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  1. A&E says:

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  2. Angelina Uribe says:

    Oh yeah!

  3. Nile Horuseus says:

    I like this

  4. Shadow wo1f05 says:

    Where is gangland

  5. Ciaran Robinson says:


  6. ryan damon says:


  7. Gianni Bleya says:

    Basically, good civilians who reported a criminal getting punished for it.

  8. curly _moo says:

    2:22 got Jordan's on

  9. __Ya_Boi_ Ryan__ says:

    0% nudity
    0% Fast cars
    0% Money
    100% Beating

  10. Cel says:

    I love how the prisoners hold court lmao

  11. Ziggy Luu says:

    least they didnt snatch his js

  12. alannaaa nicoleee says:

    Wait he got on some clean Jordans though lol

  13. dogsitter68 says:

    they've had a few guys die up here cause of this

  14. Barbara Owens says:

    WTF! It figures that convicted felons would do something that low down and dirty!

  15. living in a desert says:

    First, if you don't have paperwork saying a person snitched, you can't move on someone. This show is fake.

  16. my emailis says:

    Why bother sending them to jail? Give them the chair before we waste money on these degenerates.

  17. Mindy Smith says:

    Wait, what? Where are the guards? Oh, probably sleeping.

  18. Esketit says:

    Bruh at least fight back wtf 不不

  19. 1369 1369 says:

    It's amazing after all these shows which are most likely fake the jail is still open

  20. Tammy Powell says:


  21. SweatDeezTexas says:

    We have Kangaroo court in the public outside of jail. Over some HE said SHE said BS.
    If someone doesn't like you they can say or charge you with whatever and then you have to PAY to prove your innocence. If you don't comply, the Boys in Blue will show up to your door.
    Plus NOW that everything ends up on social media, the one who falsely accused someone gets put into jail will then face Court with those in jail once they get a hold of your jacket.
    People don't want to believe me that Prison Rules have spilled into Civilian life. Just look around at society.

  22. Seige Drakonera says:

    There are so many rules an regulations they broke in this on many levels. So it's safe to say this is fake.

  23. American girl says:

    Officer comes in after criminal Court hearing and shouts lockdown. That officer should be fired.

  24. jloppie thomas says:

    i would start shankin those cowards they wanna jump fools instead of fighting like men fking get shanked

  25. Julie Mitchell says:

    I hate how painful this sounds.

  26. FeaR Clapped says:

    i like how he said "You're honor he's a criminal!" Dude, your all criminals smh

  27. dim shine says:

    so staged lmao

  28. kevin roman says:

    early gang

  29. adam christner says:

    We need full shows man frfr this some b.s

  30. I Am A Fucking Faggot says:

    The way they talk like theyre pretending to actually be in a court is so cringe I laughed

  31. Kearsten Dennis says:

    He talks such like a nerd

  32. Mr haun says:

    That was a cute fight lmao

  33. Booty Full says:

    Wonder if you can speak to your attorney in this court

  34. Selena Wright says:


  35. M G says:

    "This man, is a CRIMINAL!"

    Huh…you don't say.

  36. hungry money says:


  37. Uglypenguins says:

    thought he was vomitting on the video preview

  38. Peter Mcdougall says:

    Lord of the flys

  39. Mitchell Herrera says:

    Why are the inmates walking around?

  40. Honest Friend says:

    this is so fake its cringy.. A&E go home youre drunk…

  41. I like Bleach says:

    Holup where the guards at…

  42. Mexican_WBC says:

    Aww they remind me of kids playing house or cops and robbers how they are acting like they in court

  43. scott smith says:

    Wanna know how to deal with these vicious inmates, once they step out of line you come in the block, give them one chance, if they don't obey, you put a bullet in their head and anyone else that wants to act up

  44. Vote 4 Andrew Yang says:

    Prison , people making rules who cant follow rules

  45. Jordan Cusack says:

    This is all fake. Its illegal and stupid

  46. Negro Lozoya says:

    This is fake…but it entertains me

  47. dabs uppp says:


  48. Jacoby Mcmahan says:

    That is the first time I heard Ryan cuss

  49. zerochii says:

    Daycare for men child

  50. The Garage says:

    Bunch of goofs acting like the law.. what do they do after dinner ? Watch cops?.. that pod is solid like a soup sandwich

  51. Muchacho Sauce says:

    Its like wittle fellas playing house. Wtf

  52. Tanner H says:

    That's why guys like saffron deserves to be in solitary for the rest of his life. He shouldn't be able to even interact with ppl.. too dangerous

  53. Sabones Jones says:

    Lol they said "all rise" give me a break man come on

  54. Bo Wiggly says:

    Is this forreal lol

  55. average players says:

    This is so stupid they find a snitch. And jump him. Thats why Im building shanks because Im not gonna let 5-6 people jump me without them feeling no pain

  56. Mac-Mac 3000 says:

    They need to allow the families of victims do this

  57. Christina Saali says:

    No way this is real every jail or prison they have a co there with everyone if not people have to b in there rooms

  58. Peter Goezinya says:

    That's why you always have a weapon and be ready and willing to use it. You may not get all of them, but you'll get 1 or 2 and guarantee they think twice next time

  59. Sun Set says:

    LOW CLASS PUKE HEADS do the beating

  60. vg says:

    "Your Honour, this man… is a CRIMINAL"
    Me: "I know"

  61. keara crossman says:

    Okayyy but am I the only one that thinks Ryan is so cute 打!??!?

  62. Miguel Avila says:


  63. Jay Gonzalez says:

    kangaroo court is when they indite u on a charge while u aready in jail

  64. Jefrin Turcios says:

    Toothbrush to the neck…..easy

  65. Invisible says:

    Your honor, this man is a criminal!

  66. Ron Froehlich says:

    This our tax dollars at work

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