Atlanta March for Social Justice (ASL)

Hello everyone! This message is for the Metro Atlanta Deaf and Hard of Hearing people who are interested to join the march on this Saturday, January 21st, starting at 1pm until 5pm. The march begins at newest museum called The Center of Civil and Human Rights. This museum is located at the Olympic Park, near CNN Center and right next to the Coke Museum. The march organizers made this inclusive by providing nationally certified American Sign Language interpreters. The interpreters will be placed at the right side of the stage at the Center of Civil and Human Rights. Then the march will begin from the Center to Georgia State Capitol. The walk is approximately 1.6 miles. At the State Capitol’s Liberty Plaza, they have a stage where the interpreters will be placed on the left side of the stage, not right, the left side. I hope to see you there! What is the march is all about? It is called Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women. Social Justice means that everyone is equal and respect our diversity. We want to show our rights and our equality, that it will not be taken away, and showing respect. I hope I will see you there. I will be there between 12 to 12:30 pm to hold the space. By the way, please bring your umbrella because it will be raining during that day. Please do not give up, come on over with your umbrellas and your spirit! Thanks and bye!

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  1. Karen Sailors says:

    Darn it let me know next taime ahead i would love to come but i had to work hmm tks amy

  2. Zan Thornton says:

    They are still looking for interpreters (7:24 PM). CDI's are welcome!!!!! I will be around.
    I wish they had gone thru you first and now. Contact: [email protected]
    I can forward the list of terps in private. I do NOT plan to interpret, but want to encourage CDI's to join ASAP. Can you text me or talk via FB video about "nationally certified" issue.

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