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If your looking for the latest accessory for your iPad, iPhone or Balckberry. You can shop from the convenience of your home, from a walnut business. offers some latest accessories through its online store. For your technology needs. It’s been in business for about 7 years. we Started in walnut in 2003, offers a variety of cell phone accessories anything from charges, cases, to cables. And we offer variety of cases . And we have a case to fit every singel lifestyle and choice and we have one for everyone. For kids,to grown ups and to people that are doing business, that have cell phone for their business from the retail end to the business end So we had cover almost every single need. That you know its possible And this needs include battery charges for those of us you might happen to misplaced our original charger, new and fun technology such as phone sanitizers and cases to fit your personnel style . In 2011 one of our goals are to make sure that anyone that wants to design their case that a particular design that fits their lifestyle or their taste is on our website so That they can choose the design and then we can engraved it and ship it out to you, you know that custom is very very important and finding that unique flare I guess on your phone is very important , and specialy these days everyone has a cell phone and the cell phone industry has boom so much that you know its very important that you have something unique And while styling your latest look on your phone is a great way to express yourself also offers choices for those looking for echo friendly style to protect their technology Because phone are so expensive these days. A lot people want make sure that they protect it Cases are one of our best seller. Anything from silicone cases, plastic cases to even wood cases We even feature wood product for a lot of phone. And it’s exclusive to and for people worrying about ordering online, Karen and her geek crew guarantee you’ll be happy with your order. Our customers can purchase something and if they’re not satisfied with it they can return it to us, With in 30 days. So we make sure a customer can rely on the fact you know they can return it if they don’t like it , so the whole online experience can be a better one Instead of something that you kinda questioned. We want to make sure that customers are completely satisfied.

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  1. MattSm130 says:

    Woo! First viewer! But I can say from experience that those wooden cases break really easily… Mine was worth $30 (I won it) and broke the first time I dropped it from a standing position (I'm near enough 6ft)

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