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– This week on Couch Tomatoes we’re going back in time with
“American Horror Story: 1984” and giving you our fresh
picks on what to watch. (screams) What’s up, guys? I’m Naz Perez, and welcome to the new show where we tell you what to watch and why. It’s called Couch Tomatoes, brought to you by Freschetta
Pizza, my favorite. So today, we’re talking all things “American Horror Story: 1984,” which is the most anticipated fall show for Rotten Tomatoes fans, and who better than to talk
teenage angst and murder with than Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej from Buzzfeed’s “Unsolved.” You guys are hilarious, I love your show. – Oh, thank you.
– Thank you so much. Thanks for having us. – You’re welcome so much. And my personal scream
queen, Perri Nemiroff. – I’m so happy to be here with you. – Who’s watched every season of “American Horror Story,” you guys. So I feel like I’m with
the Avengers of horror. (all laughing) – That’s a high compliment. – Right? Anyways guys, so here’s the deal. Each episode, we’ll cover
trending stories and TV, then we’ll do a deep dive into one show that we deem binge-worthy — today it’s “AHS: 1984” — and then we’re going to leave
you with our fresh picks, which are basically shows that we think you should just add to your watch list. So let’s jump right into our stories. You guys ready? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – Okay. Netflix has officially
confirmed “Stranger Things 4.” So in a teaser released
online earlier this week, we learned pretty much nothing except for the tease that says “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” But, I don’t know guys, I feel like the boys still
live in Hawkins, right? So, we’re still gonna see some Hawkins. – You’re gonna probably
still gonna see some Hawkins, but as they set up the
entirety of season 3, they’re gonna grow beyond
it, and they kinda have to. It was a nice homegrown
feel at the very beginning. They expanded on it in season 2,
– Yeah. – and then they cracked the door open for more locations in season 3. We’re definitely going beyond Hawkins. – Yeah, 100%. And I’m excited for that. – [Shane] I think they’re
gonna be time traveling. – What?
– Is that a wild speculation? They spent the entirety of
season 3 making references to “Back to the Future.” – [Ryan] I don’t think that’s– – [Naz] Yeah, like a DeLorean pops up and then Hopper pops out. – They’ve covered so much pop culture and are trying to kind of reinvent these various tropes. I feel like time travel’s
next on their list. – Yeah, that’d be interesting.
– I think you might be guessing for the wrong franchise. I think they’re gonna– – Do you think? – I think they’re gonna time travel in “Fast and the Furious 9.” That’s what I think.
– I don’t know about that. – Another series that I’m super stoked for and our next trending news story is Disney has announced that Deborah Chow will be taking the helm for the upcoming Obi-Wan
Kenobi series for Disney+. So, Chow previously directed
episodes of “The Mandalorian” which is scheduled to debut
with the streaming series on November 11th. I am not leaving my house
when “The Mandalorian” and all these “Star Wars” series come out. – I’ve bought some adult diapers. (Naz laughs) I’m just gonna be sitting on
my couch for weeks, I think. – Alright, I’m never coming
to your apartment ever again. – That’s why I don’t have friends. – It’s just caked in poo. It’s so gross, man (laughs). – I just feel like once Disney+ comes out, do you guys feel like you’re
ever gonna leave your couch? – No! I’m not.
– I guess not. No, I mean, I’m not going to his couch. I’ll stay on my couch. I’m really excited for
“The Mandalorian” though. – Yeah, I’m gonna stay home sweet home. Glad I live far away from you guys. – Yeah. – I’m gonna be watching as
much “Mandalorian” as possible, because this is “Star
Wars” we’re talking about. This is gonna be high
quality TV across the board. In Jon Favreau I trust.
– I know, I know. – And in the directors he’s
already chosen for “Mandalorian” I trust, so if they looked at
the work she did in that show and they want to bring her onto something as epic as an
Obi-Wan Kenobi series. I mean, how long have been asking for Obi-Wan Kenobi to come back? It’s finally happening. If
they pick her for the job, I have all of the faith in the world, and she has the TV resume to prove it. – I know, she’s killing it. I love what she did on the
episodes of “Mr. Robot.” But our last story for the day, guys, is we got a look at the new
M. Night Shyamalan series “Servant” coming to Apple TV+ this fall. And the teasers are pretty
weird and kinda creepy with, did you guys see that baby
