Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis DLC | Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

NARRATOR: What tide
has carried you here? Do you wish to become a god, to
glimpse worlds beyond worlds? Each one of us is
here for a reason. But you don’t belong here. The gods know why
you’re here, Keeper. But some gates should
never be opened. I know what you’ve done. And I’d say you owe me. [MUSIC PLAYING] The underworld is filled
with kings, heroes, legends, [INAUDIBLE]. You could give them purpose. [GROWLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Fulfill your destiny, Keeper. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Arthur Blake says:

    I wish i could cut alexios's hair

  2. Dorian Barnes says:

    The new dark souls looks good. Can’t wait to play it

  3. Dorian Barnes says:

    The new dark souls looks good. Can’t wait to play it

  4. Ikmalreza 1998 says:

    Oh now they're exploring backwards since to go further would mean permanently modern day.

  5. Justin Nixon says:

    How do I fight the three head dog. She woke up and the DLC ended. Is there more coming.

  6. Chris D says:

    I avoided Origins and Odyssey because im not a fan of Assassins creed, im a face to face tank or melee class player i dont enjoy stealth games that force that game play style on you. I heard Odyssey was an open world rpg, that follows the troy, 300, clash of the titans, immorals movies and books, iam a massive fan of this stuff. So many people were telling me origins and Odyssey are completely different AC games and to strongly recommend i try them. Well i bought Odyssey and omfg, i love this game more than my all time favorite games and love it as much as my top favorite games the Elderscrolls and Two Worlds, mabe it even the best game i have ever played period, and i started gaming in the early 80s LoL Odyssey and Origins are friggin Master pieces !!!!

  7. Shootter says:

    How do I start it EP 2? I've tried jumping down the abyss but can't.

  8. xVenom _ says:

    So the Episode 1 is Elysium
    Episode 2 is like 0:18
    Episode 3 kinda was whatever 1:42 was

  9. atle hystad says:

    How do you start it. ive tried everything i have no clue how. plz help

  10. KotaBarrel says:

    Just want a good AC game like 2 or Black Flag again, with actual assassins

  11. Not MCU Captain America LEGO says:

    Omg… I can’t wait for the DLC!!


    Why couldn’t PS4 GOD WAR have some DLC ?

  13. Girish S Golatkar says:

    Millennial's are such unimaginative creatures.. that every time ubishit throws them a bone (dlc) they start praising the company..a.c. was a beautiful game but now…. I am disappointed is just an understatement……

  14. Salomo den Otter says:

    First of all this DLC was a huge improvement! As well in size as in story finally!
    Please put aecus minos and radamantus in there or Cronus as a boss and explain why you consider atlantis as Elysium. Plus make the Isu aware they are Isu and "made" men and were aware of the coming of alexios /cassandra or his hers existence and the other world out there. You had Juno ( greek Hera) Minerva (athena) Jupiter(Zeus)
    Persephone -Proserpina.
    Beautifully made but lore wise it can become a blunder. Would be a shame.
    And a nemesis system would be awesome with killed mercenaries and seeing them in the underworld and fight a stronger version of them.
    Please also stop just making this game for cassandra
    -the movement if alexios is female now and then in cutscenes
    -even the words used from npc say her or you woman when playing alexios??
    -as well as their love interests all male mostly… its getting annoying and lazy.
    – then deimos when female has male armor??? Goodbye immersion.
    Plus cussing is ok but nudity where greeks are famous for isnt?? Weird.
    Dont get me wrong good game but its a great game if you would put more detail storywise into it.
    And explain the dissapearing of white rooms already.
    Many thanks and succes with development!

  15. Andrew Garcia says:

    When is the second part of this dlc being released? I finished it and it stopped just as I'm about to fight Cerberus. No new missions are available and there is definitely more to the story.

  16. Primus Knight says:

    I remember this from history books….

  17. KonaEhukai says:

    It'd be nice to be able to finish episode one, but The Keeper and the Kyros quest is still bugged even after the supposed fix in Patch 1.30. Seriously considering asking for a refund of the season pass price .

  18. FafliX says:

    Can you just not make these games based on real locations anymore and just give us fantasy settings? Both visually and gameplay wise, the first episode was better than anything in the base game. I just want a whole game like that.
    Especially the visuals, I was actually just blown away.
    Same as with Aaru and Heb Sed in AC Origins, I just wanted more of that.

