Agua Fria Justice Court

Hi i’m David Cantor with the Law Offices
of David Michael Cantor and today I’m going to talk about the Agua Fria
Justice Court. If you’ve received a ticket to be in that
court, that means you we’re charged with either DUI or misdemeanor crime within certain boundaries. It also
means you we’re arrested by either DPS or sheriff’s office, if it was a city cop, you
should have been over in the city court. Those particular boundaries in the
Agua Fria Justice Court are McDowell Road to the
north, Gila Crossing to the south, Carver Rd. to the east and 133rd Avenue to
the west. This is the actual map of the Agua Fria
Justice Court, the boundaries go all over the place and
what you want to do is if you do receive a ticket you’re going to want to talk to your lawyer, preferably us and we’ll tell you whether they actually
cited you to the right jurisdiction, if they did not you have a potential
defense so it’s very important have a lawyer knows these boundaries. The court itself is located at 9550 West Van Buren that’s in Tolleson
Arizona 85353 is the zip code, and when you go there parkings in the front, it’s free, make
sure you dress appropriately, and no shorts, or sunglasses, are baseball
hats, tank tops, or anything like that. Now this particular Judge is Joe “Pep”
Guzman. Pep has been there for a long time,
he’s an old-timer, he is very slow, his court is very slow, he
rules for the state a little too much in my opinion and I’d suggest that you definitely get
an attorney if you’re going to be in his courtroom. One last thing, with Justice of the
Peace, they’re not lawyers, the vast majority
are not lawyers, they’re simply elected into office because they have a high school degree
and no felony convictions so unfortunately you’re dealing with
somebody we didn’t go to law school, it’s the equivalent of voting in
your surgeon do to a popularity contest and then they take a six week course on
how to conduct surgery. That’s why you really need a lawyer who knows what they’re doing. So if you’re charged with a DUI or misdemeanor crime call our
office we’ll set you for free initial consultation,
doesn’t cost anything but it does take about 30 minutes, and go over your case with you from top
to bottom and hopefully find a way out your criminal charge. Look forward to hearing
from you soon.

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