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  1. Constantino AnimEfx says:

    WTF, Saitama from One Punch here at 1:40.

  2. Darqueness says:

    The remark of Flash not getting cut isn't accurate. Original group had Jay Garrick as the original Flash, the revised group had Barry Allen, completely different person. Similar issue with the Human Torches but many others pointed that out already.

  3. Luis Valle says:

    A lot of the things mentioned made me appreciate more Watchmen

  4. caitlyn who r u says:

    2 MORE DAYS!!!!

  5. RialVestro says:

    Bonus this you didn't know… probably… which they never mention in the video… There has already been a Justice League movie. It has the Flash, Guy Gardner/Green Lanturn, Martian Manhunter, and some other characters you've probably never heard of. Oh and Weather Wizard is the main villain of the movie. It's terrible, Guy Gardner is for some inexplicable reason not an ass hole, Martial Manhunter is not afraid of fire and at one point turns into another super hero who's main super power is fire. I think it was made back in the 80's cause the whole movie is just full of 80's cheese. It's kinda like the Reb Brown Captain America movies in that it's so terrible with it's cheesyness and inaccuracies that it's laughably bad so you still can enjoy it despite how terrible it is. Unlike the new Justice League movie which I'm pretty sure will just cause nerd rage. Not entirely sure without seeing it but based off the other movies in DC's cinematic universe, things aren't looking good. They've had two terrible movies, one with split reviews, and one actual good movie (Thank you Wonder Woman) So I'm kinda Expecting Justice League to be a complete mess.

  6. _Ndrakevh _ says:

    anyone else prefer Martian Manhunter over Cyborg?

  7. Zarina A113 says:

    With the current horror trend, I'd actually love to see a JL movie where they fight Starro. They'd definitely make him a creepy mind controlling slime monster thing like *insert any of the freaky film creatures you can think of here*. It would be like superhero horror film and that sounds downright fantastic. I think they might do that since DC is dark like that.

  8. NightMenace says:

    7 things you didn't know about the Justice League – spends half of the time talking about Marvel.

  9. Zac CC says:

    You guys should do taxi driver by Martin Scorsese

  10. 7mnee 3 says:

    No one gives a fuck, they flopped after batman vs superman and flop squad, marvel all the way bb

  11. Densanity says:

    Pause at 5:53 and thank me later

  12. Mason McDixon says:

    I hope the movie is reallllllly good , i was disapointed that they had not used the originals like MM and GL and seams superdude is not in it much …as it is the begining but hey the team as changed all the time so we will see

  13. Vegetarian Soylent-Green says:

    Harkening back to the George Miller thing: I think one problem DC's had with their films (with all due respect) is that they keep using Zack Snyder to make almost all of them:

    One of the reasons I liked many of the lead-up films to the Avengers was that they were all kind of unique in style (not so much in plot though): because they all had different directors. They would've gotten kind of tiresome if Joss Whedon did every single film, nothing would feel fresh and characters would end up feeling less unique.

    Even then, on the rare occasions when DC's had directors other than Zack Snyder; they're not always well-known or very experienced (at least not After Man of Steel was made).

    Which wouldn't be that much of a problem (as problematic as it sounds): Except they all seem like they're being forced to copy Zack Snyder on some level, which won't work because:

    A) Why have someone try to Copy Snyder when you already have Snyder, who can do it better?

    And B) Any raw talent that director had is wasted as they are unable to apply their own individual artistic style.

    Meanwhile, Marvel is still getting different directors for each film, looking towards those who are already big names like Jon Favreau, Kenneth Brannagh, Edgar Wright (even though he didn't end up working with them), Taika Waititi and many more.

    They just need to step outside of their comfort zone a little, but with a whole foot, not a toe. It may be a little late for them to have Miller's Justice League: but definitely try to get him back for a different film and give him creative freedom.