rocking back and forth? – Something weird going on with that. – And that’s not a real baby. There’s no way that’s a real baby. – I know, that has to be
some type of CGI baby. I hope it’s not a real baby. – It’s a rubber baby.
– People get so weird when they show you their baby and you’re like “Oh, it’s so cute.” – That looks like no baby I’ve ever laid eyes on.
– Yeah (laughs). – Was that a real cricket then? – [Ryan] Cricket’s fine. – Oh, okay.
– The baby, that’s a rubber baby that it got animated
with life somewhere along the line by M. Night. – I agree. Super creepy but so excited for that, because he’s always so secretive, and I know he’s gonna be at
New York Comic-Con this week, so I can’t wait to find out more about this series and his return to television.
– I hope there’s more there. – Yeah. So guys, before we deep dive into “American Horror Story: 1984,” I wanna take a quick break and talk about why people are so
obsessed with anthologies and how they’re oddly
very similar to pizza. Check it out. Okay, so since we’re talking about one of my favorite anthologies, I started to think about why
we love anthologies so much. And I came to the conclusion that it’s because they’re
always mixing things up, with a new director, a new actor, or a new storyline. They’re always taking something
that’s really familiar to us and keeping it fresh. And I feel like the same can be said when it comes to picking a meal while you’re chilling at home watching your favorite shows. Which is why I love Freschetta pizza, with their premium toppings, their scratch-made sauce, and 100% real cheese, they’re taking something really familiar and keeping it fresh. So my point is, just like
the shows you watch at home, keep your meals interesting
too with Freschetta pizza. Okay guys, so if your lights are off, it’s probably a good time
to turn then on right now, ’cause we’re gonna talk about
“American Horror Story: 1984.” I’m really trying to channel
my inner Ryan and Shane here. I feel like that’s something
you guys would say. (laughs) So, the Ryan Murphy-created
anthology series is back for its ninth season, this time taking inspiration
from the classic slasher genre. And in typical AHS fashion, we have seen some returning
faces in new places. We got Emma Roberts, Billie
Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch, my fave, returning to the franchise, along with some series newcomers. We got Gus Kenworthy and
“Glee” alum Matthew Morrison. Now, at the time of this recording, just so you guys know, we’ve only seen two episodes so far, but I feel like there’s
so much to unpack already. What are your initial thoughts? – They really get right
into it this season. I mean, 10 minutes into the first episode they’re like, “Hey let’s
go to this crazy camp!” – That’s true.
– We’re really speeding along. – I know, the guy’s like “I’m going, do you guys want to come?” And they’re like “Yeah!” No convincing whatsoever.
– That is true, I guess I didn’t really think about that. – Like nobody has to tell any friends or family.
– No. – We’re just like, “Bye!” for the summer. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Exactly. – So yes, there’s a lot to unpack, because we’re really speeding
through the plot here. – And if they’re speeding
through that early of a plot point, if they’re
getting to the camp that fast, that means that it’s really
gonna go off the rails. – [Shane] It must. – Later, right?
– It’s American Horror Story, what do you expect? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think that’s what we
all hope, right Perri? What do you think? – I’ve watched enough seasons
of “American Horror Story” to know that whatever I
think at this point in time, whatever my expectations are, are going to be completely wrong because if I can come
up with it right now, Ryan Murphy has something way
more sneaky up his sleeve. – Right, I feel like around episode five it’s gonna go off the rails. But I personally love it. I love the ’80s nostalgia. I love Matthew Morrison’s character. All my friends that are fans of “Glee” think it’s somewhat
traumatizing to see him as this character after
– Yeah. – seeing him play Will Schuester, which I think is so funny, but for me the show is more fun and funny and not scary, like Mr. Jingles. Is Mr. Jingles really scary?
– He’s a little bumbling. – Sounds like cat name.
– What do you guys think? Yeah, exactly. – Should be Mr. Jingles, the cat. I mean, I’ve kind of come to expect this from the show. I long for the days of “American Horror Story: Murder House” when it really is
– Ugh, so good. – like super scary and unsettling. And admittedly the show has lost a lot of that along the way. But, the fact that he’s
developed a show where he can swing for the fences
– Yeah. – so wildly and be able
