Arabian Egyptian Rock head’s reacting to JINJER Judgement & Punishment

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today we have a song for a band who many people don’t know but lately they are became very famous and that’s because their singer “Tatyana” this band called “Jinjer” and this band from Ukraine today we have their song called “Judgment and Punishment” off course I’ve heard a many songs of them and their very famous song for them “Pisces” it was a studio live session and many many people made a reactions for it but I didn’t wanna make my reaction to it cuz it will be fake cuz I saw it before so I’m here in my channel I’m seeing the songs with you for the first time of course, who will listen to her voice now for the first time will be surprised cuz she has a beautiful clean voice and in screaming voice she turning to a man some men can’t make this screaming sound like her and this is unique her clean voice is so awesome, so she can sing a relaxing style and sometimes she doing this in their metal songs when they slowing down the music and her screaming voice as you will see so if this is your first time to hear jinjer don’t be surprised 🤨 but if you hear them before it will be a normal reaction like me now JINJER Judgement & Punishment the song is not bad but it’s not their best song for me they have better songs off course as a metal band they are awesome the drummer is very professional the bassist is very very outstanding and also the lead guitar and she absolutely as you heard her very good clean and screaming voice maybe if I heard the song again I’ll changing my opinion what I get from the lyrics that the song is about the intellectual closure when there is a limited-minded person who cannot see the obvious things so this was Jinjer – Judgment and punishment an Ukrainian metal band this band is on the rise now that’s their fourth album now I think called “macro” stay tuned for another song reaction and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and activate the bell 🔔 to receiving our notification of new videos and tell me your recommendations in the comments Good bye 👋

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