    Also they need to think about their casting choices a bit better; I think Ben Affleck did pretty good as Batman, Gal Gadot did really good as Wonder Woman, Henry Cavil was a great Superman and Margot Robbie was a great Harley Quinn (and other people have had vastly different opinions about these four) but…

    …Jared Leto isn't the Joker, as much as I love the stud, because I know he can act but something was off there.

    More to the point: giving him tatts and grilles just deviated from his essence: the Joker is a homicidal clown, not an Instagram gangster.

    I'm all for different adaptations and I appreciate them trying new things; but don't kowtow to big trends, if you don't completely understand the characters yet: don't make feature-length films about them.

    I mean: I don't remember Leto's Joker even making a single Joke.

    Sorry, I know people work hard on these films, that's just my two cents.

  14. Ayby17 says:

    Just seen it. It was good. Way better than all the previous movies (not hard to beat them since they all kinda suck).

  15. GLeeM says:

    If we don't get a Martian Manhunter in the dceu I swear to god…

  16. wholetruthy says:

    Star Spangled Kid is awesome !

  17. Dex Peck says:

    So sad the movie sucked

  18. Joe pwrsurge says:

    I thought this list was going to be about the new movie, not baseball and weird characters. Suck.

  19. No TV Cinema says:

    The movie was okay. It's not anything I would want to watch a lot. I know I wouldn't buy a copy of it.

  20. dragonsangel7777 says:

    Hammer as Batman, kinda like that.

  21. Mr. G Dean says:

    Hey guys, what is the certificate behind Stan @https://youtu.be/dW4Wez35Ebg?t=5m16s? It's in latin and hard to read. @CineFix ? Looks like a freemasonry certificate.

  22. ShadoeFax says:

    Y'all know dam well they couldn't wait to use Barry Allen clip when they said "stick around for our next 2"

  23. Emperor Palpatine says:

    They should do Ferris buellers day off

  24. AngryT M says:

    @cinefix due Howard The Duck

  25. GLJohn Stewart says:

    Jessica Biel would have been a terrible Wonder Woman anyway. She is a bad actress.

  26. KS says:

    Here are 7 things i descovered AFTER seeing Justice League……..1. They Fucked up Wonder Woman big time. Wonder Woman is a superhero who is pretty much as strong as Superman. In this movie she is a damsel in distress who has to be saved not once not twice but 4 fucking times by the others. Oh and her superstrength is reduced to fighting with a shield and a sword…..*golf clap* WAY to go, and good job fucking up the best female superhero……..2. BAAAAAD CGI SUPERMAN……..yeah don't need to say anything else about that…it's…just…………..WTF3. Ben Affleck SUCKS as batman but does a pretty good Bruce Wayne……kinda suprised by that4. Most of the comedy in the movie actually worked. The Flash and Aquaman has the best comedy bits.5. The music is AWESOME, I love hans Zimmer, but Denny Elfmann is so crazy with his scores6. Zack Snyder is WORSE than Michael Bay.7. Aquaman was the BEST part of the movie. Overall the movie SUCKS and i really really hope that the people at WB and DC starts to wake up and figure out that letting Zack Snyder do superhero movies = FAIL…. score: 4,5/10

  27. Gabe V says:

    Martian Manhunter was my favorite character as a kid when I watched the animated series from the 90s. I’d love to see him on the big screen

  28. The Bronze Age of DC Comics says:

    Australia pulled Miller's tax credit due to public outcry concerning the Iraq War and subsequent anti-American furor.

  29. Cap'n Mo says:

    2:12 – Not according to Julie Schwartz, the editor at DC at the time. According to Schwartz (see DC Comics Secret Origin documentary), he hated the word ‘society’. He said it sounded like an old ladies group. ‘League’, to Schwartz, sounded more heroic, something the readers would want to part of. So he changed it.

  30. Tushar Raj says:

    I bet Starro would have been a better choice than Steppenwolf.

  31. Claire B says:

    I loved Mad Max wish I saw his version of Justice League!

