Attorney General Sessions’ Message to Justice Department Employees

I love the Department of Justice. There is nothing I have ever done that I am
more proud of than serving it for 14 years, first as an Assistant United States Attorney,
then for 12 years as United States Attorney. It was a glorious time indeed. I was in court regularly working with the
greatest law enforcement officers in the world. Supervising dedicated and talented Assistant
U.S. Attorneys, appearing before great federal judges. Some of those with whom I worked are still
in service and many equally talented people have joined the Department in the intervening
years. You can know that I respect and value this
Department and that I will support the men and women who work here. And, importantly, I know the critical role
we all play in maintaining and strengthening the rule of law which forms the foundation
for our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity. In this rule of law, we are blessed beyond
all nations. And at this department we must do all we can
to ensure that it is preserved and advanced. Such ideals transcend politics. When one is standing in court, representing
the United States, there is no place for partisanship or bias. I want you to know I will do my best to be
worthy of this trust I have been given. I cannot do it alone. I need you. Each of us must work together to
fulfill our responsibility. We will defend our constitutional order regardless
of personal or political preference. We will ensure a fair administration of justice
where all must believe that they can and will receive equal justice under the law regardless
of their station or position in life. Ours is a profound responsibility. In the world of public service, there is no
higher calling. We may come from different backgrounds and
we may have different approaches, but I will seek your advice and counsel as we go about
making the important decisions of this office. Our goal is to find the right solution to
the challenges of our time and then to uphold the law. That is the goal I was dedicated to as U.S.
Attorney and what I will dedicate myself to as your Attorney General. I have had the honor, both as United States
Attorney and as a Senator, to work closely with many of you. Your professionalism, work ethic, and moral
character have always reached the highest levels. The Department of Justice has always set the
standard for the entire government and we must keep it that way. So, this opportunity – this chance to lead
all of you – is my greatest privilege. I take on this heavy responsibility with a
pledge to work every day to be worthy of my charge and its solemn duties. I will do so with humility and determination. I ask you to do the same and may God’s blessings
be upon our work and the people we serve.

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