Adam Schiff: Growing Evidence Of Trump Obstruction Of Justice | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Kevin Wilson says:

    Adam Schiff is the liar hes been saying that he has proof Trump colluded with Russia for two years so wheres the proof ?

  2. Harumi H. says:

    Adam Scief is still holding what is required of a government official. He has the integrity and he knows why he is there. All of Trump followers have lost such an integrity, all of them already corrupt and sold to Trump in exchange of absolute loyalty to him… It is like they are completely brainwashed, forgetting or ignoring why they are elected and why they are there, which should be to serve for the people that elected them. Instead, their loyalty is now only Trump. Trump is a cult leader, not a leader of the national people, but a king of criminals, encouraging only crimes and breaking laws and constitutions, instead of caring for the people. He completely lacks any human empathy, ethical thinking, integrity, and knowledge of anything that a president us supposed to maintain. He is a criminal of many crimes and his criminal MINDSET has spread into all those that have similar criminal mindsets… That is what we are now witnessing.

  3. Harumi H. says:

    Everyone should know that the criminal charge is based on the fact of "possession of brains with intent to break laws or regulations" and "with willful intent to defraud to obtain personal gains by lying or manipulating or deceiving victims" All of these factors are existing in Trump, physically and mentally and all around himself. He never cooperated with law enforcement yet he LIED to say he did. But what he did was to give answers of "i don't remember"

  4. Harumi H. says:

    Judge Jackson's reasoning of not accepting "sorry" as a reason of leniency is absolutely right.

  5. Allan Simoes says:

    Leave aside Collusion , What Russian Oligarchs Laundered Money via Wilbur Ross in Trump Towers, Manhattan.

  6. Jane B says:

    Good man Schiff. We are in trouble and need HONESTY. Nancy is following thru! It's gone on to long. Need stronger ,honest,people in these JOBS. We have a fox in the hen house!!!!

  7. Jane B says:

    Kids are using private e-mails .And they have clearance! It going to take years to undo what this man has done.

  8. Clara Brown says:

    eric don jr. kushiner someone is wating on you, dont drop the soap, daddy cant help, he will be busy him self…

  9. Donna Long says:

    Adam Shift is a lying POS. The American people know better.

  10. frank franks says:

    Adam Schiff is carrying the torch of American ideals , morality , justice and liberties for the people by the people that America was founded on. It's a shame he and his fellow Democrats have to spend so much time protecting our American values every day and reversing the mess we are in , when they could be doing the much needed work that helps the American people.

  11. Sheryl Martin says:

    Wonder how many of these people are going to keep allowing their self to take the fall for a man who will not even acknowledge he knows them well at all but yet is allowed to be our President?

  12. Amhed Amhed says:

    All Trump men's is going to jail along with Trump and his children's as well that will be in long run may be

  13. Sandra MacDonald says:

    Adam Schiff is my hero. Don’t back down from these criminals. You are an honest man surrounded by a bunch of criminals. Including many of the Congress and Senate.

  14. Gail Casey says:

    Having Schiff on allowed me to look into his eyes, and body language! Thanks. I was on the fence with this guy, just because he is a politician. I am not a trump supporter!! I do know that ALL of the elected, and non elected seats.. ALL if you owe the American people! You all owe them to have integrity, morals, truthfull, and work together,.. no matter how hard! Show us American people that we should want nothing else! Now let's sit back and see how they do.

  15. Albert Camou says:

    I'm not Gutierrez in Camou

  16. Margaret H says:

    What a bloody carrying on with Trump. I cannot believe he will get away with this. NO witnesses! I am so glad we have a Prime Minister and not a so called president Trump. He can get away with anything now. Unfortunately if you were thinking someone may bump him off all the people who could do that are his followers. I don't wish him harm or anyone else. I feel sad for America.

  17. David Atkinson says:

    Waiting for Trump to say, but Obama.

  18. David Atkinson says:

    Trump is corrupt and shady.