to do whatever he wants, I kind of applaud Ryan Murphy and the whole team
behind the show for that. So, the fact that this
is so colorful and crazy and it’s like a mashup of a horror comedy, I kinda wanna run with it. – I mean, the ’80s horror genre is pretty silly and campy
when you look back on it. I laughed really hard at
all those Jason movies when I was growing up (laughs). Maybe I’m just a sadistic psychopath. – I mean, the first “Friday
the 13th” does have some, I mean, there is a sort
of an amateur look to it that is really unsettling, – [Ryan] That is true. – which they ape a few
times in this first pilot. – Right out of the gate,
“American Horror Story: 1984,” with two episodes, has a 94% on the Tomatometer.
– Yeah. – [Naz] The closest after
that is “Asylum” with an 84%, and it was the highest-rated season premiere since “Freak Show.” How does it compare to you? – It’s so hard to say
because I’ve just invested so much time of my life
in “American Horror,” It’s like– – [Naz] That’s a big investment. That’s like longer than the Kardashians. – Thinking back to “Freak
Show” in particular, anybody who has watched
the entirety of that season knows you get invested for 90% of the show just for it not to matter for the last 10. So, I am always just a little cautious when it comes to jumping feet first into a season of “American Horror Story,” but if I just look at these two episodes, solid start, I am hooked. – Solid start, but I agree with you. It is an emotional journey
and it’s a commitment. But I want to know from you guys, do you think that we’re missing anything by not having the “American
Horror Story” staples like Jessica Lange, Kathy
Bates, Sarah Paulson? ‘Cause you were talking
about message boards and I feel like when I
read the message boards, a lot of people are kind of bummed that they’re not in this season. So do you guys think
we’re losing anything? Do we think they’re gonna pop up in another episode this season? – My money’s on Sarah Paulson. I think during an interview, she already admitted she
might pop up at a point, and, I mean, I think she’s
attached to this franchise for as long as it lasts. And when it comes to Kathy
Bates and Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange, we’re talking about icons
– Yeah. – in the genre and in
filmmaking and TV shows across the board. Whenever their absence is felt, it’s gonna hurt a little. – Yeah. – I think they will pop up, maybe just even for a little bit. I would love for Kathy Bates to pop up, Just because it kinda seems like– – Who wouldn’t?
– Well, I mean– (Naz laughing) It seems like they’re setting up this “Freddy vs. Jason” scenario when it comes to Mr. Jingles
versus Richard Ramirez. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – So, in a weird, like, if I could just take a
villain from another movie, I would love for Kathy Bates from “Misery” (all laughing)
to pop into this movie. – Oh, wow. I’ll never say no to Annie Wilkes. – And having a head to head to head inside this camp, and who really cares about the campers, just let those three go at it. (Naz laughs) I think they’ll pop up. Sarah Paulson I think will pop up. – Yeah. – I wonder if part of it, though, is obviously, Ryan Murphy
loves making this show, maybe wants to continue to
do it for several more years. Letting some of the other
cast members kinda– – Have their day in the sun? – Yeah, ’cause like Billie Lourd is really– – [Naz] She’s so funny as Montana – [Ryan] She’s so good. – Yeah. And I think Emma Roberts has
so much scream queen cred. I mean, she was Sidney Prescott’s cousin, she was the killer in “Scream 4.” – [Shane] Love Scream 4. – I think she could literally just take this, and I personally feel like we’re not gonna see any of
the staples in this season. – Her performance in “Scream 4” (all laughing)
just shows the immense range that she has.
– So good. – and it’s actually
– So good. – something we can see in
“American Horror Story,” ’cause we’ve seen her play, you know, the straight woman, so to speak, but also a crazy character
who’s super over the top and sometimes conniving and mean. – Yeah, I feel like
we’re used to seeing her being conniving and mean, and I actually like her
character in “1984.” I like that she’s playing
kind of like the opposite of what were used to seeing her play. – [Perri] That’s what you think for now. – [Ryan] I was about to say– – Wait until they turn it on its head. – She is kind of a harbinger
of doom in this series. Everywhere she goes, the body count rises. – Well, it’s like that one line that Billie Lourd says to her, where it’s something to the effect of, “If all you see is the bad, all you’re gonna–” – “If all you see is
the shadows, that’s all that you’re gonna see.”
