Aquaman vs Orm | Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Hey, fish head! It seems we both call down the lightning. Let us see whose magic is stronger. These are your Guardians? Children? This will be easier than I ever dreamed! I admire your determination, but the Trident is mine to command, wench. Lantern, I need information. We’re not going to win by hitting him as hard as we can. Bro, do not turn this into a learning moment. Anything. Um, he killed his own mother. Does that help? Face me, Orm! Cyborg. Come on, Victor. I’m here. Lantern said Orm confessed to killing his mother. Yeah, to us. He lied to his people. But you saw it. And you know what that means? You killed her I did I ran the sword through my selfish Piece You can count yourself fortunate faster than at least our mother won’t be the impediment to your life that she was to mine You killed her Is this I ran the sword through my selfish? Kills our Queens we are betrayed no wait this deception is their surface magic Maya I was there when Orrin posted to the murder of our queen it was as you see I I am your king! I did this for you! Is this the King you want, Atlanteans? A coward who lies to you?

100 Responses

  1. Chance Kuehnel says:

    Its really hard to beat the justice league when they basically do the equivalent of hitting Square once on a PS4 controller and attacking one at a time

  2. Diamond Johnson says:

    There’s no way orm is able to take on the entire justice league

  3. King Glo says:

    Superman couldn't do anything to him because superman weakness is also magic so only Aquaman could have beaten him in this battle

  4. Eddiward Johnsiones says:

    This Loki wannabe beat the entire jl

  5. Magical Unicorn says:

    Ok if you are going to make aquaman look cool dont make the other JL members so weak i mean seriously

  6. Jacob McCabe says:

    Batman:we clearly can't beat by just hitting him as hard as we can .
    Aquaman beats him by hitting as hard as he can .

  7. Tränqüil says:

    This nigga can go toe to toe with WW and Superman?

  8. Carl Long says:

    I thinks because they never faced him before, but I believe if they had more than 1 encounter they eventually figure out ways to defeat him

  9. Nein K says:

    I misread this as Justice League: Throne of Australia

  10. Jola K Ase says:

    I don't konw how flash is so fuking fast but everybody hits him and beats the shit out of him that does not make sense

  11. Jay Christopher Santos says:

    I don't imagine JL was this weak. No wonder why marvel is more successful. Hahaha.

  12. MelonLordx40 says:

    It's nonsense how he took out Wonder Woman, and Shazam since they are the strongest right behind Superman (you can debate Shazam is stronger) but they shouldn't be taken out so casually and no amount of damage makes Shazam go back to Billy as speaking the words "Shazam" can only turn him into Shazam or revert him back to Billy. He has tanked explosions, beaten Superman a few times and has durability better if not stronger than Superman. For the reason he casually took down Superman is even more bs and i don't think i need to explain to people on why this is bs. Don't even let me get started on how he was able to punch the flash.

  13. rrrrrrktjtj says:

    Yo guys look at 2:07 the trident glows randomly when Arthur shows up and then Orm's lightning attacks are nerfed. Perhaps it's some Harry Potter the wand chooses it's wielder type shit?

  14. blkjesus3 says:

    Batman looked at Hal like get yo b###h a$$ up fool

  15. 119pieman says:

    This is less plot armor to me and more like choosing the right person for the job

  16. Carlos Castillo says:

    Bullshit that Shazam lighting didn’t do anything. That’s the lightning of Zeus for faq sake.

  17. STEAK 1324 says:

    Brush that's just a trident with channeling and loyalty III

  18. rhunter42dragon says:

    I can see Orm beating Cyborg (though perhaps not so easily). Wonder Woman went down quickly because she grabbed the trident and wouldn't let go. Flash was a lucky shot, I guess I can suspend my disbelief for that. And Superman is vulnerable to magic. Green Lantern and Shazam make no sense at all. Not to mention that it makes no sense for them to be attacking one at a time like that in the first place. All told, Orm beating the entire Justice League so easily and then having trouble with Aquaman is laughable!

  19. Teddy Oshirak says:

    You guys saying orm beat the JLA and not aquaman. Y’all forgetting that orm lost to aquaman because he was seduced by his sideburns.

  20. Killergodzilla02 says:

    I hear Starkiller.


    Worst ending … I hate this movie… 😭

  22. Frank Omatic says:

    I agree this movie was definitely made to make Aquaman look cool, cuz any other time Supes alone would own Ocean Master, Trident or no Trident…. Shit Wonder Woman would easily wreck him too…. Lol good movie none the less

  23. Wellington Padilla Molina says:

    Orm was soooo OP'd and nerfed at the same time.