  32. Flash 213212 says:

    I️ have brave and the bold 28

  33. carlosrvra says:

    Brain controlling starfish?! Like in that Batman Beyond ep where he saves the future Justice League?!?! Holy s**t! I didn't even know that was a callback 😮😮😮😁👍

  34. jmwoodiii1978 says:

    Not excited at all about JLA movie.

  35. Frozen Stag says:

    Wait they had the guy who did fury road and didnt have him make it the fuck?!

  36. Cuteyhoney94 says:

    I saw the movie and I liked it. Though I have been hearing people say that its better than the first Avengers movie and for me personally I don't see it but hey that's just me.Though I do recommend people to see the movie.

  37. woodchuck 00 says:

    Just want to point out The Human Torch from the All Winners team is not the same as Jonny Storm from the Fantastic 4. Its the orginal Human Torch (Johnny is the second) who is an android.

  38. Joseph says:

    Animal house

  39. Chef Dean says:

    Yarp . . . That didn't go well . . .

  40. PeachesforMe says:

    Honestly. I really enjoyed the movie, Justice League.

    I felt it demonstrated what a team is supposed to be. It was magnitudes more team-like than Marvel's Avengers. I loved seeing joint action; At almost no point in this movie is only one super hero doing something, it's usually 2 or more Superheroes working together on any given problem.

    Even when Superman shows up, he's attack Steppenwolf with the League not besides it…. Fucking Model agency known as the Avengers.

  41. berk arslan says:

    Wait. You said before you impulse buy, wait for the last two, like you were going to give one away. What a stiff. I'm impulse buying

  42. Fatima Aziz says:

    "His superpower apart from asexual reproduction"- Am I the only one who cracked up at this part? 😂

  43. Oddball Skull says:


  44. Thought Experiment says:

    Social justice league

  45. Frozenfar says:

    I thought it was about the freaking movie!

  46. Kat Del says:

    Why is Cybrog in the Justice League movie??

  47. David Kernachan says:

    1:39 saitama? is that you?

  48. Yoda _ says:

    Two things every one knows about JL!!
    1. It bombed.
    2. It sucked!!!
    😂😂😂 DC sucks.

  49. Yay For Boo says:


  50. Cliff Vegas says:

    Correction – Martin Goodman was the publisher of Timely Comics (predecessor of Marvel). Goodman had a prior successful business relationship with Jack Kirby. Lucky for Goodman, Kirby was available to create a team book for Goodman that was based on characters that Timely/Marvel owned – with the exception of "the Thing" which Kirby kinda just came up on his own. Stan Lee "helped" but he was pretty young at the time and inexperienced. Goodman was training Lee to take over the family business (or so I am told). Bam. Many "things" only a few really really good comic book historians know (sources: The Art of Jack Kirby/Wyman, Kirby: King of Comics/Evanier).

  51. Bryan Chu says:

    just a society

  52. Tebitots says:

    1:39… One-Punch Man before moving to Japan…

  53. Respectable AF says:

    JL had such potential, but all we got was a hot mess. Can't help to think what a George Miller version could have been.

  54. Astro201281 says:

    Damn, they should let5 George Miller direct JL

  55. HealthyAndrew says:

    Dughhhh BOOM a bababonus ding you dint fuggin know!

    Shut the Fuck up with that bullshit.

  56. Slappy Guy says:

    It’s funny that marvel and DC seem to not have any problems with each other, but the fans want to murder each other if someone disagrees

  57. Raggle Daggle says:

    All the comments stopped 5 months ago after the release of this movie. Poor fans…

  58. Hoku The Overwatch Editor says:

    2:53 Also taken for a tiny villain of a major Japanese comic Manga, Bleach

  59. orphanof CROM says:

    Number 8- movie is trash

  60. Michael Ferrari says:

    I tried to watch the movie three times. It's so bad I can't get through it

  61. haaseerabo says:

    Am I the only one who liked justice league? It might just be that I’m not a hardcore dc fan but I didn’t think it was bad?