– Yes, yes. – Yeah. – She basically embodies that. – [Ryan] To be fair she
did see her future husband get his head blown off. – Oh, I forgot about.
– You think she saw that. – And her dad.
– Oh, god. – We don’t even necessarily know if any of that is 100% true. At this point
– That is true. – I do think she really
– That’s true. – went through all of that. But, you never know. – I love that scene, by the way.
– That was a lot. – Such a good scene. – It’s the Red Wedding of
“American Horror Story.” – Yeah, it was the Ryan
Murphy Red Wedding. – It was certainly effective. – Okay, well one thing we do know– – (laughs) It was certainly effective. These brains were everywhere.
– Shane’s like “Yeah, that worked for me,
I’m not getting married.” So one thing we do know
is obviously that the ’80s are heavily influencing the show, right? We talked about “Friday the 13th.” We’re also getting Michael Myers-y vibes, but also there’s true
crime from LA in this. I wanna know from you guys, do you think we’re gonna
see anymore real life serial killers in this show? – I will say I hope not. And this may be, not to sound
like a wet blanket here, but I don’t like when people
take real life serial killers and be like, “They’re
part of the MCU now.” (all laughing) – Richard Ramirez is gonna join the Avengers?
– Yeah, oh, is the Zodiac gonna come in here too? Like they’re characters
when they’re awful people. – [Shane] Richard Ramirez is a monster. – [Naz] Yeah, I know. – [Shane] Human monster. – But he’s not that scary to me in “1984,” but yeah, I think about that too, because Xavier, the character in “1984,” mentions Son of Sam in the first episode.
– Yeah. – [Shane] That’s true, yeah. – And I’m like “I just watched
‘Mindhunter,'” you know? – [Ryan] He was great in that. – Do they get money or royalties? – I sure hope not.
– I hope not. – No, they couldn’t. Richard Ramirez is dead, right? – As far as we know, yes.
– Is he dead, Ryan? – He’s a ghost now.
– Think he died in 2013. – Okay.
– Oh, okay. Well, that’s good for us then. – It’s good for everyone.
– Yeah. – In a world where maybe there would be other real life serial killers, do you guys have one that you, maybe Shane you have
one that you wanna see? – Ideally, you would want someone who you don’t really wanna glorify them, and if you could take a little liberties with them,
then obviously Zodiac, ’cause Ryan Murphy can be like “Well, dream up some
little story about Zodiac,” ’cause nobody knows who he is. Sure, bring him into the picture. – That is true.
– Right. – Are there other shows out there that you think our friends
at home should watch if they’re loving “1984” right now? – I mean, all I can
think of is “The Terror,” in the sense that each season
is kind of its own story. It’s not quite as fun and light-hearted. But it’s a different take each season on sort of a thematically
similar horror story rooted in history. – It’s kind of hard to think
of a high quality serialized piece of content that is as campy as this, in the horror genre.
– Right, yeah. – Maybe “Dark.” “Dark” is also set in the ’80s, kind of, for the majority
of the first season. It’s a German horror show, but I enjoyed that. I think it’s very fun. – It’s a good German “Stranger Things.” – It’s only like “Stranger
Things” in the sense that a kid goes missing
and that’s about it. – But there’s like an
element of a town ecosystem. – That is true.
– And some kind of overarching mystery. – “Santa Clarita Diet.” – I haven’t seen that.
– Ohh. – If someone has not watched that show, that show is hands down
one of the best things Netflix has ever made. Drew Barrymore and Tim Olyphant– – So good.
– I like Tim, Tim’s great. – are phenomenal in it. But that’s like a perfect
blend of horror comedy and just the extremes
they go to with the gore, but how charming that family is. – Yeah.
– I feel like, I don’t know, that’s
just the perfect marrying of blood and gore, but also
really charming content. – I agree.
– I have to check that out. – I love that one. Also, have you guys heard of
“Two Sentence Horror Stories” on Netflix? – No.
– No. – [Perri] I have heard of that. – It aired on the CW in August,
and now it’s on Netflix, But it’s also horror
anthology, 30 minute episodes. I love it. – It’s on my list. – Yeah, and ’cause they
really take everything we love about horror but put a modern twist on it. You guys would love it. It’s so funny. All right guys, let’s talk
theories now, finally. – Oh, no.
– Who do we think the last camper’s gonna be? What do we think is gonna happen? Perri, I feel like you
