20 Orange Justice Variations in 5 MINUTES

lets begin spooky my life is meaningless wut am i doing how r u BOO i scare you hahaha rekt wut to do i question my life sometimes life is wierd wut am i doing wow you made it this far in to the captions CONGRATS! R U still there End me

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  1. yous 5 says:

    Embrace the cringe

  2. killerdrake says:

    The editing at 3:55 sounds like a shower

  3. Sherianna Sallam says:

    3:16 when your dancing orange justice at cathedral

  4. uravity says:

    4:25 when you're trying to play it on the band instruments

  5. Azeromega ??? says:

    4:35 this is my favourite

  6. Azeromega ??? says:

    No one see Orange Justice at 0:18

  7. Azeromega ??? says:

    0:20 put at 2 x speed and you will have the original

  8. YoloYester says:

    3:05 My ceiling fan if it was powered by my microwave

  9. Roblonokor says:

    No one:

    Me and boys at 3 am when i win first time in fortnite: 3:36

  10. Potatochips9999 says:

    I read it as orange juice

  11. Popplio HQ says:

    how do i make a max reverb video?

  12. Jerry mouse Waluigi is gay says:

    3:17 “I only listen to real music”

  13. 笑笑臉無笑臉無法連接 says:


  14. ya boi memeboi says:

    Minecraft good tho

  15. Samuelpvh says:

    4:25 this is in my room


    50% Faster
    450% Faster
    650% Faster
    900% Faster
    50% Slower
    75% Slower
    90% Slower
    Maximum Echo
    Maximum Reverb
    Earraped Maximum Reverb

  17. Nico Plancarte says:

    When you're playing minecraft and hear your nether portal or rain 3:56

  18. HankTheAnkhbayar LOL says:

    3:55 it sounds like a sand

  19. Charles De Magalhães says:

    Fortinite sucks

  20. Gilviu From Gilviu says:

    You Say fortnite is Băd

  21. Unknown star says:

    3:46 when you press cast to and it connects to your speaker downstairs when your parents are there

  22. Phyllis Henderson says:

    3:05 how guns should sound

  23. AWESOMEguyhohh Playz says:



  24. Rashad Wood says:

    3:27 put it at 0.25 playback speed and it sounds like a shity Android getting corrupted

  25. Roblonokor says:

    3:26 when mom say, you dont need go to school

    And you are going to play fortnite

  26. Starblaster YT says:

    Omg thats… FLEX

  27. Starblaster YT says:

    3:46 we are flexing under hardbass in fortnite XD

  28. endi says:

    Diss like fortnite..

  29. Luna Chlorox says:

    (14:15-14-24)=Me falling down 20 stairs at 1am

  30. Thediscordtrollerandgamer says:

    Orange justice

  31. DIRIDIRI 11 says:

    Now everyone is talking about 4:26
    But how about 4:49?

  32. Hsjdh Dbdjs says:

    %10 speed is like "I am trying to communicate with aliens but bruh"

  33. Hsjdh Dbdjs says:

    Distorted makes my windows cry

  34. Rom Abusivoh says:

    fortnite gay

  35. Bruh Nye says:

    4:25 sounds like you recorded a tv with Fortnite playing

  36. DaMemez says:

    3:27 me when my friend finally notices the prank i did on them

  37. Jonathan Hernandez says:

    Reverb like

  38. Say sike right now says:

    reverb OJ be like..

    Orange judgement

  39. Kool Kat Kid says:


    That’s how the dance SHOULD be like in Fortnite.

  40. the pain of E says:

    0:36 do the video speed max and it looks like the ALMOST normal speed

  41. Arello_Gaming says:

    smh 5min 1 SECOND lies

  42. Mr. sad man says:

    this is what you see when you are goin to the hell kids

  43. Gachacat129 says:


  44. Shadu says:

    The Thumbnail Was Showing Default Skin But It's Raven.


  45. Mr Derek says:

    Guys u still need higher or lower iq to understand one of memetastic’s vids

  46. Vasyok Na Traktore says:

    Me: trying to have a good sleep
    My alarm clock: 3:36

  47. Crash Test Dummy says:

    3:16 My sleep paralysis demon watching me.