  19. Gary Fery says:

    All I can say is if we care about saving are democratic are country and most of all are freedom
    The trump supporter need to see the truth all the facts before nov 3rd. The democratic better do everything they can to prove to the state of Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin Illinois and ohio west Virginia to get back the blue collar workers they will beleive the proven truth about trump and russia. Get the very rich people who r Democrats to put there money into bring out the truth about the rigged senators who vote to keep trump from being impeach.

  20. Jay Britt says:

    Matthew Whitaker, has found himself GUILTY OF PERJURY before Congress.
    Whitaker is CAUGHT IN THE TRAP…And He knows that the Information that the HOUSE has against WHITAKER AND TRUMP,The HAMMER continues to Drop.

  21. john Torbett says:

    Mr. Schiff there is growing evidence aganist you ,polosie ,Shumer and more .the DNC will be charged with treason trying to over throw a standing president and lying all the time to the American public .you want get away with it gitmo here the DNC comes.

  22. Rondalyn Reynolds says:

    February 2020. Manafort got a no-nothing sentence for being a traitor to America and he still whines. There is no real justice in America and definitely nothing equitable about sentencing guidelines.

  23. wanda rinehart says:

    Schiff is a real American. Keep fighting,Trump will go down in due time.

  24. Carole Retacco says:

    My,u '. , Nubia,h

  25. John Rogan says:

    Flynn…even dirtier than Manafort!

  26. John Rogan says:

    God will right things…Trump…a sick joke 🐿

  27. John Rogan says:

    Roger Stone falls…other dominos getting ready to fall!

  28. Mr Sandor says:

    Adam Schiff is absolutely brilliant and so well focused all the time and his delivery is always smooth and on point!!!! 👌👌👌👌😉

  29. james Givens says:

    Schiff and Nancy should resign. So full of hate.

  30. Barbara Rispress says:

    Liar that’s not what she said

  31. Carl Trijillo says:


  32. kvdgadj says:

    There growing evidence of Trump obstruction of justice. But he so above the law, they are afraid to bring him to Court?

  33. Tammy Short says:

    I don't like orange guy lying to Congress

  34. Ray Dirkin says:

    I say we lock every dann one of you up including the fake news and put shiff, Nancy and Trump in the same cell. Oh MSNBC too.

  35. john Torbett says:

    No, you polosie,Shumer,and more will be in your own trial at gitmo with no outside interference we true Americans can't wait for that to happen ..treason ..trying to over throw our president with no proof and you lost .now you pay for lying to the American public ..hang um.

  36. Kiit Morgan says:

    You know, we could talk about this everyday all day long. But the truth is this president really needs to go away. And the best method of doing this, or getting this accomplished, is the art of inference of deliberate indifference towards all of his cooperating Senate affiliates through rejection of everything they say and do to remain in control. If we simply refuse to recognize their implied authority over us, on any level, just as they refused to acknowledge that they actually work at the pleasure of the people, it will just infuriate them and they'll begin to lose control of themselves and everything else. After all, why should we be the only ones frustrated, when we can do deliberate indifference so much better by not giving them The hand out of our vote. We could just nod and smile as they spew what they spew and then say no by voting "for the other guy" and kicking them to the curb. Of course, they'll cry and they'll wine and they'll say oh everything was rigged. But we can just ignore them because they're not in office and they really don't matter anymore . End result: we can breath again and sleep cozier at night.

  37. Ruben Cordova says:

    All of a sudden he confess he's crime. But on the other hand,. I would like to thank God for having good honest people in our Country in United States 🇺🇸 and throwing away the keys to those corrupted dishonest people in America and Police Departments. God bless America 🇺🇸
    Enough is enough I say!!

  38. shannon lancaster says:

    All these people that Trump brought in office since he's been elected they're all going to prison i say PRISON I SAY TRUMP YOUR ON YOUR WAY

  39. Deborah Zenquis says:

    Cyber security will impact out country.

  40. Deborah Zenquis says:

    If the news paper is taken from the military it will be replaced with propaganda.

  41. Benji Marquez says:

    The president is a liar and no one should believe anything he says! This should be a democratic mantra going into the 2020 presidential election, starting with "dj" "dishonest john" trumps' lies about president Obamas' birth place and his lies during his campaign about who was going to pay for his "beautifal wall" at the southern border! Reiterate trumps lies since he has been in office and aim it at his base support!!! NO ONE can trust anything DISHONEST JOHN TRUMP SAYS!!!