have a lot of theories you’re gonna drop on us. – I have so many theories, and with every single theory that I like, I can always find one or two points that make it not possible. But, the main thing that I latched onto right from the start was the idea that it is basically a movie being made within the series. I mean, just look at the opening credits. It all takes place kind of on a TV screen, and even at the end of those credits, when the tapes are being shown. – Yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – The tape fizzles out
of it, I don’t know. So many things point to that, and then the very first time
the hiker says to someone “You’re not supposed to be here,” it made me think that
someone popped up in a scene when they weren’t. – [Naz] Yeah, he says “I’m
not supposed to die here.” – [Perri] Yeah. – It’s with Richard Ramirez
and I was like is this a game? – Maybe Richard Ramirez
walks into the filming of a horror movie and
he’s caught off guard. – That’s interesting because when he said “I’m not supposed to be here” I just figured it was
a ghost going through a residual haunting,
like living the same day over and over and over again.
– Well, to be fair, the hiker is one of the
things that does not entirely work in the TV idea because I do think the hiker is a ghost, and that’s where I get
to the hellmouth theory. – What is the hellmouth theory? – So they exist. I think they exist in
“Murder House,” Hotel Cortez, and maybe here too, where when people die in
a particular location, they’re dead, but they’re never gone. So if the hiker is stuck there, and who knows, maybe Leslie
Grossman is stuck there. Maybe she really died
at the very beginning and she’s another individual like him, and she’s just stuck there. – Ryan, Shane, what are your theories? – That movie theory’s really good. I do think that Emma is
going to be the villain at the end of the show. – But then, isn’t that so obvious? I feel like Ryan wouldn’t do that, right? – It could be the double bluff.
– ‘Cause that’s such a horror movie trope, and he always turns them on their heads. As a woman, I’m curious
to see if she is gonna be the final girl or not. – Yeah, I mean, it’s
easy to see a scenario where she could be the final girl, but I didn’t really think about the, I did take her on her word
that the wedding happened the way it did, and that, I guess, everything that’s happened, she’s been the only one
that’s been present, so she could just be lying. I don’t know, maybe it is easy to think that she could be the real
villain of the series, but maybe that’s not as
big and crazy of a theory. But I do think that’s
where it’s gonna end. – I think Chef Bertie,
she’s sketchy to me. – [Perri] Where is she? – [Naz] Where is she? Why wasn’t she in the second episode.
– What’s she doing? – Where is Bertie?
– Oh, yeah. – Yeah, okay,
– Serving some diabolical – what’s your theory?
– meat pies. – They planted the seed. I don’t know how deliberate it is, if it’s just a red herring, but is it Xavier? At the very beginning
said he was cast in a role as a killer and then he
very deliberately says that he’s a method actor
and studied Stella Adler. – And then the guy he
knows does get the stake through the back of his head. – And he invites everyone to the camp. – Right, so this is his way
of kind of method acting? – It could be.
– Right? – There’s also time travel. See, you just reminded
me of something else. There’s a time travel idea too, because at the beginning, Xavier says he rear-ended Billie Lourd’s character, and that’s what happens at
the end of “Apocalypse.” So, there’s another theory
going around out there that maybe they have time
traveled in order to stop the creation of Mallory,
Billie Lourd’s character in “Apocalypse,” because
Cody Fern, in “Apocalypse,” is told that, in order to enact his plan, there can’t be any witches. So, he’d have to go back
in time and kill her. – The greatest multi-season
– I don’t know. – arc in television history.
– That is the great, Perri, you need to write that down and take credit for that. Thank god we’re recording this. If that happens I will die. – To be fair, there’s a
lot of reports out there, a lot of people on YouTube and
on message boards theorizing about all this stuff.
– Okay. – So I can’t claim credit to all of it. – Has Murphy ever linked
seasons like that though? – Yeah. – Yeah, oh, a lot of them.
– Yeah, yeah, a lot of them. So my theory is that the
aliens from “Asylum,” it’s the ’80s, right? There’s gotta be aliens, guys. I mean, “E.T.” “Aliens,” “Predator.” There’s gotta be aliens in this season. They’re gonna come,
and they have the power to resurrect people, so
I think they resurrected the camp counselor from 1970, and the aliens are gonna
come and just destroy it all. And maybe we’ll see the witches again, ’cause I think I remember
seeing an interview where Ryan said the witches would be back, and he’s doing 10 seasons. So I want season 10 to
