A Ton Of New Details Revealed For Justice League Trilogy

Justice League, we hardly knew ye. Filmmaker, writer, and comic book superfan
Kevin Smith recently revealed on his Fatman Beyond podcast that Zack Snyder’s 2017 film
was meant to be the first in a trilogy — and he also offered up a bunch of juicy details
on the movies that might have been. According to Smith, his inside knowledge is
a result of a visit he paid to the set of the upcoming, Star Wars: Episode IX. During that visit, he had a chance to chat
with a number of unnamed crew members who worked on, as he put it, “[…] both versions
of Justice League.” That refers to both Justice League as it was
originally conceived under Snyder, as well as the reshot and reworked final version overseen
by The Avengers director Joss Whedon. “They called it Justice League when Snyder
was doing it — Zack Snyder. When Joss Whedon came in and took over, they
called it Josstice League.” Whedon took over the production of Justice
League when Snyder was forced to depart, due to a family tragedy. But apparently, Whedon did much more than
just finish the movie — as many fans have long suspected, he also oversaw a dramatic
overhauling of what the movie was about, and what it was building to. Smith asserted on the January 29th episode
of his podcast that Snyder’s version of Justice League was originally meant to build toward
not just one, but rather two sequels. According to Smith, the first movie was meant
to proceed much like the finished version audiences saw in 2017, following the newly-formed
League as they met and fought the New God Steppenwolf. However, the ending of the movie as originally
conceived would have revealed the encounter to be just a prelude to the real fight to
come. Smith asserted that Justice League was originally
supposed to end with a sequence revealing the ultimate villain to be not Steppenwolf,
but rather Darkseid. The heroes would encounter the infamous DC
villain viewing the film’s events through a Boom Tube, a sort of extra-dimensional tunnel
which can be opened with the aid of a Mother Box. “Boom tube opened up, and they saw Darkseid,
and Darkseid saw them.” “Boom tube closes, and that’s the end of
the f——‘ movie.” This would have led directly into a sequel,
in which the Justice League would’ve become aware of the growing threat posed by Darkseid
and his alien minions. According to Smith, the movie would have sent
the Justice League into outer space, taking the fight directly to the intergalactic despot’s
home planet of Apokolips. The second film would have brought in several
of DC Comics’ more cosmic elements, including the Green Lantern Corps, with some version
of Green Lantern himself joining the fight. Apparently, the scene from a Justice League
Comic-Con trailer, which featured Jeremy Irons’ Alfred addressing an unknown person, was meant
to feature the Dark Knight’s butler interacting with Green Lantern. The scene — and the Green Lantern — was
cut from the film when Whedon took over. “He said you’d come. Now… let’s hope you’re not too late.” Smith acknowledged that many have assumed
the scene was meant to involve a revived Superman, but according to the filmmaker’s sources,
that wasn’t always the case. “‘We had green lights that were flashing on
Jeremy Irons to project a green glow.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Because it was Green Lantern.'” According to Smith, the proposed second movie
would have ended on a dark note in the vein of Avengers: Infinity War or The Empire Strikes
Back, with the heroes of the Justice League separated, stranded and otherwise defeated
by Darkseid and his minions. The movie would have ended with Darkseid arriving
on Earth, causing mass destruction and ending the film on a hopeless note. The third movie would have finally shown audiences
the reality of the apocalyptic vision experienced by Bruce Wayne in Batman V. Superman’s strange
“Knightmare” sequence. The trilogy would have ultimately concluded
with the Justice League reunited, returning to Earth to make their final stand against
Darkseid and the armies of Apokolips. Ever since the poor critical performance and
muted box office turnout for Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. has been pivoting away from Snyder’s
vision for the DC movie universe. Many fans were left unsatisfied by how Justice
League ended up turning out, but Smith’s report suggests that there was originally a strong
vision for the project, one which was close to coming to fruition. But since Justice League entered production
so soon after the release of Batman v Superman, course corrections were made on the fly, dramatically
altering the movie from the form it was supposedly meant to take. We may not ever fully know what went on during
the making of Justice League, but every story that’s emerged from the production suggests
a movie that went through wild changes, basically at the last minute. Whether Smith’s account of events is accurate
or not, it’s only more fuel for the fire for fans still demanding that WB “Release the
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100 Responses

  1. Looper says:

    Do you think we'll ever see a "Snyder cut" of Justice League, or some alternate cut that will feature more of Zack Snyder's original conception?

