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  1. David Hoggwash says:

    Fuck CNN.

  2. ParkAvenue28 says:


    Biggest FAKE NEWS lineup of any network by far: Tapper, Cuomo, Lemon, Cooper, Jones, Zakaria, etc.

  3. susan wright says:

    at the end of the day the public are the supreme court !!!

  4. Jacob Hansen says:

    Trump made some great picks!

  5. LCarlTBM x says:

    Fuck Trump!

  6. Brannigan Donnybrook O'Ire says:

    It's Gonna Look A Lot Better Shortly!!

  7. King Cobalt says:

    CNN is fake news. Do you guys really trust this network? This is the same news network that used a screen from the video game Fallout to show us that Russia hacked the election, which of course is not true! This is the same network that spent 2 weeks of Trump's 2005 lewd comments and barely anything about Wikileaks exposing the corruption behind the DNC and Hillary. Chris Cuomo said "its illegal to read Wikileaks" and you must learn it from the media! They said absolutely nothing when Obama banned Iraq refugees for 6 months and when he bombed 7 Muslim countries! They are complaining about Trump restricting immigration from the Middle East! Give me a break!

  8. Cute Little Suzie says:

    We know about the vacant seat. No one wants an Obama appointee. I can only guess it would be a binary transexual that is both a communist and a socialist with a muslim religious background. FAKE NEWS!!! Go away!!!

  9. Wormhole Times says:

    Even SC judges evolve and can change their tendencies… Despite the bubbles and bursts, Progressives will always win in the end.

  10. lab rat says:

    CNN is un-American,, they would rather see us fall than support OUR president

  11. Sockie Socko says:

    A CNN look? Well that will be a fake look. Tee hee.

  12. Zep Tepi says:

    Look at the freaks they choose to boss us around, holy shit.

  13. Night Owl says:

    Republicans blocked Obama for 10 months to fill this position. Hope they rot in hell.

  14. LordReign says:

    all these judges who approved the same sex marriage will one day be held accountable of their sin

  15. Sage Bias says:

    CNN discuses the skin color and genitals of the members of the supreme court but fails to mention anything about their jurisprudence or judicial philosophy. This is why nobody respects you CNN. Please DO YOUR JOB.

  16. Steve Jones says:

    time to grow backbone and secure the country for the next generation

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