be witches vs. aliens. – I’ll take witches vs. anything. – (laughs) Yeah. – The fact that all of this is on the table
– Coven’s our favorite. – is a true testament
to how fun the show is. The fact that we’re like “Could be aliens, could be time travel,
could be–” you know. – Agreed, time will tell. Also, I want Margaret and Night Strangler to hook up, ’cause I feel
like there was also some sexual tension there – There was something.
– that wasn’t worked out. – It seems like anything’s on the table. This is like the end of
“Cabin in the Woods.” – Yeah, the theories are so good. We could go on and on, obviously. But before we wrap up, guys, I need to ask you who do
you think this show is for and are you gonna stick with it? – Well, I think you already
know I’m gonna stick with it, but for anybody who likes
“American Horror Story” out there, the seasons connect. So, this is for an
“American Horror Story” fan. If you wanna keep up with
it, it’s a must watch. – I also think if you’re
just a fan of ’80s horror, and, yeah, if you’re a fan of ’80s horror, you should stick with the show. I’m certainly gonna
stick with it. I love it. – I’m sticking with it. I think it’s good for “AHS” fans, but also if you’re not a fan, I
think it’s accessible enough that, if this is the tip of the iceberg, and there’s gonna be some crazy twist that connects to other seasons, it’s a great jumping off point. – I agree with you guys. I feel like this is a
season where new people can kind of hop on and join the bandwagon. Okay, so before we go, I want you guys to tell me
what your fresh picks are. So, these are shows
that you think everyone should just watch, doesn’t
have to do with horror. Shows that people should
add to their watch list. What are you guys watching? – I’m sticking in the horror genre, and I’m going to highly
recommend “Channel Zero” on Shudder right now. You can actually stream all four seasons. It’s another anthology series and they’re all based
on creepypasta stories. Highly, highly inventive, very well done, yet another show — actually, now I’m three for three with this type of thing — where you get one season of a show, they set the bar there,
never fall below it. Every season of that show is phenomenal. – Wow.
– Oh, wow. – You sold me on that, Perri. – A tooth man.
– Tooth Man’s great. – If you don’t like
people covered in teeth, don’t watch it. – Tooth Man, Pretzel Jack. – I don’t, yeah, I don’t.
– Teeth is like one of my favorite movies of all time. – I’m not going to stick
in the horror genre, I’m gonna talk about “Terrace House.” – [Shane] That is not scary at all. – It is not scary at all,
it’s actually the most hypnotic and beautiful and delightful, one of the most beautiful
and delightful shows I’ve ever watched. It’s a Japanese reality show. It’s a Japanese reality
show where they take, I think, six or seven
strangers, put them in a house, and they’re all just
wonderful to each other. It’s not pre-produced, there’s no drama. One of the big arcs of
the season is who ate another person’s steak in the house. – Wait, this is so funny.
– It’s incredibly dramatic. – There was a piece of steak in the fridge and someone stole it and that’s
like the big point of drama, it’s like one of the
big arcs of the season. And then every now and
then they’ll cut back to a panel of comedians that will comment. They’re basically like a
proxy for the audience. It’s just a delightful watch. – It is like ASMR.
– That sounds amazing. – It is just soothing. – It’s hypnotic like
“Great British Baking Show” is hypnotic.
– Yes. – I’ve been obsessed with “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.” It’s a prequel to the
movie, which I kinda like, but the series is sweeping. It’s like “Lord of the Rings”-style epic. There’s a lot of puppets,
the cast is crazy. I rarely binge shows
nowadays, but this is one that I watched in two or three days. So, “Dark Crystal,” it’s amazing. I can’t talk it up enough. What about you, Naz? What are you watching? – I’m watching “The Politician.” I actually finished it,
Ryan Murphy’s other show that aired last week on Netflix, And I feel like the void
of Jessica Lange in “1984” is really filled for
me in “The Politician.” But it’s about this
overachiever, perfectionist kid that’s running for student body president in hopes that it will help him become President of the United States one day. And I’m like a perfectionist,
so I totally relate. And there’s already a
cliffhanger for season two, so I think you guys should watch it. (upbeat music)
But anyways, guys, that’s our show. Thank you so much. Perri, Ryan, Shane. – Thank you.
– It went by so quick. I love you guys, thanks for joining me. And if you guys want more on
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  1. Kat Hall says:

