A COURT OF MIST & FURY & TEXAS | Summer Vlog ☀️ Part 1

Wow, and Hannah just got a free plate. You know how it be… Your life is just full of privilege, isn’t it? I was not prepared to be scalped! What a coincidence that you get the free pancake and the two women of color on this table had to pay for their food. Hmmmmm HMMMMM [Intro Music] I am at the airport right now waiting for my flight to go to Texas. While I’m gonna be spending my week there I will be reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas This bitch is like 600 pages long so I figured that I would just try to power through as much as I can during my flight. I have just started it. I’m on chapter 2 right now, and basically what I can say so far is that the main character, Feyre, is dealing with some PTSD because she’s getting flashbacks from all the events that had occurred in the first book. She’s getting nightmares. She’s like, “Oh my god I can’t believe like I went through all of that shit and I saw so many horrible things and I’m so traumatized right now. And I’m like, Bitch. Me too? the fuck. I’m gonna try to see if I can read a huge chunk of it during the plane ride so I could just get it over with as fast as possible. [Music] Just landed in Forth Worth, Texas, and I’m waiting for my friend to swing by and pick me up but I wanted to update that I finished the entire book of A Court of Mist and Fury (all 600 pages!) on the two flights that I went on. The only reason why I was able to finish it all so quickly is because like, you know when you’re being tortured and you just want to get it over with as quickly as possible or like you want to just rip off the band-aid? That’s basically how it was. So, I just kind of powered through it. Honestly, I’m probably not gonna read the third book cuz this was just… a lot. Like, I can’t even make any stupid jokes about it because like I literally didn’t care about anything I don’t think there was like a single thing about this book that I cared about, at all. Like I didn’t care about the background stories or the characters or the world-building. I wish I had like a funnier reaction to the books but I literally don’t give a shit. The way that people hyped up about this book made it seem like it was gonna be this trashy erotica, but honestly there were only too smutty scenes at the end of the book. The majority of it was just a very like— Oh my god! You caught me in my shame. Oh my god Hi! [muffled] Melody: The power I feel right now [Muffled] Cindy: The Shame I landed in Texas and I got picked up by my friend, Melody, who doesn’t want to be on camera at the moment. You’ve seen all the embarrassing parts of me. So me talking to a camera is just like old news to you at this point. Cindy: Oh it’s fine! and plus, like, I was raised on Youtube culture I know how it works to say like, Hey Guys! Cindy: That makes me feel so much better. You’re used to the obnoxiousness. I wanted to pop in and give an update that I ended up reading the entire book of A Court of Mist and Fury. My original intention was that I would be reading this book throughout the week so that I could show my adventures in Texas while giving my ongoing impressions of the book but this shit was just so painful to get through that I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible so I ended up plowing through the entire book during the plane rides just so that I could get it over with faster. I ended up reading it two stars. I don’t see anything appealing about this book. I can understand that people might think that this book is better than the first one because the main character is showing a little bit more agency and certain tropes are reversed so it kind of deviates from like the stereotypical Beauty and the Beast plotline that you’re used to but that doesn’t mean that it was done well or that—oh shit! [Laughter] Melody: Do you have it on a timer or something?! Melody: It is your brand!
Cindy: True. Melody: They’ll love it. They’ll laugh it up. Cindy: Oh shit This book ain’t that even special. I understand the intention of trying to make her a badass character and flipping the original story to be something more original but I don’t think it was even original like I feel like the development was very obvious, very on the nose. It doesn’t have much nuance. It was like very in-your-face about how feminist this character suddenly was. And on top of that I feel like it came at the sacrifice of another character by making him such a caricature in order to turn him into a villain. The dialogue is basically… I would say 90% of is Feyre asking a question and then the other fairies would answer her question in the form of a huge ass monologue that would span over pages and pages. It was just telling instead of showing that was my main problem with it and why it was so boring because all their monologues were just an excuse to tell the exposition of the story to tell the world-building to tell the background stories of the characters without actually showing it and I think I would be fine with that if I cared about any of those things, but I don’t so it was just extremely boring. Everyone hyped it up to be like this trashy, erotica book where there’s like tons of nasty sex scenes or whatever, but honestly, there were like only two sex scenes towards the end of the book. I was kind of interested in those scenes, but it was like only two chapters and other than that it was just a very boring fantasy story. Don’t see the appeal. I’m only rating this to stars because I rated the first book two stars and I don’t know if this is like any better or worse than the first book I feel like I disliked it more than the first book, but maybe it’s because when I read the first book I still saw the potential in it and now that light has just died in me. When I fly back to home from Texas I might try to plow through the third book if I feel like hating myself. I don’t think that I will have anything like entertaining or funny to say about these books because I just don’t even care enough about it to make any jokes or think of any jokes. Okay, so my friend and I are now gonna grab dinner and go to Target, right? Melody: Go to target, yeah! Yes, we’re gonna a target run and we’re basically gonna try to act like a domestic lesbian couple in the middle of conservative, Texas. So I think it should end really well, especially with my haircut! By the way, here’s my suitcase with all of the books that I packed with me except for this motherfucker right here. During my plane right back to home I could probably read either this book if I hate myself or maybe like these two books combined. I don’t know. We’ll see. Cindy: Wow, you’re so considerate! Melody: I just want you to do your very best! Cindy: You’re like, this vlog better fucking make money. Cindy: Bruh look at that rainbow! Texas is gay!
