What I will tell you now will change your
way of thinking about privacy, transparency and your personal life so you will never be
the same again. I will tell you what you like to do and why you do that for. People often fear or feel uncomfortable to
leave their privacy details everywhere on the world web where everyone can see it or
use it. But why people are so afraid? Who want to
be anonymous online and why? To get the answers to these questions we have
to find out first who are this people. The category number 1
Are people who like to argue: Why people should know my private life? I don’t want others
to know about me. These people actually like to know what others
do in their private life and they want to know the details without even realizing that
this is someones private life. Ok still don’t believe me? Alright, even if you don’t want to share
about your personal life, you like a lot to know about others personal life because you
still stick so far to this video, and in my videos is everything about my private life,
how I think, what I do, how I spend and many other personal things. You still here? Then you definitely one of those who want
to know what other people do in their private life even if you don’t want others to know
what you are doing in your private life. In this group people want to know how others
make money and they want to know what to do when you have more money or you just curios
what girls and boys like to do, or even how to hold your family and relationship together,
you want even to know what underwear to have and how others think about politics or how
others educate their children or how they manage their economy and this by definition
is very private but you want to know that, right? So where is the border between private life
and what you want to share with others? This boundary between private and public life
lies in the cultural, society and your mind. Because some people think that is ok to talk
and share about their personal sexual life, others don’t and this is because of cultural
limitations and societies judgments. Some people don’t talk about their economy and
some people with pleasure will tell you about their financial status in this case capitalism
and judgments are on the place where people hide theirs high incomes to protect their
workplace. Some people will tell you about their problems and some don’t. Some are
afraid to talk politics or religion, some are not. Some people don’t talk about their
bodies shapes and forms and someone does. Someone will go so deep to tell what they
felt when their parents passed away or when their child died. Just one feeling of mother who lost her child
is overwhelming but still she wants to share what she feels and what she thinks so that
you will have an understanding what you can do and how to act in these heartbreaking moments. Is this not enough private for you? Is this
not enough influence to change your private policy?
Is this not enough to help others? Yes it is, sometimes we become more open with
the outside world when something bad happens to us and often is too late to change something.
Better to share your experiences and hopefully someone will learn from you. And this wouldn’t
be possible if no one would talk about their private life. Therefore keep in mind this
next time when you see another video or read another book that these people are willing
to share their stories and help you to avoid mistakes and become a better person in fact
everything you know is because someone shared with you their personal life. The second category of people who want to
stay anonymous are Activists – They fear to talk from private
accounts where they can be found easily and jailed, they don’t want to be public too.
As today many people in China are limited in free speech online, they have to use vpn
to access the outside world and escape the Great Firewall of China. If you don’t need
to use vpn in your country to access everything on the web world then most of the time you
are in good hands. Never the last, today you just can’t be
anonymous on the internet. First of all, because you don’t use vpn
or dark web you leave your trails everywhere on the web and if you use facebook, google,
amazon, ebay, youtube, tiktok, tencent, visa, mastercard or other platforms then is time
for you to admit that this guys already know who you are, what you do, where you go, who
are your friends, what you buy or other things you might count as private. The second you gave them this right by accepting
quick theirs terms and conditions, which are far too long and complicated for some people
to understand and to realize the true meaning of that rules and policies. Other people argue that is important that
anything you say and write on line should be kept secret and at the same time some argue
back to tell that they don’t want to be silenced and banned because they just tell
their opinion. And this is the reason people often don’t
tell open about their views and opinions about many things in many countries, countries such
as Iran, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Syria, Sudan, Vietnam, China, Eritrea, North Korea
or Turkmenistan and those who write or criticize the government in public often get jailed,
tortured and in the worse cases killed. If you want to hide your privacy to protect
you then there is someone else who want to hide their privacy as well and they are not
all the times good people. Third category: Hackers – They look for easy money, or destabilize
the societies and countries so they don’t want to be public is quite obvious right?
Internet trolls – They just spread hate, threats and mobbing they want to be anonymous because
they don’t want someone knew who they are Criminals – Here is very clear why criminals
want to be anonymous These are people who say that is very important
to be anonymous on the internet. So If you aware of your privacy and want to
be anonymous too then next time don’t be angry because some hacker will steal your
money or block you from your account or someone will share your child’s picture in porn
groups all this because you, who want to be anonymous and these criminals will thank you
that you cover them by craving more anonymity on the internet. How public privacy saved your life. Take for example your medical history when
you go to the doctor and show absolutely everything on your body and the doctor measure very accurate
your height, weight, heart beat, blood pressure and many other aspects of your body and maybe
you didn’t know but public privacy of other people helped to cure and many times even
saved your life. How? Having recorded for as many symptoms as possible
give the opportunity to find the pattern what causes diseases and help doctors to produce
antibiotics and vaccines that saved your life when you got sick. Another example of how transparency could
save many lives, is quickly detect when and where a virus outbreaks began and will make
possible to trace and identify the patient zero and to prevent from spreading the disease
to others. Anonymity is like secrets and secrets for
sure are not good. Don’t hide the problem instead lift the problem and solve it, if
you can’t solve it by yourself, ask for help and don’t be shy or scared because
everybody has issues. If you don’t share your experiences the
companies will do it and they will do it to control you. Take for example things you buy everyday,
if you don’t share what is better to buy and why then the companies will use your buying
habits to target other people for selling more things they probably don’t need. Abundance of data Today “Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data
are created every single day, and it’s only going to grow from there. By 2020, it’s estimated
that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth.”
is quite a lot, and for a human is just impossible to go through all this immense data. Therefore
I don’t see it as a threat to leave all the data online because no one in the entire
world needs your post or picture or information unless you don’t do something bad. For example you want to buy a pair of shoes
on line and you know that you can’t go through all the shoes choices available, you will
probably will spent some two hours looking on different shoes design, color or material
and in the end you will choose one you think match best your budget and design.
The same as with the data there is too many shoes to choose and there is no sense to spend
more time to go through all the shoes available if you need only one pair of shoes.
The same way is buying houses or choosing flight ticket we don’t go through all the
options available rather we use filters. Alright if there so many benefits why we still
worried about our privacy? Because people fear of misusing their information
and often because they don’t know what companies or govern know about them and in what purpose
theirs data is used. And here comes one of the important questions
of 21 century: Who owns the data? And I say everyone owns the data. The same as our planet who don’t belong
only to one person, country or nationality it’s a legacy that everyone on this planet
have right too. Even you born in Madagascar you should have equal right even to Yellowstone
nature in USA or Indonesian islands and the way back, people from the USA should have
equal rights to the Ural mountains in Russia Congo’s wild forest or Chile’s Atacama desert. To have public access to this data is fundamental,
and should be put at the same place as human rights and free movement. At this stage transparency
is the best friend of the access to data and should be implemented everywhere beginning
with govern official and companies ending with religions and sports. If the govern watch what you do then you should
be able to do the same, if the companies collect your data you should have the right to do
whatever you want with your data. Transparency and public access to information is the key
to have insight in every part of society either is politics, healthcare, food chain or dating
app. Is not wrong to collect and use data is wrong
to aplicate the collected data for things that are not in favor for people. Tell me in the comments below what you think
about transparency and public access to the data is it good or bad. Thanks for watching and see next time. People should control the Data, not the Data should control people

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