America’s court no commercials

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  1. superman1113215 says:

    let me guess. this is staged and you're playing as the bailiff lol

  2. Kathy DuFault says:

    Migraines are awful- I feel for her, this would 100% set off my migraines as well. I am glad she prevailed…

  3. grhman says:

    So who puts gas in her car?

  4. Will says:

    So then why the fuck did she move in? Fuck this judge

  5. Angela Hagerman says:

    That guy was such a jerk…He was in a hurry and wanted it his way…She made herself clear she couldn't stand strong smells and he lied and said no problem..

  6. Bobby Wilson says:

    Lousy site!!!!!!!!! Find something else to do with your time! You're much more intelligent than that!

  7. Jose Borrego says:

    Thank you

  8. Michele Moffett says:

    Sarah ikumu

  9. Ankushi K says:

    You know Judge Judy would have ruled in the defendant's favor for the fact that the plaintiff cudn't know when the gas station would reopen.

  10. TyBritt1829 says:

    The more I watch this judge, the easier it is to understand why this show didn't last.

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