  2. Niko Burton says:

    I’m upset that this madness is continuing! Why did his daughter commit suicide? That’s horrible!!

  3. John Richmond says:

    Well I just saw Aquaman. And it was awesome. Maybe when they get enough solid stand alone movies they can come back to revisit JL again.
    It sad that tragedy struck the original director when it did and he had to step away from the project. But I agree we needed that original cut to make it to screen

  4. Prime Time Clay says:

    I can’t believe people actually think Ben Affleck is a good Batman/Bruce Wayne. He is actually garbage, even for an “older” Batman. That man sucks at acting as Batman 😭😂

  5. chunkeyknight says:

    Joss Whedon ruined the justice league movie!!

  6. Eric Chege says:

    WB just wanted to make a cash cow like Mcu. Greed led them to scrap something original n what Dc fans would have wanted. Instead they wanted to rope in non comic book fans and make a lame mcu copy

  7. Dylan George says:

    BvS was the greatest

  8. Curtis Kaohu says:

    When Snyder had to step out! They should've not release the movie till a year after! Joss Wedon ruined the movie! Snyder's version of the movie would've been more better if waited for a way later release! Wonder Woman and Aquaman are the two best DCEU movies so far! Should've started with origin movies after Man of Steel!

  9. Vinny Atoori says:

    Tooo bad we will never see it

  10. C HAMM says:

    Zak snyder sucks

  11. C HAMM says:

    Wheatonis trash too

  12. iM HaZY says:

    Some people like the last Justice league movie…
    But not us….
    But not us.

  13. Graciela Rivera says:

    When will the Sequels to Justice League, Man Of Steel Aquaman and Shazam happen?

  14. C Rowley says:

    Whedons cut doesn’t change the bad acting, Supes upper lip, the bad CGI, poor writing.

  15. Clark Kent says:

    Stepphenwolf…stupid name for a bad guy of an evil realm. Sounds like a pop album

  16. arian musliovski says:

    This makes me sad

  17. Phresh Ideas + Designs says:

    DC just needed to run its own race and not try to play catch up with Marvel. Do all origin stories first, so we could get invested in the characters. After that you could proceed with a Justice League trilogy.

  18. Majedie says:

    We need a 2,5 hour at least Snyder cut. WB have no idea what they doing. The josstice league need to be a trilogy. More interaction between heroes with each 1 using special skills. Batman with gadgets, Supes and Wonder woman the muscle, cyborg the internet and electronics and flash saves people with his speed and aquaman using seawater power.

  19. Jesse Collins says:

    Zach had plenty of chances and all his movies were hot garbage for the DC. Justice league was definitely my favorite DC movie and it’s the one he quit halfway on. Weird coincidence

  20. Rachel Sanders says:

    That Flash costume is horrendous.

  21. C. LANDIS says:

    Snyders daughters suicide tragic and understandable on why he left at the end… (his wife is also exec producer on all his films)..

    but to get josh w… ALL the directors in the world… it be like Obama doing 7 years and then being like … ok G W. Bush…how bout you finish up just the last 1 year… i mean… you were president for 8 so you know how to do it… soo… why would anyone think that you would want to "finish strong"… G .Bush may have NOO premeditated bad intentions… but your on the other…

    okk noo… better one…ok Tom Brady, how bout for the last 7min of the 4th quarter you play for the Rams… if you win…you still win…


  22. FU DU says:

    sorry to say but ZACK'S DAUGHTER RUINED IT ALL

  23. MoYzes2891 says:

    When is paramount releasing transformers directors cut for 1-5?

  24. gaurav patel says:

    Wow now it all makes sense….. Scenes from bvs and Justice league

  25. Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo says:

    WB did the right thing. Snyder looks like he doesn't know anything about Justice league

  26. Red Pill Nation says:

    So josh killed it…..