  62. Theodore J Mariner says:

    Marvel studio is Rembrandt and WB with DC is finger painting

  63. G-zilla says:

    Spoiler the movie was bad

  64. DarthGwyn says:

    "What are your super powers again?"
    "I'm an awful actor, who against all odds, keeps getting work"

  65. Craxin01 says:

    They ROYALLY screwed up The Flash in this movie. He's a damned coward and a whiney little shit throughout.

  66. Mr. Muhammad55 says:

    justice league was kinda a flop

  67. Alvi says:

    Zack Snyder ruined it!😭😡

  68. Matt Conrad says:

    I think George miller’s justice league would’ve been so much better

  69. Feedsomefood says:

    Bonus thing it was a terrible movie

  70. Max Hyde says:

    Haha I've never ever heard of crossroads. I can't believe Britney starred in a movie.

  71. Max Hyde says:

    Starro should've been the movies villain, he's actually really powerful. When the Avengers faced him they got wrecked during the Dc Marvel crossover.

  72. Citizen Gar says:

    The Star-Spangled Kid was the greatest super hero of all time. :O

  73. Flipps abturks says:

    1:39 Saitama is part of a justice league 😱


  74. BUI TUNG says:

    @6:59 😂😂😂

  75. Pink Tie Productions says:

    Little did they know justice league would be the single worst superhero movie ever

  76. Princeofcups Poc says:

    OF COURSE I know all those. Except for that last one. Toe-Cutter Hunter? I'm in.

  77. oƃƃə says:

    Zack Snyder killed the DCEU.

  78. Diamond Trollface Killer says:

    Aqua man does not need to shower cuz he lives under water 🙄
    Batman hates superman in bvs

  79. peter papadimitriou says:

    waiting for the sequel now

  80. Shanika Stevens says:

    It still got destroyed by Marvel

  81. Micah Mcgaffin says:

    Cap, Bucky, Human Torch, and Namor were The Invaders. Fucking hack

  82. Steven Gardner says:


  83. EazyE78 says:

    7 Things People Who Read Comics Already Knew

  84. deadpool 177 awesome says:

    F–k Zack Snyder

  85. Life With Becky says:

    Dc used to be good and marvel was so underrated but now marvel is amazing and dc is going downhill but I personally love batman and superman, the flash, aqua man and joker but that’s my opinion

  86. Orhan Amin says:

    And spoiler alert: THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!!

  87. Orhan Amin says:

    And spoiler alert: THIS MOVIE WAS TERRIBEL!!!

  88. Grassman 32 says:

    Yeah this video came out people were anticipating and wanting to watch Justice League then it came out then basically shit just hit the fan

  89. deoflamerboy says:

    I may not know those 7 things, but I know that this movie absolutely sucked ass.

  90. Hank Messaros says:

    We miss you Stan lee

  91. blue6940 says:

    2019 The movie sucked

  92. Corvus says:

    A lame Stan Lee cameo?!😠 Now that's blasphemy!

  93. Chris Alpha says:

    Thumbs down: they forgot The Green Lantern, he has been also member of the League…

  94. Jeremy Melendez says:

    Ezra Miller was a huge miscast to play the Flash I mean this is the guy who was Kevin in We Need to talk about Kevin

  95. Reactedgaming 341 says:

    I already knew it was garbage.

  96. Dbonkerz81 says:

    I always knew DC/WB would be in trouble letting Snyder direct their movies. Sucker Punch and Watchmen were a dead give away. Snyder's film style is like a bunch of different "moments" edited together rather than telling a story. But that's just my opinion. It's time for actual story tellers to have a bash at DC movies.

  97. Kid From 21 Jump Street says:

    You guys suck ass. Just as I get into it its over…it's costing you a subscriber because christ 7?!? Why not 10 in 10 minutes YOU KNOW SO YOU MAKE MONEY AND HAVE ACTUAL CONTENT.

  98. 777pusher says:

    I can’t think of a million things that I don’t care about this!

    Stop sending me crap spam!!

  99. Dillion Taylor says:

    If they had Gaven the first justice league movie with the star fish it would of been a success.


    more crap about crap?????

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