  19. CyberJay1226 says:

    When are you doing a movie?! Like, one of this caliber? Or a television/Netflix series, or something?

  20. Ryan Kwon says:

    If there is an Otso Berg Appearance, please make him wear the black cross uniform in a cooler fashion. Also, with a voice modifier and make sigma team hold technological type swords or ancient weapons against Layla's Staff Of Hermes

  21. Dan Stone says:

    In all honesty this it possibly one of the most visually stunning games ever made the scenery and landscapes are insane

  22. CrazedAcolyte says:

    This doesn’t feel like an assassins creed game

  23. Jsh Morton says:

    Guys can you fix the installation problem on Xbox one it's been over a week we can't play the game install sticks at 84.2% we all paid our money now the games unplayable

  24. Andres Uribe Hennessey says:

    Bought the game on Friday, it is Thursday and I haven't being able to Plat the game, stucked ay 84.2% tried downloading it 3 times a day since Friday. Fix this UBISOFT!!!

  25. Amigo500 says:

    Damn! Just a wonderful world it seems, this is why i play video games.

  26. Gemini Joey Salvacion says:

    God of War meets Assassins Creed in Rapture

  27. Odin666 says:

    Would be pretty cool if they had some small nod to Kratos is this dlc

  28. theArchive1O says:

    this soundtrack tho

  29. Ogurek Kiszony says:

    This DLC is free??

  30. Дима Кайткулов says:

    1:02 Music as in the film interstellar

  31. Martin Aslaksen says:

    Loved ep1!

  32. Nicholas flame says:


  33. Joao Wockeez says:

    Why is this called Assasin's Creed?

  34. The gamer show says:

    Where is craytus?

  35. Wilbert Guzman says:

    My question is… What is that world at the end of the trailer, 1:42 Cuz I Know for Sure it is not Elysium!

  36. C7 says:

    is this DLC Thor: The Dark World??

  37. Chronic Xori says:

    I just bought the dlc

  38. Josh B says:

    People like this garbage?

  39. Prathamesh Badle [Чад] says:

    This dlc is going to be a lit 🔥 one of my favourite dlc just begin..!😍

  40. Zero-Infinite-The-Jackal says:

    1:41 the Alisum when you return.

  41. ComradeCarCrash says:


  42. Meta Human says:

    Uhhh where are the assassin's?

  43. bung says:

    So…no Atlantis?

  44. Nimrod Szakacs says:

    This trailer is just so damn epic! I keep rewatching it as loud as I can, every time with tears in my eyes! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  45. Wolf_Rit says:

    This is like a movie trailer

  46. OranDrite says:

    It kimda breaks the emerson when you realize…. all of.this is happening in Alexios/Kassandra's head

  47. Paige Anne says:

    Waiting to get my first check from my new job and then I’m goin in to get this! Can’t freakin wait!!!
    Edit:just got it and I’m working al day today and tomorrow so Monday’s the day I’m gonna get it I’m SO excited

  48. smaz eleu says:

    1:42 ? where is that? i just finished fate of atlantis and that didint appear in the game.

  49. Arthur Lievers says:

    1:32 THIS IS .. ATLANTIS!

  50. skull crusher15 says:

    So is it a free dlc

  51. Atmoz phere says:

    Hey ubisoft can i get the fate of atlantis dlc for free please?

    My parents won't buy it for me

  52. Onur Harman says:

    This is not ac after all

  53. Alex _Santoro_23 says:

    This doesn’t feel like assassins creed to me… (and yes, I’ve finished multiple games before) I’ve tried to get into it but I just can’t find anything I like

  54. James Smith says:

    Hades is an amazing chapter looks so good in 4K

  55. todd says:

    ac has always been my excuse for learning history

  56. Lil Kitten168 says:

    Terrible u dont even see atlantis

  57. StarFox85 says:

    most disappointing dlc of all time!
    costs time, and nothing really happens! u did again👍

  58. Koseklut says:

    Assassin's creed on steroids.

  59. Random Gaming says:

    before assasins creed games were boring asfuck, now origins and this odysey are alot better and actualy worth the money since gameplay is endless hours.

  60. anesha beehenriques says:

    Honestly I wish they just put all the dlc’s into the actual game. Like I stopped keeping up cuz I got tired of it. Next time I hope they put everything into the next game instead of tiny chunks.

  61. Ádám Székely says:

    1:37–1:45 Episode 3 the Hidden City Atlantis

  62. Jason Simmonds says:

    Hades looks kinda like Shinnok from MK10.