  27. The Cosmic Watchers says:

    I don't care. If Joss whedon wasn't there I think that movie would've been more than crap. Because Snyder will be directing the movie with a tragic mind that's unforgettable. But Joss whedon didn't destroy the film. He had to take the responsibility given by wb. And yes, We would've liked the Cameo of Darkseid. But Green lantern and other shit would've destroyed the movie like Bat vs Superman: DOJ. We know and can't deny the fact that Warner Bros. will take the chance to blame anyone if their movie gets blown up by bad critic reviews. It is in their blood. I love both MCU and DCEU but DCEU's script kept changing even previously not just justice league by Joss whedon. DCEU's every movie was bad critic'ked except for Man of steel, aquaman and wonder woman.

  28. AM wayne says:

    3 dogshits ruining iconic characters

  29. sanam511 says:


  30. TreJones80 says:

    Awww I would have loved to see this trilogy :(.

  31. Robert Syer says:

    this triolgy sounds epic

  32. B. K. Brawler says:

    There were shit ton of cuts and changes made particularly by the new director but somehow 'snyder cut doesn't exist' seriously some 'critics' are more like crybabies than actual opinion makers

  33. ASS KRAKAN says:


  34. Jay Acox says:

    This would have been absolutely positively fucking excellent!!!

  35. Xtreme Gamer says:

    But it's not happening

  36. MTavish 41 says:

    I've seen a lotta people saying JL is bad BVS was so good..then another guy saying BVS was as bad as JL as nothing made sense as per the hero's MO especially Batman killing and all.See, here's the thing..
    JL sucks
    BVS (ultimate cut) was just awesome it was a visual spectacle and atmospheric. (aside from matha scene and Lex casting). And for those who are saying Batmans action didn't make sense. U should realise that this version of Batman is old and it's said in movie itself that 20 years have passed of him as Batman so ,what happened in those 20 years is unknown to us. What I think is that all these plotholes were made intentionally and everything is going to be explained in a future prequel which now we know is supposed to be "The Batman". So I think in that movie he's still following his code of "No killing" but Joker ends up outright killing Robin in the end which makes Batman lose his mind (Or jokers talk makes him lose it) and all hope. Then he doesn't go by Justice but with vengeance like the Batmark in BVS , killing and showing no intention of Saving bad guys lives…all this and then comes Superman but Batman still going with the killing hence y he makes spear to outright killing superman. then BVS event happens and sups proves himself and Batman coming to sense and feeling guilty for sups deadth. (And this also kinda throws light to Superman's S symbols which stands for Hope ,like giving bats hope..) which is y then he recruits members and forms JL.

    But here's the thing which I don't get.. The movie Justice league entirely. It just kinda stumbles on the plot every minute. Suddenly Batman becomes so dumb and starts cracking jokes and what not . Total break of the character from BvS , I mean I guess u can say he's changed but meh, the Batman was felt so outta character and so useless in the movie. So many dumb things in JL which hardly makes sense at all.

  37. Nathan Wall says:

    Joss ruined it

  38. Daniel Volosin says:

    I want that cut ALONG with the original vision for suicide squad and scenes that were cut which are STILL being shown in its trailer…

  39. Maharajasala says:

    If WB gave Zack Synder no restrictions on doing these movies, I think they would've been so much better. Possibly on par with Avengers if not better? Zack Synder really wanted to go more adult orientated, and dark. I think WB wanted it to be more kid friendly?

  40. Manual Batt says:

    Sounds horrible

  41. scottie storch says:

    DC animated content >>> DCEU

  42. Soprano910 says:

    Just goes to show you, Warner Bros have no idea what they are doing. Just give it up… its embarrassing how this studio has made these movies and ruin such a classic comic book series.

  43. Kķn_D : says:

    meh look like making a lot of excuses after premises of avenger infinity / endgame

  44. javy sto says:

    Old News

  45. Jolly Wanker Productions says:

    Darkseid is going come, eventually..

  46. Giovanny Ramirez says:

    WB should have The Flash to go back in time and create Flashpoint Paradox were he erases the Joshtice League, which then results in a Snyder Cut release (of course they now have to add parts where Barry Alan knows he screwed up). Then proceed with the next 2 films.

    And for God sakes give us MoS2 and Batman. How are we getting Wonder Woman 2 before Batman 1?!

  47. David Macias says:

    One big thing that didn't work well for the Justice League was that we were introduced to a lot of the team during the movie, similar to suicide squad in that way. The Avengers movie have the extra strength of starring characters we know through all of their own movies. I also really didn't like Superman at the end, he felt fake. He felt like what we think Superman should be, not an actual character. "Well, I believe in truth. But I'm also a big fan of Justice." That's just not something you'd say at a point like that.