    1 of the icons might just b the killer, here's ta hoping. Every1 wanted the last AHS 2 b the last 1, how dare they. The true fans would never, ever want it 2 end and would watch it even if it was a romance/western, lmfao. Love ure guests, thank u 4 the great episode. Love from Ontario, Canada.

  2. Liam Evans says:

    And me I love American horror story its class

  3. Makuuwiru says:

    I just went here for Ryan and Shane 😂😂😂💖💖💖

  4. Liam Evans says:

    I'm watching season 1 murder house of american horror story and its class

  5. Conduit says:

    Thank for having the ghoul boys join you! Loved the discussion!

  6. Gabby Flores says:

    My 2 favorite, AHS 1984 and my boys Shane and Ryan! Sign me up!

  7. raine says:

    awww i love their (probably coincidentally) coordinated outfits 💖

  8. Chiclayo Ooze says:

    Dark Crystal Rising is beautiful. Very much enjoyed the discussion and was so excited to see the Unsolved boys Shane and Ryan who continuously bring perspective, humor, and their individual personalities into everything! Perri brought so much valuable knowledge, back history, and opinions to the conversation and it was awesome to hear what theories and thoughts have ALREADY formed about the season!! Everyone did great!

  9. Shruti Singh says:

    Here just for the boys 💕💕

  10. Grace Dell says:

    ghoul boys! ghoul boys! ghoul boys! ghoul boys!

  11. Your Gay thoughts says:

    I‘m so proud of my boys

  12. Ethereal girl says:

    OK now I need Ryan and Shane to feature in a Stranger Things season playing themselves like in Buzzfeed Unsolved, that would be the best crossover ever omg

  13. Alex Impresionn says:

    Perri need to be recurring guest, she is eloquent and informed, her geeknes shows and that's so much grateful, amazing show guys!…BTW bring Perri to Unsolved!

  14. Bone Snatcher says:

    I don't watch any of these shows but if Ryan and Shane are in it, I click

  15. Judy says:

    Here for the Ghoul Boys

  16. Camila Morales says:

    the boys!

  17. Bone Snatcher says:

    Aliens, witches, time travel? The hot daga?

  18. Diana Moreno says:


  19. Sand star says:

    Shane's looking very fancy in that turtle neck.

  20. Ruby Easton says:

    hey it’s the berry boys!!!!

  21. gonetubing says:

    Richard Ramirez started his killing spree in 1984 and was caught in 1985, which must be why he's in this season. I doubt we'll see The Zodiac Killer, Berkowitz, or anyone else.

  22. Surachon Bundao says:

    Im here for the Ghoul Boys

  23. Basil Last says:

    i have no idea what any of these things are but ryan and shane are here so im awching

  24. sofía says:


  25. Wake Up World says:

    *in Shane voice*THE GHOUL BOYS ARE HERE!!!

    Loving the Time Travel and Hellmouth theories…

  26. Tokyoeyeslow says:

    I'm a simple person. I see the ghoul boys, i watch the video.