  24. Nomadic Scotch says:

    When orm put up a better fight against the JL than darkseid

  25. SuperSaiyan Blúe Gogeta says:

    Smh…Flash could've just broke Orm's wrists or sliced his hands off completely, either way Orm wouldn't have been able to react to it due to Flash's speed.

  26. Carlos Ramirez says:

    Trident with Loyalty III

  27. Aaron Barber says:

    I hate how they always get flash with the same move as if he can't react to there movements in a split second

  28. Kevin Zamora says:

    But Lady Shiva can slice his head in one swipe

  29. buhe1 says:

    Billy, being a kid, probably doesn't go full Power of Zeus when it comes to living beings.

  30. Madcap Magician says:

    02:44 excuse me buddy can i borrow your spear?

  31. VHTesla says:

    1:53 "Bro, do NOT turn this into a learning moment."

  32. Armando Graz says:

    Yup DC is inconsistent

  33. Silver Breaker says:

    Whats up with this logic?
    I think only shazam's lightning can trasform billy, that mean all someone need its to blast captain marvel with any magic lightning and thats all?
    So basically any DC magician with elemental spells can beat captain marvel.

  34. Phil Lewis says:

    I call BS on him turning Captain Marvel back into Billy. As if magic lightning only comes from one source.

  35. Hamza Nida Tv says:

    isnt there any movie that cyborg doesnt get riped apart

  36. Cryptic Tech says:

    Pfff oh come on. This was literally made just to make aquaman look like he was actually the shit. Superman is significantly more powerful than that

  37. Odie Silla says:

    4:47 Well.. That "King" did beat most of the Justice Leage.


  38. Ethen Gutierrez says:

    This entire fight scene is complete bullshit

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  40. TheDrunkHamster says:

    Is the tank ok?

  41. aethermaxis pocasangre says:

    Isn't curious that Atlanteans are always the ones ripping up cyborg's chest?

  42. Ben 10 and Arrowverse Fan says:

    for someone who is weak to magic Clark did the best against Orm before Arthur tagged in.

  43. Abhik Sengupta says:

    Hail batman

  44. Ayan Das says:

    Batman used his brains rather than brawn…

  45. LuckyZevanns 88 says:

    I get that this is Aquaman's film but come on Orm couldn't take down the whole justice league like that

  46. TheRealZeno says:

    Orm – It seems we both call down the lighting, let’s see who’s magic is stronger.

    Shoots Lighting at Shazam

    Thor & Scarlet Witch – Hold our beers 🍻

  47. Aser Rodriguez says:

    Ergo fucken wrote this trash! Orm fucking up the entire justice league! Gtfo of here

  48. Gill Okonkwo says:

    Why the fuck is Orm so fucking strong 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  49. Thomas dgfhf says:

    So orm is more powerful than darkseid sure that checks out

  50. Mintor94 says:

    This is so fucking cringy. They all come at him one at time, without any plan at all, taunting each other without a reason.

  51. Zainul Abidin says:

    Take blows from Wonderwoman, Flash and Superman – No damage whatsoever
    Gets beaten up by Aquaman.
    No wonder this movie sucked

  52. ItsStillPasta says:

    Lovin' the sideburns, Arthur.

  53. soahcthegod2012 says:

    Anakin vs Starkiller

  54. Taha J says:

    Justice league, wrks together to defeat darkseid yet fails to defeat this guy.

  55. Tantalus010 says:

    I get why they did it for storytelling purposes, but there is no way that Orm could ever even dream of hitting the Flash or making Superman bleed. Also, why are all of Atlantis's soldiers working for Trigon? Their helmets all have four eyes like Trigon. 😉

  56. ur dad says:

    fish thor

  57. Beatrice Sanfilippo says:

    This Is my Anakin Skywalker! I love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Ben Solo: Good grandpa! Hit that bastard fish!
    P.S. Do you Think that Matt Lanter will voice Ben Solo?

  58. MADMUKS says:

    Thus Proving All the JL members are nothing compared to Orm….

    By that I mean only Aquaman had Plot Armour and The rest of the JL didn't

  59. Godzilla00X says:

    Why would the league just go 1 on 1? Jump in with all 7 and Orms done

  60. Parker Rosenthal says:

    I love how flash can always at least get one solid hit on anyone

  61. Fish_In_A_Chicken_Smokin_A_Cig says:

    Can we talk about that Orm called wonder Woman a wench

  62. Anscenic says:

    That's a fanfic?

  63. Axel says:

    Oh please Wonder Woman and Shazam could have take him down

  64. Michael Ramon says:

    "Guys… I have a plan. Hear me out…

    What if we attack him TWO AT A TIME!?!?"

