mulak hasil kiya

  33. Umer innovative says:

    kashmir bunega pakistan

  34. Shuddh Desi Social Channel says:

    Modi fans replied to Dhruv Rathi

  35. Shuddh Desi Social Channel says:

    Modi fans replied to Dhruv Rathi

  36. Earning Infinite says:

    Nahi beta , farak toh padta h logo ko, ye baat tujhe 2024 m pta lag jayegi🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Burnol kharidke rakhle

  37. naush i says:

    Dhange Kon Karega agar consequences ke baarei mei na soch Kar judgement liya gaya hota..i mean there should not be a need to think of consequence and give judgement.. We want a country where all abide to law which is not adulterated

  38. Daniyal Khan says:

    Choro yr ispay ab kya behas krni duniya janti hai sc pe pressure tha rss modi ki hakoomat hai judges ko apni jaan pyari hai is waqt musalman minority mai hain in k khilaf faisla de bhi dogy to kya farq parta hai aur acha hai is judgment se do faiday huay aik india ka hinduvta rss ka narrative samnay araha hai aur dusra agar is faislay se musalman ki jaan bachti hai to wo aik masjid se kahi zyada important hai.

  39. Prinsh thakur says:

    Sir हमे फर्क नही पड़ता मंदिर बने या म्हजीद हमे तोह फर्क पड़ता आज की महंगायी से
    हमें फर्क पड़ता है बेरोजगारी से
    हमें फर्क पड़ता है, ये इंटरनेट से एक 10 min का वीडियो देखने के लिए रात में 2 बजे तक जगना पड़ता है ।
    हमें फर्क पड़ता है उन नेताओं से जो वोट के लिए हम लोग को धर्म के नाम पर बाटते है।
    हमे फर्क पड़ता ये खराब सड़क से जिसके वजह से हर रोज हजारों की जान जाती है।
    और ना जाने कितनी बातें है ,जिसके बारे मे कोई बोलता नही ।
    पता नही क्यों हमारे मिडिया हमारे देश के तुलना पाकिस्तान से करते ,क्या हम लोग अमेरिका से हमारे देश की तुलना नही कर सकते?

  40. Empire State says:

    we all r brother 💪🙏..

  41. SOFT IMAGE 16 says:

    Sai baat

  42. Brave face says:

    " Muslims bodies and leaders are saying that they should refuse the 5 acre land being given by the govt. in place of #BabriMasjid.
    My two cents:
    Take up the land.
    Build a monument in place of Mosque.
    That monument may be called Babri Memorial monument.
    Something like Jalianwala Bagh monument.

    The monument should bear the name of all those who were involved in the demolition of the mosque.
    The monument may preferably be built in White marble and names etched with Black.

    The monument should also summarize the 1024 pages SC verdict,
    So that coming generations could read and judge themselves.
    That how faith superseded facts on this case.
    The 5 acre land could also have a library,
    Where books relating to Medieval history be kept.
    So that the coming generation could read them and find out how many temples were ‘actually’ destroyed by Muslim invaders.
    And how many were destroyed by Hindu rulers.
    That whether destruction of Mosque or Temple were a result of political conflict or religious one.
    That whether the conflict between Aurangzeb and Shivaji was political or religious.
    That who were the ones who actually fought the British for independence,
    And who colluded with them.
    Who were nationalists and who were the traitors.
    You couldn’t prevent the destruction of mosque,
    But you can counter the distortion of history.
    The latter is more dangerous,
    Since it is the distortion of history and its communal presentation that prepares young fanatic soldiers, ever willing to do the errands of demagogues like LKA and ABV.
    Fanaticism and Communalism can be fought through rebuilding history.
    And not by rebuilding structures. "

  43. GOD OF THUNDER says:

    If I was the dictator I will plant trees 🌲🌳🌴 in that land, also some hospitals & poor development research Centers

  44. Athaullah A says:

    I am not agree ur opinion. I ask u if u r living in Ur home from ur grandfather. Suddenly someone come and told u 100 or 200 years before his ancestors grave and so it's belongs to him and he demolish ur home and give u another location to build ur home. Do u accept this …?? Is it any lawful here..?? Since 450 years mosque was there, prayer had been made there. But in 1948 someone put some statues and asked to build their temple… How could it be right?? Domocratic..??
    If the court order to build Mosque again then do u people accept that..?? Is judgement depends on evidence and truth or depends on someone beliefs..?? If beliefs means what about Muslims beliefs..?? In all other politics u showed some truth but when come on religious why u show discriminative..??? In Pakistan once Sikhs and Muslims fight for golden temple of Sikh in Pakistan, then the court order to give land to Sikhs because there is no matter whom belongs that land before long years before., presently which building is there. Eventhough Pakistan is Islamic country, they judge on truth. But we are saying democratic country, where is democracy here..??
    Strong proof of mosque available there since 450 years, no evidence of any temple in that area, no evidence of that area belongs to Hindu family. Then how court gave it for Hindu temple..??? If at least court order to build Hospital or Education center means we may be happy and some lawful. But this verdict shows Indian discrimination law. I hate this partiality. U also show ur face on falsehood…

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