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  1. Woman of Substance says:

    It is so sad that America has devolved to this, that we need to rehash civil rights. What good will be accomplished by rolling back ANYONE's civil protections? Keep in mind the old adage, "If everyone isn't equal, then NO one is equal." This applies to EVERY person.

  2. Tatsujiro Kurogane says:

    I despise bigots, especially sky fairy worshippers, but reserving the right to call No Homo is probably pretty basic, Shirley?

  3. Серж Шуляченко says:

    Християни Сирії опиняться у небезпеці у разі відведення військ США, – аналітики

  4. telescope telescope says:

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  5. telescope telescope says:

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  6. me Marcy says:

    you have the right to be Male or female. that's all

  7. arti says:

    The homophobe bots and troll farms are here. Skip the comments; all toxic bullshit.

  8. Zach Parker says:

    I know the person in 0:32 I love for what he is standing for, it's amazing.

  9. Hillbilly556 says:

    Counceld back into the church? So assuming you were a teacher at a Christian school theeen yeah of course they're gonna kick you out. It's their right to do so. Dont like it? Idk maybe go teach at a homosexual school. Same goes with buying a damn cake.

  10. Joža Gulikoža says:

    How come so many dysfunctional degenerated mutant freaks lately in USA? where did these freaks come from? Is it your food or something? what is happening to you America, these freaks are more and more? Are you poisoned? Is it vaccines? Seriously, what is goin on, what wrong that from day to day more and more dysfunctional low life gene degenerated freaks are born? Can someone explain why all of a sudden so many freaks there?

  11. E Randco says:

    This issue started long before Donald Trump why they’re chanting about Trump, I Don know. The LGBTQ are trying to get listed as a protected class. Now we’re talking a protected class based on sexual preference not biology. Where does it end? Is sex with animals going to be the next protected class? There’s got to be a better way to protect people than creating more and more protected classes.

  12. Fried Vegetables says:

    When will the leftists understand that not all of us are progressivists?

  13. Fried Vegetables says:

    It's quite something that only 11 Million LGBT individuals live in the United States.

  14. Boom Cube says:

    The post is so biased. It only showed one side of the argument. Pathetic.

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