Spirit of the Living GOD: fall afresh on me…
This is a follow-up word of warning to America,… continuing what was recently and clearly spoken before Congress and the entire nation
in mid-October this year by a brave Christian lady stenographer, Dianne Reidy….. This is THE WORD OF THE LORD for America: “THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD YAHOVAH-Yah ha vah,
The Eternal One, The Mighty One of Israel, WHO IS THE SUPREME GOD & JUDGE of HEAVEN & earth: and HE Is your Judge, America. “AMERICA, YOU ARE PROVOKING MUCH JUDGMENT
very nominal, fake christians, luciferians, and high ranking freemasons. America has become like unto the Beast System ruled by satan
ruled by satan and like unto Mystery Babylon the Great, of which you have been warned before. Most have forgotten GOD and rejected The Light
of the world and the Holy Righteous Word of GOD AND HIS MORAL TRUTH. JUDGMENT, therefore,
standeth at the door. Judgment I say upon America now standeth at
the door.” “Repent, REPENT. for only the repentant and those
TRULY born of My Spirit will be spared and saved from what is soon coming upon the earth.” “let those who have spiritual ears to hear:
HEAR what the Spirit is saying to the seven churches…” Thus ends this prophetic word of warning to America as a nation. that once, for the most part, once served GOD. but now: WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, AMERICA ? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE CHURCH IN AMERICA ? WHERE IS THE HOLINESS, THE RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PURITY OF THAT NATION THAT HAS BEEN CALLED BY MY NAME ?

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  1. Len Hummel says:

    This is five minutes of a Rhema word spoken from a broken heart and grief over what America has become in the last 30 & 40 years. … and yes: JUDGMENT STANDETH AT THE DOOR.

  2. Len Hummel says:

    Make no mistake about it: GOD ALMIGHTY-YAHOVAH-EL Shaddai WILL HAVE HIS WAY WITH AMERICA, ISRAEL, and all the nations in the next few months and years. satan & his cohorts tremble before a word such as this that declares HIS GREAT AND AWESOME TRIUMPH over the nations. * Psalm 2 *

  3. Peter Christoff says:

    Is there any doubt that America is mystery Babylon the Great? Look up the characteristics of the end times Babylon for yourselves in the word brothers and sisters. I really don't think that there is any doubt, and I think that judgement is coming.

  4. Priesthoodagitator says:

    Why doesn't Yah judge  america already? What's taking him so long? People are crying out for judgment. People are crying out for the wicked to be put out of power. Doesn't Yah care about us? 

  5. Len Hummel says:

     *THE SEVERITY OF THESE COMING JUDGMENTS CAN ONLY BE MITIGATED [or diminished] by widespread repentance and turning back to GOD in righteousness AND TRUTH. … The same is true of Judgments & calamities decreed for the U.S. and many other nations that have forgotten GOD, … (or worse) who live in utter hypocrisy, CLAIMING to be 'christian'.*

  6. Jolyn Bradford says:

    I was sleeping and God spoke to me, Judgment is coming.

  7. Psalm 37v4 says:

    Amen my brother….we must be ready and waiting and prepared for the Lord's return!

  8. Brother Carlton says:

    Judgment is falling on the churches all across the world and America especially who is heading up the revolt and rebellion against our Creator God and His Son Jesus Christ. Revelation 13 is being presently fulfilled before our eyes or so it seems as the Dragon (Satan) rises from the sea (nations) and the Beast (ungodly political powers) and false prophet (false church & false religion) join hands against the saints. 
    Most people in the world today have the Mark of the Beast on them and so the wrath of God abides on them.  Get unmarked or prepare to be condemned to hell.  Examine the following:http://themarkofthebeast.com/42us666.shtml
    The Mark of the Beast is paying allegiance and honor to the State wherever you live above God by taking the social security number, driver's license, voter's registration, marriage license, birth certificate etc.  These gov't documents mark you as a corporate fiction created to serve the State rather than Jehovah.  Why aren't professing Christians suffering persecution?  Because they have the marks of the Beast on them.  Get rid of these marks and you'll have a difficult time earning a living and be hated by the State (Beast) but God will provide if you live by faith.  Choose you this day whom you will serve.  You can not serve God and mammon.

  9. Len Hummel says:

    These are the main things to pray about, intercede, and CRY OUT TO GOD for His intervention . . .

    * PRAY to stop the abortion holocaust, … and all of its many attendant evils. PRAY that illegal abortions in Cebu and the Philippines would be prosecuted and eliminated. PRAY that mothers and fathers everywhere would be greatly convicted NOT to abort {kill} their babies.

    * Pray against the "gay" ""marriage"" moral-holocaust that is being pushed as "an agenda" by liberal and ungodly nations.
    * PRAY for the removal of the pro-gay, pro-abortion politicians and judges in every nation.
    * PRAY for true revival and renewal in many churches. PRAY for a revival of holiness unto THE LORD and a purging out of sin, worldliness, and carnality.
    * Pray for conviction, conversion and salvation for those yet outside of Christ and His Kingdom. That the LORD would soon save "…as many as the LORD GOD shall call…"
    * Pray for the salvation of the Jews and Israel.
    * Pray for the salvation of Muslims and the tribes of Ishmael.

    * PRAY for GOD to save and deliver the remnant of Israel and to purge The Land of His enemies, murderers, terrorists and evil-doers.
    * PRAY for Prime Minister Netanyahu and his advisers regarding any upcoming war for the protection and survival of Israel.

    * PRAY that President Aquino and his advisers would NOT vote for the UN to divide Israel and Jerusalem !
    * PRAY that GOD would raise up many prayer-warriors to pray and intercede over these urgent issues.
    * PRAY for GOD to bring true unity & love among the members of the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ. And that there would be a renewal of love for the Truth & Righteousness that honors GOD in Spirit & in Truth.

    IT IS TIME to call for urgent prayer-meetings in homes and in church-sanctuaries. Please do not delay. O LORD ! call your people TO PRAYER & INTERCESSION AS NEVER BEFORE !!!
    Please share this with others.

  10. Len Hummel says:

    TELL ME THIS IS NOT prophetically & symbolically significant:

    video when U.S. flag falls during 2012 London Olympic Ceremony: right at the very moment during the Star Spangled Banner: "and the flag was still there…" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL8rmW6x2W0 … telegraphed "predictive programming." the symbolism is unmistakable.

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