  48. Johann Reyes says:

    Why?! Damn i want to see those movies…. Why Dc? 🙁

  49. Jordan Karavasilis says:

    Why doesn't Kevin Smith write a script for a DC Film?

  50. Roger Garcia says:

    This world doesn't deserve dc movies 🙁

  51. Hrish Lively says:

    Such an unfortunate thing… I love Justice League from childhood, I would have loved the Synder's cut. Still, I love this movie 🙂

  52. grlz4 says:

    Please Warner Please the Snyder Cut…….PLEASE!

  53. Victor Vargas says:

    damn I want to thank joss whedon for messing up my childhood to adulthood . I been a fan of d.c for so long been dying for a movie and they do this to me.   damn you wb. and joss whedon   dammmmm you lol….

  54. Vandal Savage says:

    Joss Whedon took the ideas of the justice league trilogy and made infinity war. The facts are out there literally.

  55. Captain Athens says:

    all this because of one suicide 🙁

  56. Faizi Kazmi says:

    Justice League was a good movie screwed by Warner Bros.

  57. erriwibowo says:

    Critics destroyed Justice League.

  58. Vincent Robles says:


  59. Animated Heroes says:

    Oh what could’ve been :/

  60. Justin Curtis says:

    new justice league sucks

  61. HA-R00N FA-HA says:

    The highest damage was done on Batman!

  62. Elijah Conger says:

    Can someone please explain to me why film critics were willing to wait TEN YEARS for Infinity War to explain why there was a big purple guy sitting around in space and a bunch of glowing rocks showing up in Marvel's movies, but couldn't wait for ONE MOVIE (Justice League) to see how Snyder would tie up loose ends like the Knightmare sequence without tearing BvS apart?! It was just as obvious that Snyder was building up Darkseid as it was that the MCU was building up the Infinity Gauntlet. Critics conveniently forget the very concept of cinematic payoff when it comes to DC. The Snyder Cut might be the Justice League we need, but to all the people out there who have persecuted the DCEU since its beginning, Josstice League is the only movie YOU deserve.

  63. Hugo King says:

    Thanks a lot WB for fucking up the greatest collection of super heroes.

  64. David Johnson says:

    Just cancel the universe, reboot Superman, hire the crew from Marvel and BOOM!

  65. Jim M says:

    Yeah whatever. The meta-snyder era is already better.

  66. Once Upon A Porn says:

    They did cut like an hour from the movie cuz wb wanted to keep the movie under 2 hours. It could've been a good movie instead of just scenes slapped together

  67. penguin squad says:

    D.C will never get it right, sad cause I'm a fan……

  68. Bill Holt says:

    Okay… More proof the whole DC Universe is FUBAR garbage. Can it be fixed? Not sure I want to “stay-tuned”. I feel more like saying, “Whatever!”

  69. Justin Torres says:

    I'm willing to act like BVS and Justice League never happened. Man of Steel, Wonder Woman and Aquaman would've been an amazing way to start.

  70. ȡέέή - ςħάάķ says:

    Is there any news about justice league-2

  71. Bernard Bunuan says:

    Well that's sad. Years ago I posted the idea that the Justice League would try to invade Apokalips and end up trapped there. But that was simply a prelude for a Teen Titans movie to replace the Justice League. My idea was the film be a DCEU take on Red Dawn (1984) where the Teen Titans form as a guerilla team to fight against Darkseid's occupation of Earth. With the Teen Titans established as DCEU's new super team they can slowly introduce other character films. The Justice League were never to be seen again because it would be revealed they all died on Apokalips. When I can nearly anticipate what the filmmakers' plans are is a clear sign they're running out of good ideas.

  72. Chamorrita Jaz says:

    I have all the superheros clothes from each one ☺️ I AM SO MUCH OF A JUSTICE LEAGUE FREAK😆

  73. Kevin Gonzalez says:

    Update on the flash movie???

  74. Chris Williams says:

    Sadly it's just a "would have" now…

  75. jumong Young says:

    This is very tiring. I don’t care about DCEU/Warner because they ruined everything for DC fans and leave a lot of fans scratching their heads. The million dollars question, what could’ve happened if Snyder trilogy has made? Or just the Snyder justice league movie instead of Joss Whedon. I haven’t watched any DC movies since justice league because I was so disappointed in the movie.

