Adaptive Comparative Judgement

To use the online judging system, first of all type: into your browser. The URL will take you to this login screen. Type in the username and password that you have
been given. Once this page opens there is just one button you
need to click and it’s the ‘Judgement’button. This page will then appear. One thing to note is that the running total box
allows you to see how many judgements you have made. When you go to make your first judgment this
number will be at ‘0’. Overall you’re likely to need to make around 10
judgements but don’t worry if the other number showing is
much higher than this. As with the last screen there is only one link you
need to click and it is the ‘Start First Judgement’ link. The system will then bring up two submissions for
you to compare. You can choose whether to view the submissions
one at a time or side by side. To view them one at a time click either A or B. To view them side by side Click A and B. Submissions may be more than one page long so
make sure you read the entire script by using the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ arrows. You can zoom in on the submission by using this
slider bar. And if the text still isn’t clear, you can then view a
‘hi res’ version of it by clicking here. Once you have read both submissions and have
decided which you think is more effective, click ‘Compare’. The page that then appears allows you to choose a
‘winner’ but before doing that, provide feedback on each
submission if you have been asked to do so. Appropriate feedback guidelines will be made
available to you by the course team. For example, you may be asked to provide one
positive and one constructive comment for both ‘Portfolio A’ and ‘Portfolio B’. Once you have done this choose either ‘Portfolio A
is the winner’ or ‘Portfolio B is the winner’ When prompted, click ‘OK’- at this point your
decision is final. A ‘Judgement Summary box appears. Unless asked to leave a comment on why you
chose the winning submission as the winner, click on the ‘Save notes and continue’ button. You will then be taken back to the initial page where
you click ‘Start Next Judgement’ to continue on to your next judgement. Once you have completed the correct number of
judgments the system will stop offering you more work.

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