  27. Lord_of_the _Oreos_ vol 3 says:

    It's great to see the Ghoul bois here. Such an amazing video and I'm definitely hook on whatever shows they recommend

  28. Ashley B says:

    We are only here for the boys. Shut up about the other shows. We don't care!!!!!

  29. DepressedPun Stories says:

    Anyone else confused on who disliked?

  30. Daenaries Targaryen says:

    I came here from Ryan's insta but I'll watch it later for sure. 👻

  31. emma says:

    y’all might have convinced me to watch ahs! i really fucking hate horror but i’ve heard so much good things about it that i might watch it

  32. liverpool ynwa says:


  33. pacman28690 says:

    It will turn out to be a movie being shot then once u realise its not real all the sneaky twisted shit will start probably bout halfway through the season

  34. Williams Ingebrigtsen says:

    im from your instagram story. Shane.

  35. liverpool ynwa says:

    Haunting of hill house is far superior

  36. Whitley Beaver says:

    This may be the most boring thing on YouTube

  37. captainmello says:

    Here for the ghoul boys, thanks for inviting them- insightful, interesting opinions aside, Ryan looking cute as hell in that striped tee n Shane channeling in movie critic turtle neck der

  38. PETERBUTTER says:

    Wasn’t expecting to see Perri & The Ghoul boys here!

  39. Scoops Ahoy Stuff says:

    Ryan and Shane and American Horror Story? YES PLEASE

  40. Pat Basque says:


  41. Douglas Bull says:

    again show sucks should've ended after asylum

  42. Brian Ashburn says:

    LOVE Naz – she's so funny and engaging

  43. Zay Cambio says:

    The noises u make tho

  44. Ms. Ree says:

    Drew Barrymore almost died filming Santa Clarita Diet. She was doing a stunt and she whacked the back of her head on concrete and developed a blood clot. I don’t know what they did for that but hopefully this doesn’t have any long-term effects for her and I hope she doesn’t get horrific chronic headaches like I get. So God bless her.

  45. Matt Yuran says:

    The show is obviously being taken place in the upside down.. when the logo comes up in the teaser it’s in the upside down , Probally going to rescue hopper

  46. Kam says:

    Love Perry since for your consideration last year

  47. Ralph Bednarski says:

    good job,guys!

  48. SuperHamilton Trash says:

    Don't watch any of the shows but I'm just here to watch Shane and Ryan talk about it.

  49. Cry Avocado says:

    Zodiac was in hotel in the devils night ep.

  50. Real Eyes says:

    Yeah, I was quite annoyed when I realized Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates weren't in this season, but now I'm sort of appreciative of the fact. It's given room for other excellent performances by Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Matthew Morrison, and Cody Fern (who is quickly becoming a favourite of mine).

    I'm not sure what to expect from this season. Theories have been made about everything from ghosts to time-travel, to one big movie production. All I'm thinking is that I'm sure this is Ryan Murphy's golden moment to create a "horror movie"… And like most things AHS, he will blow the classic style out of the water.
    (A red wedding? Like, C'mon. AHS always takes the mundane and kicks it up a notch.)

    I'm so excited for this season.

  51. Real Eyes says:

    Is Ryan Murphy only doing ONE more season of AHS?!?

  52. Cristiane Kelli Ribeiro says:

    Tudo inglês??? Help me!!!

  53. Jocelyn Khalifa says:

    Japanese guy WOULD recommend Japanese show. Everyone is so predictable in this video.👎

  54. Gregory House says:

    AHS already did Zodiac in Cult.

  55. Angie Barth says:

    2 sentence horror story is amazing

  56. awwonso says:

    the white girl is weird and annoying all sksksksking between her words

  57. Amanda Cervantes says:

    Well they addressed zodiac in Cult tho. Clearly it's a league of scorned women and not a singular dude. Get it right y'all.

  58. Eugene Paul Abante says:

    AHS 1984 theory: What if it’s just a tv movie in the universe? Where madison montgomery is starring.

  59. TheFemBIZ says:

    I love to see my ghoul boys getting the recognition they deserve.

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