  76. Gona Rimba says:

    they use Darkseid and they will completely fail… coause they will give us the same teste of infinity wars

  77. Gona Rimba says:

    they use Darkseid and they will completely fail… coause they will give us the same teste of infinity wars

  78. Don Wilson says:

    That's really sad did I thought the Justice League was really good the only thing that I didn't like about it was it should have been a three-hour movie because you had a lot of actors in there and a lot of superheroes pulling at each other's parts the movie should have been longer but now do the fact did you got Superman out of the picture now in the end Batman out how is there going to be any more movies people are going to get tired of seeing new Superman's a new Batman's every movie people are not going to go and watch that I know I won't

  79. Troy Scholz says:

    I want to DCEU to take over MCU

  80. Jack Dolinger says:

    Okay. On an honest note, I loved Justice League. I loved the version we got and I didn't exactly care to see the Snyder Cut. But learning about this story, learning that we would have seen Darkseid and Green Lantern. Now I'm gonna say it for the very first time. RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT!!!!!

  81. Michael Duffy says:

    They should do a theatrical release of the Snyder Cut in select theatres outside of North America on the heels of Aquaman. If it doesn't do well, no big deal.

  82. Joe Mullin says:

    LOL that scene is where he is talking to Superman. As shows in the Blue Ray version.

  83. Joe Mullin says:

    Bad box office? It made a billion dollars lol

  84. Art Vasch says:

    "Another youtube uploader talked about all this stuff that we're telling you now, so subscribe to us instead of them"

  85. Louis Tayler says:

    wait if they had a scene with green lantern then who played him???

  86. Christian Javier Carrizo says:

    JL could have been one the best superheroes film ever… BUT the studio rushed too soon to release the film in order defeat Marvel..and that was their huge mistake..and then everything went from wrong to worst.. They should listen to the fans more often.. I still don't know what happened to the director when he saw Henry Cavill's moustache so wrong covered..😕

  87. john delacruz says:

    This is all interesting. But this is just useless. We'll never really actually know for sure. we should have long moved on

  88. Miguel Valle says:

    I love hearing smith breakdown movie scenes i swear!

  89. Miguel Valle says:

    WB/DC are always rushing productions and their unwillingness to delay launching them so that they could deliver a more cohesive product, has resulted in an unimpressive failure of conflicting tones and undeserved character developments.

  90. Brad Aldy says:

    However much I would LOVE to see Zack’s version become a reality, the “Snyder Cut” was never finished completely AND as said here only 1 film of a suspected trilogy, that will sadly never be realized. So why even want to see it? It’s OVER. DONE, it’s sad and a wasted opportunity and as bad as I hate to say it, stick a fork in it and move on

  91. B W says:

    Joss Whedon arrived and destroyed the justice league. He made into one movie only. Full of silly jokes

  92. Randy Allen says:

    This would have been epic to see

  93. Movienewz.com says:

    "Muted box office turn out of Batman v Superman:

    Dawn of Justice"? BVS made $873 million worldwide. That's more than Marvel's first two films 'Iron Man' and 'The Incredible Hulk' combined.

  94. UKpowerunleashed says:

    I am just sad.

  95. Triford Kay says:

    Did Josh screw over the DC?

  96. A T says:

    Civil War= BvS
    Justice League= Infinity War
    3rd film= Endgame

    That's what you get WB for trying to go the Marvel route. They used your own script lol

  97. Allen Robinson says:

    It's a movie… People thrashing movie don't help. Can't trash DC they would f up marvel, that's why there is criticism

  98. Eddy Charles says:

    A few questions I’d appreciate anyone helping me out with. If Justice League 2 was supposed to end with Darkseid taking over earth, would they have still fit in other DCEU movies between JL 2 and 3? Was Superman supposed be the villain for the whole trilogy until JL 3? And also, was the Injustice League (Luthor, Deathstroke and other villains teaming up) ever part of Snyder’s plan?

  99. Aashish Pandey says:

    I would like to inform you that it is not Batman versus Superman. IT IS * Batman V Superman *
    Thank you.

  100. tonybcamara says:

    I would love to have seen this version. Have a Man of Steel before Justice League 2 then have a Man of Steel 3 after justice League would have been great

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