  48. Berend Berend says:

    Top 10 cursed images

  49. Annihilate ! says:

    3:36 this is when u do Orange Justice while u have diarhea
    4:25 when u cook food in cafeteria with others but…

  50. Friendly Fire says:

    150 SPEED is the best.

  51. Friendly Fire says:

    3:05 My washing machine.

  52. JustShitpost F says:

    Fortnite is bad

  53. Audii-Kun says:

    4:25 It sounds like its coming from a room.

  54. Audii-Kun says:

    3:46 The sound of a MISFAIRINGU SHISTEM

  55. Julian Serrano Vargas says:

    When dance Orange Justice un a train un movement.

  56. LilZarifRBLX says:

    I love the reverb and distorted and my birthday

  57. REAL Ennardiscool says:

    This dudes eyes menacingly stare at you the whole video…..oof

  58. ANOMALY 1945 says:

    3:16 my favorite

  59. zLegqcy says:

    4:25 when some kid has a bad mic and u hear his audio while dancing

  60. anti bully says:

    That is a sin that can not be forgiven

  61. Rusty 34556 says:

    a demon has entered the chat

  62. Kodji Takizawa says:

    0:20 Sounds like a soundtrack for an old game

  63. Antonio Alexander says:

    My favorite part that sounds good is 3:55

  64. Baconboi says:

    Ahh yessss
    Let’s watch 144 quality

  65. Blackwolf100 Revolution says:

    Fortnite bad Minecraft good.

  66. Sr. Ralsei says:

    1:23 sounds like something out of Undertale genocide

  67. Gamma Brown says:

    25 varieties of cancer

  68. Cookiegamerp90 says:

    3:17 hol up let me get my head shaved

  69. Skuill bound says:

    Fortnite more like fartnite

  70. Guesty Guest says:

    B R U H

  71. Shuron Poteat says:

    it or else the thing got banned for memes

  72. Angel Munoz says:

    If you wasted half your whole lifespan looking at the 10 percent speed, you are oficially a GOD.

  73. Pro gamer says:

    Embrace this ear rape

  74. jscarter28 says:

    4:25. Pan wars

  75. Beat_Master YT M҉u҉s҉i҉c҉ says:

    When I liked fortnite


  76. RojoZCaza GrossLight says:

    Me in top 2 but my wifi is disconnected.

  77. Ayato Sazaki says:

    3:45 Ultra Trap

  78. Ayato Sazaki says:

    3:27 Trap Justice

  79. DALLAS CORNELL says:

    Kid:hey fortnites this is dumb


  80. JR C says:

    4:24 chorus ish

  81. super juice says:

    3:36 when you find out what racism is

  82. Servine201 and Lasher the symbiote says:

    3:45 When you beat the creator of Fortnite

  83. Roman Rynning says:

    3:16 Orange Justice in binary code

  84. Selena Locricchio says:

    now that’s a lotta volume is my favorite

  85. jxton says:

    This is really calm and relaxing music

  86. ThanosInRoblox 2019 says:

    3:16 when a hairdresser dances orange justice with his hair cutter

  87. darlene wagner says:

    4:35 . Boss Fight But Its Cancer Because Of Fortnite

  88. Rafi Pro Standoff 2 says:

    4:25 thats literally sound from the backround

  89. prince josh Seville says:

    Rip headph0ne us3rs 3:45

  90. scp-babafingo bacilarinizi saklayin says:

    When all the school hates that kid and the kid Just dead in school
    class: 3:55

  91. Tom Lyman says:

    3:30 me when I get a gold scar

  92. AsherThom says:

    3:11 my washing machine

  93. محرر شعار فيغاس العربية says:

    Not a single soul
    Not a single germ

    3:46 washing machines at 3am

  94. محرر شعار فيغاس العربية says:

    0:11 coffee slowing starting to kick in

  95. Marius Herscu Stern says:


  96. Marius Herscu Stern says:

    3:55 When you start watering your vegetables garden with a hose connected to the most powerful hydrant in the world

  97. Big city cat says:

    4:26 sounds like if it was made by pots and pans

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