3 Chilli Con Carne Recipes COMPARED. Which is best?! | Quick vs Classic vs Chef’s Gourmet

– [Narrator] We are Sorted, a group of mates from London, exploring the newest and
best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a
few laughs along the way. We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, and a whole world of
stuff for you to explore, but everything we do starts with you. – Hello, this is Jamie and I’m Ben. – Today, it’s one of my
favorite meals of all time, three different chilli con carnes. In front of us we have three different chilli con carnes, each one takes a little
bit longer to make, and has some slightly
different ingredients in it. – We’re gonna show you how to make each and every single one and then compare them at the end, but first, J, which
one are we starting with? – We’re starting with the one that takes the least amount of time, thirty minutes. Here’s two things you may
or may not know about me. Number one, I love me a good chilli con carne. Number two, I’m very impatient. So I’m gonna show you how to
make my quick chilli con carne. For this, I’m gonna be using onion, garlic, beef mince, a selection of spices, chopped tomatoes and tomato purée, kidney beans and a stock cube, a lovely bit of chocolate, and then serving it with
some root vegetable mash. Now just like the other two recipes that are gonna follow me, I’m gonna be using this whopper. To start us off I’m gonna
roughly chop onion and garlic and I’m gonna whack it in
here using the knife blade to make almost a purée, so it cooks quicker. I don’t know about quick chilli, but I’m definitely having a quick cry. Onion’s strong! Quick glug of olive oil and we’ll sweat them off for five minutes. It’ll be fine. With my onions and garlic nicely softened I can go in with my dry spices. We’ve got chilli, paprika,
cumin, oregano, and cinnamon. Essentially, as they’re all dry spices, you’ve probably already
got them kicking around in your cupboard, and they’re a great way to
add big flavours very quickly. And you’ll know it’s the right time to add in your beef mince because after a few seconds of toasting, those spices (sniffs) will get all up in your grill. After about five minutes or so my beef’s got a lovely colour to it so we’re gonna go in
with a little bit more store cupboard ingredients. Chopped tomatoes, tomato purée, beef stock cube, kidney beans, drained, with a little bit of water. And honestly, that is my
chili 99% of the way there, I’m gonna leave it for about
fifteen minutes to simmer away let all those flavours merge, and right at the last minute we’ll melt in some dark chocolate, for just a… You know what I mean, it’s a… But in the meantime, I can make a side, and I’m going for a root veg mash. For a root veg mash use anything
you can get your hands on. From sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, or even pumpkin. I’m going for sweet potato
and butternut squash, which may or may not actually
be root vegetables, but what’s a technicality between friends? Then slice your veg using
the thick slicing disc. These can now go into a
pan of boiling salted water for a few minutes until
they’re nice and soft and a knife can glide
straight through them. That dark chocolate will
add a really nice richness to the chili, and fool everyone into thinking
it’s been cooking for hours. With my veg drained I’m gonna season it with salt and pepper, I’m gonna use a hand blender
with a masher attachment to mash it all up. Job done, all that’s left
to do is serve it up, little bit of sour cream for those who can’t handle the heat. – Ahhh!
– Ahhh! – Very, very good, but let’s move on. How about a slow cooked chili? Now this is what a chili is all about, rich and deep flavors that
can be achieved from one thing and one thing only, patience. Something that Jamie hasn’t got, and for this I’m gonna need carrot, onion, celery and garlic, I’ve got my spices which
are the same as Jamie’s, and some minced beef, then my beans, tomato, tomato purée, stock cube, and a pale ale, or a beer of your choice. Ben chose this bottle. To get a proper depth from a chili you need an amazing base. I’ve got carrot, onion, celery and garlic, which I’m now gonna chop up in this with a knife blade attachment. So I’m gonna chuck my base
into a pan with some oil and cook this for a few minutes. In with all your spices, you wanna cook them out, and as soon as you can smell them, you’ve gotta chuck in your beef. With your spices in, your meat is starting to brown, you can chuck in all your wet stuff. Doesn’t really matter here, we’re just getting it all in the pan ’cause we’re cooking it for a long time. Tomatoes, beans, tomato
paste, and a stock cube. And because we’re cooking this for, well, nearly five hours, we need some more liquid in there. Jamie put, well, just water. I’m stepping it up a gear,
adding some, some beer. You can use any beer you want, but we’re using Butcombe. Add some salt, give it a final stir, and then put a lid on it and
then stick it in the oven for about five hours at about
one-thirty to one-forty, nice and low and slow. After five hours it’s good to go, and a little handy tip, put a tea towel on the
end of the pan handle otherwise, well, this happens. – Is that the– – Water, give me water, give me water. – And then serve up. I’m serving mine with some
rice and some sour cream. – Ahhh!