  63. Matan Dessaur says:

    God of war
    The Assassin's creed

  64. malcolm saxton says:

    Wtf happened to assassin's creed ….. I miss enzio

  65. TheOveRprO gamer says:

    The final view looks like olympus and its not elysium so im hyped

  66. Z.L.A.O says:

    I wanna Idra in the game

  67. planet danny says:

    Is assassin's creed Norse going to come out like with vikings?

  68. AstroDog says:

    Please ubisoft i need money for food stop beating my wallet!

  69. Keiscecs says:

    After 2 episodes of this dlc
    I still watch this trailer because of the hype it gives

  70. OgerPinata says:

    The trailer is what the DLC should have been.

  71. One Buffalo says:

    I still burst out laughing every time I see discount Thrift shop Eredin… oops i mean Hades.

  72. Arnon Art says:

    odyssey so boring im very dissapoint

  73. Deus Vult says:

    Ubisoft do know how to make really good trailers

  74. Sad Hours says:

    So does everyone get the first quest of the fate of atlantis for free or did i cheat the system?

  75. Mr. Wilder says:

    So in the place "beyond life and death" you can still kill people? Where do they go when they die again?

  76. JeanBernes de Paula says:

    isso é incrível cara, é demais!!!

  77. lasserchris says:

    So should I get Odyssey(loved Origins) or Division 2 during big sale? Can get only one……

  78. Divine Cursader Gaming says:

    I think that Alexios looks best in the armour and helmets where as Kassandra suits hoods more

  79. Emperor Louis The Retard says:

    Are the Atlantians Isu Survivors?

  80. Yasir Anadani says:

    Graham hancock would enjoy playing this.

  81. LogosoftChannel says:

    Didn't Isu civilization die like a long before this?

  82. [トレンチ]Ti jo rolo says:

    ils aurais pu faire un autre assassin creed pour atlentis. l'histoire d'un autre personage et que on voi a la fin du jeu la cité finir en bouilli ou autre mais un dlc on na que 15% de se qui ses passé ses comme on est a la foi sur la terre grec entierre et en atlentis ubisoft vous me dècevez beaucoup. /** English but the translation is not good**/. they could have made another assassin creed for atlentis. the story of another character and that you see at the end of the game the city finish boiled or other but a dlc one has only 15% of which his past his as one is to the faith on the whole Greek earth and in atlentis ubisoft you get me a lot.

  83. HaLex says:

    Is this DLC free or does it come with season pass?

  84. TuPePaTest says:

    I just buy the game Because i see that trailer .-.

  85. alfred says:

    but im still upset about Phoibe

  86. Daniel O'Hara says:

    I recently had to get rid of my PC which i had ACO with the pass i got a ps4 pro just to game till i get my PC back and i could not resist buying the season pass again this looks wicked.

  87. Saddlesore Adventures says:

    Never been a fan of older AC games, but the direction they took in Origins and now Odyssey had me sink countless hours exploring these games. And i hope for more gameplay and storytelling like that.

  88. Kevin 1996 ALMMAND CHESES Felten says:

    ASSASSIN S CREED ODYSSEY 5 V2 "5 2019)😀😀

  89. dibbstar says:

    nicee the dog of harry potter

  90. StalxD says:

    Why such small Cerber?

  91. Xcenic says:

    this DLC make me purchase the whole AC odyssey game and return to this franchise!

  92. Director4ever says:

    The mythology in this game is extraordinary. I love it !!!!!

  93. TOMAS DEMETER says:

    Name song?

  94. Winter Phoenix says:

    When is this in cinema?

  95. Christopher BB says:

    Soo what's with the secondary character. What happened to the main character

  96. Who's got the time? says:

    They even copy the way CDPR gives DLC to Witcher 3.

  97. Potato Bomb says:

    jesus christ this is so fcking good, if there was a long story playthrough of the 300 spartan arc then i would pay so much for that. ive always wanted to play that, and the small part at the start and some bits in the middle made it seem doable. pray to the gods for 3rd dlc :c

  98. Mike Foo-Roo-Ya says:

    How do you get this? I just finished the main missions. Do you need to pay for this?

  99. sbbsgdgejqiadvdh says:

    Assassin creed seems like it wants to be a whole new action RPG.

  100. Ajay Dubey says:

    New game
    Assassins Creed: Area 51

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