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  1. Theandre Kimbrough says:

    No disrespect to the victim and her family my statement is in general from the outside looking in. It seems like to me that she must have filed a false report. It happens soo often and the man has no protection, he would’ve killed her during the alleged assault you would think. And if the assault allegation were true the girlfriend would have reacted differently, then the alcohol… maybe she did something she regretted who knows but there are so many lessons in this story. Sad. Rip and rot in jail, 3 young vibrant lives gone.


    Rip Alexis Crawford

  3. Amanda Rease says:

    Life is not a BET tv show, find some real roots before college, perhaps. Though shall not kill.

  4. Lindsay Gartner says:

    So senseless. This girl deserved a life. I hope these 2 get what they deserve.

  5. B Smirh says:

    Throw the book at these two waste of life!

  6. Morris Mitchell says:

    I guarantee you she's going to try to throw all the blame on the boyfriend.

  7. Sharon Trotter says:

    The roommate let that vile killer into the apartment. She helped remove the body and his evidence of the murder. Forget the motive, give her ass a life sentence too. They can write each other letter's from PRISON!!!!

  8. M a n n y & N i k k y says:

    Crazy.. he looks a lot like Luka Sabbat.

  9. Alana Box says:

    The girl was probably jealous of her

  10. Chase nickles says:

    Damn stories like this are just wild. Before I give a proper opinion I would like to know all the details but damn I hope that female roommate who is suppose to be her friend really didnt help her boyfriend choke this chick to death smh…….hopefully she didnt have anything to do with the murder and came home and found out her boyfriend killed her and decided to try to protect her boyfriend and lie and pretend like the girl disappeared…..it sounds like she might of been the one who eventually showed the cops where the dead body was located which is why she was arrested along with the boyfriend so quickly ……… smh regardless ,what a fucked up story

  11. Ahmad Tillery says:

    RIP Alexis Crawford

  12. LORD NALIGE says:

    Barron looks like Luka

  13. LORD NALIGE says:

    Rip Alexis this is insanity and unfortunate

  14. ABBEY JOHNSON says:

    Wait is this the jordyn jones with blonde hair

  15. kissing friend says:

    Poor Alexis she didn't deserve this, Jordyn got jealous evil mad,and wanted to see Alexis gone forever, now she's going to go crazy where she's going, R.I.P. Alexis Crawford.

  16. Jas Deville says:

    The guy looks just like Luka Sabbat

  17. str8loudkilla says:

    🐍 shit

  18. Snicker Doodle says:

    Nah she's evil asf. How you post her missing pic on your IG after dumping her body in the woods. Smdh

  19. Ana Morry says:

    So glad I have no friends and trust nobody. Rip Alexis she didn’t deserve this!!!😞👼🏽

  20. E S says:

    The roommate is trifling

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