the next thing is called
Avengers so we were just gonna live again so we
rectify it so the actually we the official title
for Avengers 4 is you what is good youtube Warstu herewith a
video on the Avengers for movie so don’t worry we’re not talking about the
trailer we’ve already done enough about that so I was asked a question on
Twitter by a regular viewer of the channel who is called at clutch
Clubhouse on Twitter the other day I meant to make this video but I was on
the way home back from watching into his body verse that was aired in Leicester
Square a press screening so I never got around to it so I’m finally gonna
address the question that was asked did you guys get around to picking up the
Avengers book that describe what is happening on earth after the snap so
it’s get to go about this video because it’s kind of a theory video stroke just
a general conversation I guess you could say because what he’s inferring to is
the comic book that came out I believe it came out last Tuesday it’s called
Avengers infinity war the cosmic quest vol 2 aftermath now I’ve looked as hard
as I can and that this isn’t the avenge for prelude comic and I can’t really
decipher if this is canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or if it’s just a
self-contained story although it could really tie in with other leaks and stuff
that’s come out so recently we had the meet with the quantum round suits which
I’ve had to be actually confirmed by source so I know the quanta round suit
leaked was real and within that leak it said there’s a greater threat
there’s someone greater there’s a greater threat coming than obviously
Thanos someone that was scare the Celestials someone that was scared than
us so the back of this book does kind of back up the theory that maybe there
could be a different threat there so let’s read the back of the book so it
reads like this a deadly threat emerge from the cosmos and it was fulfilled in
the wake of phallus horrifying success the people earth are left reeling in
despair and confusion without any logical explanation for the blurt out
event those remaining must pick up the pieces
dr. Aric and his associate Darcy Lewis are determined to find out and
understand the cause of the devastation with a team of Fran
both old and new they embark on a pursuit of knowledge eager to discover
the links between their own paths the stones that decimated half of humanity
the Infinity stones little do they know that a new foe who threatens destroy
them all is lumen so if you read this it’s like yeah cool we’re gonna find out
what happened after the finger snap but we’re gonna find that out in adventures
for pre loot so I’m not even sure if this is canon so you could take it one
way that if it is canon this does confirm that dr. Eric and Darcy who were
featured heavily in dark world Thor second movie that what a lot of people
didn’t rate so it does confirm that these two characters aren’t dead now who
is this greatest threat now everyone seems to think it’s analysis why because
everyone seems to think that’s highways annihilation but you’re gonna find out
very soon guys that the title is annihilation to my knowledge I asked a
very reliable source what is the vengers for a title they wouldn’t tell me but
they did tell me I said is it the title that everyone thinks it is is it
anihilation and the answer was no so I don’t think
it’s Annihilus is it could be anyone now I would have to say it would be someone
like The Living Tribunal beyond are someone on that kind of level like and
it does say a new foe who threatens destroy them always looming so that
means it’s gonna have to be someone strong enough to destroy the Avengers
and strong enough to take out Thanos The Living Tribunal Beyonder they could both
take out son offs without any trouble so it literally
could be anyone who I listed on my kind of villain video for potential villains
that could come up later in phase 4 after Avengers infinity war an Avengers
4 because they’re part 1 and part 2 regardless to what the Rueter brothers
say it is a two-part story and they’re not self-contained stories because the
conclusion actually won’t be concluded to the end of Avengers 4 so I’ve done a
bunch of research looked at a bunch of articles read what most people could say
and some people are saying it’s just a self-contained story with a new villain
written purposely just for this self-contained story but is it can and
I’m not really sure it doesn’t make it clear I mean guys let me know in the
comments down below is it canon it doesn’t really make it clear if it is
canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but then with the title of Avengers
infinity war in the actual book title Avengers infinity war the cosmic quest
vol 2 aftermath it’s describing the details of of the aftermath which I
essentially think we will get on December the 5th I believe it is when
the Avengers for pre new comic book comes out and they will be doing a video
on that on December the 5th when it actually doesn’t launch so is this Canon
I don’t know but it does confirm that it could be a greater threat obviously if
Thanos has fulfilled everything that he wants to feel so far so unless the
Avengers somehow steal some of the stones away from Thanos he has no need
to attack anyone else he’s wiped out half the universe in his eyes he’s an
Oracle he’s a savior he did what he had to do to kind of save the universe a
long term so he has no need to attack anyone but if someone’s been looming as
it says around phallus could take him out so I was doing a bit of retcon a bit
of research and I’ve came across a dust scene so this was taken from the final
days of reshoots for the movie Avengers 4 and it looks like there could actually
be a second snap now with the time stone involved there could very well be a
second snap this could be an image from after Avengers 4 but before infinity war
because I believe Avengers 4 is going to end where infinity war kind of ended but
that actually timeline would about to happen so is there another fingers that
where they just arrays fan offs from the timeline no good people don’t do that I
don’t believe that’s gonna happen so guys I came across this image I will
overlay it but all the way to be over the screen now do you think there is
going to be a second finger snap now it’s bit of that there’s Dustin seeing
or maybe it’s Dustin seen SD after Mac it’s the ramifications of the actual
finger snap in Avengers infinity war like ending scene because there’s loads
of new stations around so I don’t think it
could be directly correlated to the end and avengers affinity war because there
wasn’t loads and news stations around at the time of the actual finger-snap but I
don’t know because I’ve not I’ve done a bit of research I don’t think anyone
else has covered this image at least I couldn’t find it anywhere online so what
do you think about this image I don’t believe it’s a new image but it was
posted around the time when the Avengers for reshoots were actually taken so a
second thing because that could be very possible because this movie’s gonna have
to wrap up 10 years of Marvel Cinematic Universe history but a second finger
snap is that possible it’s interesting but what really
happened if Thanos thinkers that happened in the real world just imagine
if half the universe disappeared because of a finger snap it’s absolutely meant
to this I believe this movie is groundbreaking in one sense because it’s
like it’s a what-if situation what if half the universe was erased
what could you do about it literally nothing obviously the comic books are
based on fictional fantasies so from people that were actually there
apparently there was dust on everyone so is this the aftermath of the snap this
was one of the last very scenes shot but anyone knows that follow the channel
knows this movies TV shows they’re not film concurrently they’re not filmed at
the same time they’re not filming orders so it could be the end credits scene for
Avengers 4 where the movie ended where Avengers infinity war ended in theory
but I don’t really think that’s the case it’s hard to decipher what actually is
so guys if you’re new to the channel make sure you subscribe we are doing a
giveaway for Avengers infinity war ant-man the wasp or deadpool supa dupa –
all you gotta do is subscribe to channel let me know down below who is your
favorite super villain so at the end of the month around at the 18th of December
ish I’m giving away a Hasbro Infinity Gauntlet all you got to do for that is
subscribe to the channel comment down below who is your favorite superhero but
there’s a twist on this one you have to message me on Twitter and say you follow
me at most you in order to enter this competition why is that more rules well
because it’s a much greater price so I feel like
you need to do more to earn it as it is a pretty expensive price for me to give
away but I’m happy to do that just be cool if you could follow me on
Twitter and it’s part of the competition so that is the case so is the comic book
is it Canon I couldn’t work out to me it looks like it could be Canon but I’m not
actually sure if it’s can if it is Canon there is a greater threat
Lohmann looming around a greater foe who I would think would be the living
tribunal or the Beyonder or someone on that waiver not Galactus we’re not gonna
get crazy they’re not gonna add Galactus to this
movie and do you think this is the aftermath of the finger snap or could it
be something else anyway guys please like subscribe and comment and I will
see you in another video very soon ChaCha

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