  42. Richard says:

    If Trump pardons Manafort it will bring about his doom.

  43. Richard says:

    I,m glad he will never be my lawyer.

  44. Frantzy Merisier says:

    Get all the crooks out of the house!!!

  45. Robert Oreilly says:

    Mannafore is the link to Ukraine…

  46. Elaine Thomas says:

    Adam Sniff,, like, Elliott Ness, ain't scared of fake, Al Capone'.

  47. Elizabeth Quon says:

    You can't tell Trump the trickle down affect went out because it doesn't work. Trump will suffer defeat. I can't wait. We don't need manufacturing jobs we want jobs that pays our mortgages,and healthcare,and doesn't cost us trillions to talk about.

  48. animals are love and happiness says:

    Adam Schiff is our President. Adam Schiff will go down in history as a GREAT MAN IN AMERICA. Thank you Adam Schiff. We all love you.

  49. animals are love and happiness says:

    Trump is NOT a legal president. Everything he does will be annulled.

  50. David Shaw says:

    Adam please do Americans a favor and leave Washington. You are a full of lies and misleading the American people! Isn’t it funny that they only attack Trump and people around him. We have a one sided Democratic Party.

  51. Deb Sweetman says:

    Thank you! I wish all media would not play his repeated lies !

  52. anna martinez says:

    Of course Drumpf thought about Manafort; that's what he does best obsess obsess obsess…Cheeto man

  53. Old southern white lady says:

    Rebuke the red pimples in the Senate too!!!

  54. Old southern white lady says:

    Good job, Mr Schiff.

  55. Sherri Greeydelinarez says:

    Everybody & Everything that has to do with "Trump gets Destroyed!" Anthor one bites the dust!!!

  56. Bill Szentagotay says:

    Schiff for president…no questions asked!!

  57. l d says:

    Carbon copy Donald with same charges .

  58. Noeline Rapley says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are the people who stand out as examples of integrity, honesty and true Patriotism.

  59. Maru telléz says:

    We love Mr Adam Schiff , we hate Trump for his crimes ,,, and you did a great job

  60. S Halley-Brown says:

    As always, it wonderful to hear the Truth on Last Word! You are loved Lawrence 👍🏻

  61. Bishop Jesse L. Dennis says:

    I am sad that Constitution of the United States have been trampled on by the privileged and the rich and the lawyers that distort Justice

  62. Doris Goodyear says:

    Please get rid of Trump the clown he’s the devil make it fast one way or another cat right of him

  63. Cisco Zerratano says:

    Strong USA =strong Mexico. Democrats policies =USA becomes shithole country….plain and simple

  64. Anthony Villa says:

    Has anybody noticed that all of the MSNBC programs on YouTube are being sponsored by Donald Trump?
    who's paying for all of his propaganda?

  65. Betty DeAnda says:

    Adam was lying to the people….how many years will he get ? Hillary committed treason …how many years will she get ? One sided propaganda politics ….you’re all lying about each other…I only wish they would prosecute who ever is doing lucrative business within the White House. “No matter “ republican or democrat ! The president doesn’t act alone….Think about it!

  66. Ernesto Xavier says:

    Adam I salute you for a great job and telling it the way it is Donald Trump the so-called president is kind of mentally ill and is getting worse by each day that goes by another thing of concern it's just we have a new face of terrorism here in the United States called white supremacy or white nationalists and must be stopped and put an end to this once and for all and anyone else who thinks this way or supports them

  67. Sid J.k says:

    We all know that the swamp is alive and well but it's what we do about it ….when to and when not to ….facts are there

  68. Thomas Phipps says:


  69. janet gilmore says:

    This is only the beginning of the end……to the trump crime family. Soon all assets will be seized as well as all the money ..all bank accounts frozen….then the hunt begins for the real hidden loot..and in the end the trump crime family will be destroyed 30 or more serving long terms in federal prison and 3 or more including pence and trump hanged by the neck until ….dead!….for the capital crime of ..TREASON!