[Melody laughs] [Music] Cindy: We found a defect cover of King of Scars, because if you look at the naked covers they all have this beautiful design underneath and then we have Nothing! Okay update. Turns out that it does have the cover, we were just looking at it backwards. But- but that means, that means that it was put on wrong, right? Anyway, I want to fix it because it’s my duty as a booktuber [Music] We just had a double-double deep talk at In-and-Out I figured in this portion of the vlog we can explain why I am in Texas and who the hell are you? and why are we here in this strange car in the middle of this In-and-Out parking lot? I’m basically in Texas because I wanted to visit melody for the week, and Melody’s actually my first-ever online friend and actually the first ever person that I told about my booktube channel.
Melody: Correct. Leading up to even starting the booktube channel when I was contemplating it I was actually texting you being like hey, I think I might start a channel about books but I don’t know if I should they’ll make me a real fucking loser. You just encouraged me to do it anyway. I didn’t tell anybody about it you literally you were the only person I ever told about my channel willingly, like that I consented to. Cindy: I think everybody else just found out by accident, right?
Cindy: Yeah. Yeah Melody: Just like, it just kept happening? I mean as my channel grew bigger like other people found out but I never told them. You are the only person I felt comfortable to tell it to because we have been friends for like eight years and we met from my tumblr blog back when I had a tumblr dedicated to the Ouran High School Host Club Live-action Drama which was a very low-budget drama that was based on the anime. And so we were basically both fucking nerds in high school that were really into the anime and the manga and the drama.
Melody: Way too into. Like I used to spend like my middle school and high school days like crying over it. Like if there was an emotional scene, I would cry over it. I’m pretty sure you cried over it, too. Melody: Oh, of course! Wasn’t your first message to me like about how much Ouran means to you? So the reason that we met is because as soon as I found her- —I was gonna save vlog— her blog that she made.
Cindy: Yeah now you’re in the vlog Now I’m in the vlog but back then it was a blog I felt so moved that somebody would create something like this for Ouran which meant so much to me and still does that I send like this super really long message through like tumblr messenger to her and I sent it like three times before I finally sent this message that was like did you get my first message? and you replied to me that you didn’t Then I like submitted it through like a post submission and that’s when— it was like, it was a stupidly long ridiculously emotional message that should have probably creeped you out and like, you know maybe run for the hills but instead it trapped you into being my friend, for like almost eight- nine years now and so… What’s crazy is that if you had just given up on sending me that message to make sure that I saw it then we would have never talked and we would not even be here right now which is like so crazy to think about because usually people would be like, oh this person must be ignoring me. Yeah. Yeah.
No, I didn’t get— Cindy: You want to have the truth? I actually was ignoring you.
Melody: Oh My God. I’m just kidding! I really didn’t get the message. I mean, I replied to like every YouTube comment so.
Meldy: No, you did! I always try to reply to comments so,
Melody: From the beginning. That’s why you were the only person I ever told about my booktube channel because you’ve already seen all the loser shit and embarrassing bullshit I’ve ever done like since almost a decade ago.
Melody: Right. So starting a channel about books is like very lenient compared to On a scale of the shit you’ve done it- it could have been worse. Yeah, so that’s basically context for why we are here together and it’s my first time in Texas, too. She’s forgetting to film because we’re enjoying time together. Yeah. I tried not to film the whole time like I’ll film like some establishing shots And then we’ll just talk and like I’ll put it away so we can talk Speaking of putting the camera away so we can talk, that is what I’m gonna do now. You gotta do like the, Oh, really? Oh god. Okay.
