Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Marriage Equality Ruling

we’re here today just to have a
conversation about what an incredible day in history it is today the United
States Supreme Court finally the highest court in our land declared that marriage
yet again it’s the 14th time the court has declared that marriage is a
fundamental right and as applied to same-sex couples then means that all
couples are free to marry the person they love and it’s a very exciting in a
special time in the history of our country it’s certainly also a
bittersweet day you know I’m reminded of a saying that’s Coretta Scott King had
the fight for civil rights must be fought in one with each generation and
so we are celebrating lives lost the mother Emmanuel nine as they’re being
called today was a funeral for one of them who was massacred with others in a
church that harkens back to those little girls being killed in a church over 50
years ago the fight for civil rights must be fought in one with each
generation the gains we make are not permanent and we must be vigilant so I
think of that when I think of all that we can celebrate today in terms of a
great step toward that constant fight for civil rights and what our highest
court has done to acknowledge that same-sex couples under the Constitution
should receive all of the rights of any other person to be able to marry the
person they love

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