  65. Ben Geiger says:

    (Lantern gets thrown into a building)

    Batman: Lantern, I need information…we’re not gonna win by hitting him as hard as we can.

    GL: Yeah I’m fine thanks. 😐

  66. lakes says:

    EXCUSE MEEEEE. Wonder woman took hits from DOOMSDAY and you're telling me she got beat by Orm???????? SAY SIKE RN

  67. Z0 B0und says:

    Why Cyborg is so weak. I mean superman, green Lanterns all of them are weak…

  68. Southside Kettlebell says:

    I don’t care what you guys say this movie was awesome.

  69. TERMINATOR 54x0 says:

    I find it stupid how the JLA all were overpowered by Orm, especially when it's not happening underwater

  70. Level 69 memester • 6 years ago says:

    This movie is kinda stupid as fuck

  71. JANKBOMB says:

    Orms voice suuuuuucks.

  72. Sue Ladd says:

    Ally Ryan daughter of the Naruise
    Kara Micheal daughter of Borue Wanrey

  73. Darth Pancake Studios says:

    Since when can Aquaman's trident defeat the entire Justice League including Shazam, GL, Superman, and WW?

  74. Darth Pancake Studios says:

    2:33 That animation is truly awful. The rest of it isn't great either, but this is so hilariously bad I'm wondering how this slipped through the editing process.

  75. Dylan Lockhead says:

    Why just why does everyone want Shazam nerfed I want a actually powerful Shazam for once

  76. pressurecross says:

    Everybody is butthurt when thier favorite superhero got beaten by an unknown Villain XD easily.

  77. B Boyka says:

    Why dc cant make movies like they do in fking animated movies

  78. Bruce Wayne says:

    Aqua man is Anakin 🤨

  79. hot pockets says:

    so the kid with the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.The fastest man alive, fucking Superman, an amazonian warrior and an universe policeman cant beat a guy with a pitchfork but a guy that can talk to fish can?

  80. BEAST X says:

    Cyborg’s really got nothing on Iron Man

  81. Wilczur 111 says:

    Why are they going 1v1

  82. Alex The Awsome says:

    What'a the point making this as an Justice League movie if Aquaman is the highlight here?

  83. Jim Mikulsky says:

    Anakin vs Maul

  84. john kenneth camero says:

    Any man who say im the king is not true king

  85. Bryan says:

    Green Lantern: He killled his mother.
    Batman: is his mother's name MarTha?

  86. Frank seGura says:

    ni superman puede con un simple mortal caray

  87. Kermit the Dank frog says:

    Aqua man is weaker then Shazam, Superman, Wonder Woman and orm took the entire justice league down, but for some reason can’t beat his own half brother? This movie makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

  88. Guy Incognito says:

    Lol, that bit at the end. Not a murderer, not a matricide, just a 'coward who lies to you'. Those are the worst traits this king possesses. Gj Aquaman.

  89. J - TERMINATED says:

    For everyone wondering.
    Superman is WEAKENED to Magic. The Trident IS MAGIC. Which means Superman can be taken out.
    IF Superman Can be Taken out, Wonder Woman Can because she isn't stronger than superman or even more durable.
    Shazam's Powers come from magic so if a lightning bolt transforms Billy into Shazam, Orm can use a lightning bolt to revert it. Once Billy is struck by lightning, he transforms. How Orm hit flash, we will never know. Hal got taken out fairly quickly and easily which is dumb. The only ones who stood a chance against Orm (Who to my knowledge aren't weakened by magic) are flash and Green Lantern (Not including Aquaman). The others are weakened by magic or can use magic against them.

  90. Boss Breezy says:

    Sooo u telling me aqua man put up more of a fight than wonder women 😂😂😂I think batman could’ve single handedly beat orm frfr

  91. amraj Mangat says:

    Green lantern can destroy him

  92. Eternal_ Rain says:

    Remember when the man of steel was a thing? Good times

  93. okami1721 says:

    Liga de la justicia vs Shao khan 😂

  94. jamey smith says:

    That nigga is way way too op here

  95. jamey smith says:

    That atlantean armor so cold

  96. Illogical Gamer says:

    This is a dream there is no way he defeated the justice league but did not defeat Aquarman

  97. C Jim says:

    The logic in this scene is shit Superman should have flicked him into next week

  98. istak ahmed says:

    Total bs.

  99. SnifferSock says:

    1:14 When you've lived under water your whole life where everything moves slower and yet can still predict where the fastest thing on land will be… Some of the most powerful characters, including speedsters, have had more difficulty with Flash.

  100. T.N OFFICIAL says:

    Why cyborg always use canary screams

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