1989 Caso Jessica – Grabacion del departamento de policia

Ok. We’re recording now Thomas? Would you like to start from the beginning Am i…? Yes Thomas you’re safe Now would you like to start from the beginning so we may try to understand the events that happened? ok My my daughter Jessica She’d been outside playing at a friend’s house and we only live up the street th-they actually only lived up the street i’m sorry it started it started to get dark out and i called her friend’s parents that she needed to get home They told me she had left over a half hour ago Well, they’re only a five minute walk away so i Is this where you left the house looking for her? yes um, we live in a wooded area and i knew she liked playing there with friends, but going alone didn’t make sense Ok, so what happened next? I was calling Jessica’s name, and it had really been getting dark out now I was walking throught the woods looking and listening to anything i remember suddenly feeling sick, like nauseous in the stomatch like i wanted to throw up and i started to get a ringing in my ears then i Thomas? That THING THAT NIGHTMARE (crying) he no, IT Jessica’s clothes in one of its one of its hands (crying) It’s ok Can you, can you please describe what he looked like? It was tall it, it appeared to be wearing a suit, but there’s no way it was a human there’s NO way The arms were almost to the ground, i… i’ve never seen anything like it it’s face It’s ok Thomas please continue That horrible FUCKING FACE just STARING at me but no there was no face there was no eyes what did i see? Thomas, please calm yourse… NO NO I FUCKING SAW YOU SON OF A BITCH IT TOOK MY JESSICA IT’S NOW COMING FOR ME I CAN’T SLEEP I CAN’T LIVE YOU DONT KNOW YOU DONT KNOW OH GOD, OH GOD Thomas calm down (screams) IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU screams OH HOLY CHRIST (gun shots fired)

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