– Ahhh! – I see you, I see you–
– And rice, bit more classic. But if you come along to this one, this is the ultimate. This version gets mixed up again, we’re using beef shin, and we’re gonna make our own spice blend. So you’re gonna need some dried chillies, and a whole bunch of dried spices. The same base that Barry used, celery, carrot, onion and garlic, beef shin, chopped up, tinned tomatoes, tinned kidney beans, stock, and ale. Just like the other two I’m
using the food processor, but I’m also using the
Multi-Mill to make the spice mix. Firstly, the whole spices. Whole coriander seeds, whole cumin seeds, into a dry pan to toast off over heat. As soon as you can start to smell them and they become fragrant, throw them into the Multi-Mill along with the dried chilies. We’re using ancho and chipotle. These are pretty readily available in supermarkets in the UK now, if you can’t get hold of them
you can just use chilli flakes, however, by using the whole chlili you get this kind of fruity,
smoky, wonderfulness, out of it, as well as just the heat. (rhythmic guitar music) Now, honestly, nine times out of ten I use dried spices from the cupboard, however, when you go the extra mile and make that, that’s what will take your
chilli to another level. Next up, I’m using beef shin. You can use any kind of stewing beef, but beef shin’s particularly good. It’s marbled with amazing
fats all the way through. I’m gonna heat up a couple
of tablespoons of olive oil in a really hot pan and sear the beef to get good color, and I’m gonna do that in two batches so I don’t overcrowd the pan. Whilst the beef is searing on, exactly the same as Barry. Onion, carrot, celery, garlic, all peeled, roughly chopped, and thrown into the food
processor with a knife blade, and blitz it up nice and small. Pluck the diced beef out, and then into all of that
beef fat with the olive oil you’re gonna add in all
your chopped up veg. Give it about five minutes headstart. Next to add in our spices, so, same as the other guys, dried oregano, smoked paprika, little bit of chili powder, tomato purée, also your very own blended spice mix. Liquid wise, I’m doubling the
amount of tinned tomatoes, we’ve got the kidney beans, a beef stock cube, crumble that in, a whole cinnamon stick, and then ale. A little bit less than Barry’s, but we’ve got all the extra liquid from a whole tin of tomatoes. Then all of your beef goes back in, a little season with salt, bring it up to a gentle simmer, and it’s gonna need three hours
of the gentlest of simmering on the stove top. After three hours or so, the consistency has completely changed, you can fish out the cinnamon stick, you can add some dark chocolate
and just stir that in, it gives it a real richness, and to add to those blended up chillies, it’s almost mole in style and then we’re serving it with rice. – Ahhh!
– Ahhh! – I love a good shin! – This is gonna be a great lunch. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Doesn’t that pack some flavour? – [Barry] (coughs) Oh yeah it does! – It’s smoky, it’s spicy,
but also that chocolate gives it a, like a dark, not like a sweet milk chocolate, but like a rich, deep, dark chocolate. – With a slow cooked
chili you get the real, melt-in-your-mouth meat, and it’s absolutely sumptuous. This, you don’t get that, you get a little bit of bite to the meat, but actually the flavours
are just as powerful, and that’s what I really like. – ‘Cause of the chocolate,
it’s quite bitter, but really well-rounded
as well at the same time. Mine’s just as achievable,
in fact it’s simpler, just takes a bit longer. – Serve it up,
Baz, ’cause I’m intrigued – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Cheers. – You can instantly tell
there’s beer in that. – And, considering it’s mince, whereas that one had a bit of a chew, that is completely, almost dissolved into a meaty sauce, rather than, kind of, meat and sauce. – ‘Cause the spices have been
cooked out for longer as well they’ve almost mellowed out. – That is great. Let’s see what you think about
a little bit of beef shin. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – Oh ho ho! – Mmm.
– That is another level. – Straight away, gets
you up here doesn’t it? – Considering most of
the spices are the same, those chillies and blending your own, it does add to it. – Those chillies add a real,
a really nice smokiness, but also a very, a big chilli flavour, without any chilli kick. – What I like, three hours,
the meat holds its shape, it’s still the diced cubes, so it hasn’t fallen and flaked apart, but the side of a fork
just glides through it. – Your dish, you can taste every element, and you can take it slowly, and just wonder in it’s glory. – My one, the first one that we had, means that I could have a fresh chili every night of the week if I wanted to. – And I might want to. – I like the extra bit of
effort with the beef shin, and the chili powder that
you kind of grind yourself, but I think the smashed
roots and the squash and the sweet potato is
a really interesting take and I feel it makes it even more autumnal. – I’m… drawn towards… your one Ben, purely because I think I’d
make that at the weekend, and I think it would get better with time. – Right, final votes, Ebbers? – That chili, but with that smashed bit. – [Jamie] Barry? – Ben’s. – I’m gonna pick mine. Which one would be your favourite? The quick one, the classic
one, or the shin one? Comment down below and let us know, and also tell us what
we should be cooking up and comparing next. – I did wonder what you
were gonna say then. – What I love about
this particular episode is the fact we’ve got
buckets of chilli left to eat. If you’d like a portion,
give the video a like! – That is just not gonna
work through the post, is it? Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel for more of this, well, madness, and if you wanna get notified every time we upload more madness, then just click the bell and
we’ll see you every Wednesday, every Sunday, at four o’clock. – ‘Til then! – [Barry] As we’ve
mentioned, we don’t just make top quality YouTube videos– – Lol. – We’ve built the Sorted Club, where we use the best things we’ve learnt to create stuff that’s
hopefully interesting and useful to other food lovers. Check it out if you’re interested,
thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in a few days. (beep) – [Ben] I’ve been to Cornwall recently, I just thought–
– I don’t care! Why’re you combing your butt?

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