Melody: Do it. Smack it down though. [Laughter] Hello it is Sunday. We have gotten dressed to go to lunch! And Melody looks very cute today! sponsored by forever 21 Just kidding. I fucking wish. While she was getting ready I was working on some bookstagram pictures because I’m doing a sponsored post with glasses USA incidentally, my workplace had a green-screen station set up so I took advantage of that. I’m gonna crop it a little bit so it shows both the books, to be relevant to my bookstagram, as well as the glasses so that I can get my coin. Green screen has been fun I usually don’t really play around with it but on Photoshop you basically just kind of, yeah, look now, I’m purple, but I had to mask it out so that myself wouldn’t turn any different color? This layer here is just to change the green screen background to be like the same orange color as what I’m trying to go for here. Speaking of bookstagram, I am also gonna be. Oh wait, let me get my hello kitty pyjamas out of the way. I have to figure out what books to bring today, so that I can also take more bookstagram photos. Since we are getting brunch at a place called Yolk maybe I can bring like, yeah, more yellow covers like these two.
Melody: Yes. Yellow. And I did not read any new book because I think I need to take a mental break after her Sarah J Maas scarred me. Just Kidding. She didn’t even Scar me. I wish she did I wish she scarred me so I could have felt something [Music] Melody: Oh!
Cindy: Oh my gosh this turned out so cute! Melody: I love it!
Cindy: Cute. Melody: We are adorable though.
Cindy: Yeah, we are. There’s like a little twinkle in my eye. [Music] We’re going to Babe’s Chicken Diner to meet with Hannah from Snow White reader and Rhiannon from Crescent Moon Reads. So it’ll be fun to meet the two of them for me, I mean for all of us for the first time. But those two I have pretty much, met them since the beginning of when I started booktube as well so it’s nice to kind of see my OG friends. I did not read any books last night I’m pretty sure I would not be reading anything this week because I’m just so tired and I’m too busy traveling and hanging out, but I’m still doing bookish stuff because I am taking a lot of bookstagram photos and I think that’s more relevant to booktube anyway, because we don’t actually care about reading all we care about is the aesthetics So I am just being on brand with booktube. Also, melody is looking super cute today.
Melody: Stahp, Jesus. Seriously, I love this dress. I want to show the cute earrings too because I feel like the pearls- the pearls matched with her dress, too. And these were the earrings that I gave her from the Ana Luisa sponsorship but I don’t want to like talk too much about Ana Luisa because they’re not sponsoring this so I do not want to give them their coin.
Melody: No more!
Cindy: Yeah, no more That’s about all that I can say about it. Basically she looks very cute today. We are both the two straightest women ever, but we kind of look like, you know, the butch and femme couple. I got like, you know, the butch haircut and you’re just very feminine and so we look like a very strange combination Melody: Perfect combination.
Cindy: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. Melody: You ready?
Cindy: Yes. Let’s go. Melody: —like three minutes early, oh my god go me. Cindy: Yeah go you, dude Cindy: Driving fast. Caring for no speed limit. Cindy: I guess I should also message them and be like actually we’re gonna be a little bit earlier [Music] Hannah from Snow White Reader Rhiannon from Crescent Moon Reads all the links will be in the description so that you guys will get the clot. This trip is just handing clot to everybody. Rhiannon: I try. I’m like, “I’ll link you in the description!” But.. Hannah: We don’t know! [Singing along to musicals] [Hannah saying something muffled] Hi Hannah. Oh, Hi! Rhiannon: We’re getting dog-vlogged. Cindy: Yes. Dog-vlogged. Hannah: Hi!
Rhiannon: Hi! —and we will vote for which one is the top for each of us and then let the audience- Cindy: Oh! We’ll have, oh I know ok. yeah yeah exactly exactly Hannah: Wow
Cindy: Why do you kink shame? Cindy: Why are you running for me? The three of us just finished filming three collab videos and we were all very sweaty because that was the most cardio that we have done in a while. Wait, what the fuck is that? Oh my god, it’s a wild Rhiannon. Cindy: Wait where’d they go Rhiannon: Welcome to the trees. Cindy: Rhiannon just speaking to the trees not a cellphone in sight, except for the one I’m wearing right now. We’re also in Hannah’s backyard and she got money. She got money somebody, you know, get married to her. I mean her parents got money Hannah: But I mean, they’ll pay for the wedding. I’ll be the brother that’s not your brother so I can get that hookup That is an inside joke to one of the videos that we filmed. So I’m I’m excited to see all three of them because I feel like they were— oh sorry, I should I should have all you three Hannah: They’re all unique in their own way.
Cindy: All three of the videos were really fun to film. Rhiannon: I’m excited.
Hannah: Yeah! We are gonna go drive back to see Melody and grab dinner so. Yeah. [Music] Cindy: Now we are at a very fancy dinner at IHOP Waiter: I got this one extra. Do you want it? Hannah: Yeah!
Cindy: Wow! Wow and Hannah just got a free plate.
Hannah: You know how it be. Cindy: Your life is just full of privilege, isn’t it? Hannah: I was not prepared to be scalped! What a coincidence that you get the free pancake and the two women of color on this table- [Laughter from the table]
-had to pay for their food. Hmmm. HMMMM [Laughter]

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