  70. keith hooker says:


  71. Benji Marquez says:

    Seems like there is no one or any government body who can stop the president! The democrats are powerless. The senate are full of cowards and brown nosers.

  72. Stephen Cameron says:


  73. Susan Hoffa says:

    Thank you msnbc for not letting us hear chump ,no collusion mantra

  74. Thragon68 says:


  75. Ramp-up says:

    You don’t have to know a lot about government to know that attempting to remove a lawfully elected president from office using unverified propaganda is treason of the highest level!  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff Jerrold Nadler and Chuck Schumer faces criminal charge I’m sure, for misconduct and abuse of office.

  76. Pia Rossi says:

    What manofort did is equal to what donald did my words will come out in the open

  77. Margo Sparkle says:

    Trump just raided social security funds to the amount of over a trillion dollars. SS is a trust fund of OUR money held for us to help our retirement.

  78. Wendy King says:

    Nice to see Adam again, he’s fabulous! 🌹❤️🌸💕👏🏼👏🏼xxxx

  79. jack985 says:

    Still waiting for the myriad incontrovertible truths, about President Trump 's "high crimes and misdemeanors " that little Adam Schiff repeated promised. I think, like Democrat chances is 2020, these truths are non existent.

  80. Evelyn Goh says:

    remarkable how impeach hungry n consuming shifty is – who will stop him?

  81. Diane Owen says:

    "I don't know anything about it"…I never met him….we never talked….I'm sure he's a nice guy but I don't know him…..Obama did it….Hillary did it….I don't know anything about it.

  82. Purple Rain says:

    Well its your job to get rid of the putin loving baster.

  83. Lucyloo Jones says:

    Wow! It is bliss to here the truth! Fantastic!..

  84. Lucyloo Jones says:

    Hallelujah ! Trump is a goner! Bless our little hearts.! Thank you Mr Schiff….you are brilliant!

  85. derrill yager says:

    Two Articles of Impeachment and
    A Senate trial…you did your best to
    Bring Justice.. Justice was denied
    by the Fascist GOP PROTECTING
    THEIR DICTATOR who is now on
    2/22/2020 , disassembling the

  86. Delbert Russel says:

    Trumps already at 270…you know that right?

  87. Wendy King says:

    Love Adam, he’s a great Patriot! 🙏🌹❤️

  88. John Liu says:

    Hierarchy power politics play the below rankings will eventually becomes victims on this controversial corruption charges against Donald Trump no matter how people analyze this I mean people need have common sense on their judgement they acquitted him wow you conscience know actually the answer wow what corruption in White House that we had in America this is unbelievable no Matt how you look at it

  89. Marie Torres says:


  90. Marie Torres says:


  91. Anthony Smith says:

    at this point we need to change our voteing to paper not machine at this point very importan to our country anthony smith

  92. Marlowe Dugger says:

    He would have felt nothing if he had not got caught.

  93. c.daniel Premkumar says:

    Shameless, punctured, deflated schiff is a PUBLIC NUISANCE. He needs to be stoned to death.

  94. Jack Daniels says:

    Look at those eyes they look shiffty.

  95. the Slime game in the crip game game game says:

    I love youuuuuu! Your work is Outstanding. Your a stand up guy…… You should run for #2020

  96. Elvi Bartlett says:

    Trump the lowlife….LOCK HIM UP

  97. Alta Montgomery says:

    Donald Trump is a impeach president the Constitution says a impeach president should not have the right to pardon anybodyso why is this impeached president pardoning his criminal people that was in the same criminal activity along with him he should not be able to portent anybody because he is impeached especially those who was in the same crime with him so why are those being Parton who was doing the crime with Donald Trump being pardon buy a impeach president once you impeachthe Constitution says you should not be allowed to pardon anybody so why is he still committing crimes and partnering those who were in the crime with himhe's impeached he shouldn't have the right to pardon anybody because he's a impeach president

  98. Joy Smith says:

    Russia helped Trump win the election and knew he was being helped and says he won it by himself

  99. J. Muller says:

    If Adam Schiff was Pinocchio, his nose would be 20 miles long.

  100. Leo, Januszewski says:

    I would suggest that y'all impeach Donald again.

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