1997 GMC Yukon LED Courtesy lights swap

All interior lights are OFF Old Filament Bulb (size 194) No leds installed in courtesy (step light) All OFF again paused recording to install LED in Right passenger side Courtesy step light Rise and Shine Babe Door panel reflectors also equipped with same bulbs 5K color tone LED Thanks 4 Watching 🙂

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  1. xMABERx says:

    what bulb did you get to work on the passenger side? Thanks for the video!

  2. Andrew Martinez says:

    High, Did you take the door panels off to install the lights bulbs on doors? 

  3. Jeremy Miller says:

    can you get different colors like green or blue

  4. Cooped says:

    How the hell did you get the stock bulb out (pass. dash)? The bulb is so slick and I can't get up in to that enclosure to get enough grip to pull it out of the socket. Metal needle nose on glass?

  5. kingjay0831 says:

    Is those bulbs the high power bulbs?

  6. Raul Rodriguez says:

    I know this is an old video and probably won't get a response but my question is were these ordered online is so possible to get a link to the exact part or were these bought at a part store?

  7. Corey The FAM says:

    I know this is old but can I use a 194 for the under the dash and doors for my 95 Chevy 1500? I’m just so confused on what bulb to use cause everyone using something different. And also what bulb for the ash tray light? Thanks

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