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  1. Justin Smith says:


  2. redstoneking96 says:

    You forgot the alley that seperates the foul line from doubles and singles

  3. lovemelvinstudios says:

    Water bottles, i Suppose…

  4. Brebgon says:

    Was the flower pots tennis balls?

  5. ahmed_bilbiz says:

    Did you notice that you put a trapped chest? 😛

  6. Anekie the Fox says:

    Is not red sand good too?

  7. Myles K says:

    FUCK this whole copy and past around YouTube to protest against Google+ thing, Damnit!

  8. PlushieCraft says:

    what was the flower pots for ?

  9. Alex Liebrecht says:

    You shoulda put stained clay instead of wool, cause most tennis courts are made with clay 😛

  10. RadioaKtiv boi says:

    mine is better

  11. C S says:

    Let's go down to the tennis court, and talk it out like "yeah, "yeah"…lol xD

  12. Kristian Nickson says:

    Bruh u need to talk in ur video😕

  13. Meghan Pettersson says:

    I wosh i could like all your videos but that would take a long time 🙂

  14. Puk Falstrup says:

    Er du dansk?

  15. sweety29506 says:

    Lorde Lorde I am Lorde.

  16. Donny Arrindell says:


  17. Star Wars Maniac says:

    You forgot the tramlines

  18. HopDoneLiftWright says:

    ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄                   Peter is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂       ☻/︻╦╤─   This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████].  /▌              Copy and Paste this all over
      ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..  /               YouTube if you are with us

  19. Ariel Perez says:

    you could just use tripwire hooks as rackets (when you are holding it)

  20. Notes says:

    Where's the music

  21. ImperialAndroid says:

    U forgot the tramlines, but liked it anyways 😛

  22. Jennifer Zhu says:

    You forgot the little T at the baseline.

  23. Toby White says:

    you can also use dark blue stained clay to make a hard court! Or orange for a clay one…

  24. Pernoctador says:

    you can use red sand instead of green wool and it would be nicer (for me at least 😛 )

  25. iiDuNKiN says:

    A trampolin

  26. iiDuNKiN says:

    It looks like four square at first

  27. Ahmet Yıldırim says:


  28. samch says:

    Can you bild a motosicle pls pls im your fan 😀

  29. Becky Dale says:

    anyone else have buffering?😠😢😱😲😵

  30. Mary May Donguez says:

    how to make a volleyball court! cuz i play volley ball

  31. SparkKirbSpark says:

    R.I.P. Chest

  32. wowitsWyatt says:

    Wow your island has changed so much after time 🙂

  33. Matthew Smith says:

    I playnminecrav

  34. TheCheekiBreeker says:

    make a skateboard plz musen plz ;-;

  35. OLIVEOYL25 says:

    i made a higher net and truned it into a volley ball court for my beach im building,i also used your DJ booth video for it too,i think you should make a video on how to make a lighthouse!

  36. MC Jerryyen says:


  37. MPRF12345 says:

    The screen is 4 : 3 KKKKK

  38. Super KittyMeowka says:

    Hello there I love your videos I mostly watch your videos and they inspire me to make cool designs.Thanks a lot on every videos you have posted.🐱😊

  39. Tp Legend says:

    21 blocks long would be 63 feet. a regulation tennis court is 60 feet long.
    i am a tennis player thats the only reason i am criticizing

  40. Gunluk Eglence says:

    Nice videos MagmaMusen

  41. JeusKing Gamer says:

    please subscribe me

  42. TheFlyingSteamtrain999 says:

    looking back to good times.

  43. KathM says:

    magmamusen for the win😄!!!!!

  44. Ailene Rimando says:

    Magmamusen Your My Favorite YouTuber

  45. Jenna Goad says:

    What are the pots for?

  46. TATTI_10 says:

    how to make at st?

  47. Joemariano22 says:

    I would use quartz and green clay

  48. edrian acer cahutay says:

    hi magma musen my idol i request the top ten seed in mcpe plss

  49. Yam N. says:

    I am your big fan magma

  50. wow that cool! you ar poop says:


  51. Beautiful Sister says:

    fq u forever

  52. cool_cats love_cats says:

    I'm sorry but it looks bad

  53. sandra carlow says:

    u should use iron bars instead of webs as the net it looks better

  54. cjmrq says:

    Whaddya mean "we" in the description??!

  55. Lucien M. says:

    Tennis sand is supposed to be red but don't worry it's fine xD

  56. Polloloco360 CP says:

    im the 2016 like omg

  57. Alvin Andrianto Putra Raharjo says:

    your the best in minecraft

  58. andy tran says:


  59. Maria Timofte says:


  60. Preserved Alien says:

    Tennis courts are blue…

  61. Ducky1Pilots says:

    Lets go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah. (Yeah)

  62. Janna Paguio says:

    why your musics are so sleepy?
    btw i like your videos

  63. Janna Paguio says:

    can u pls explain how many blocks ur placing? and how many spaces.

  64. Sofi Lilje says:

    Are you swedish or not?

  65. Minişler Cupcake Tv says:

    Woww I love you videos

  66. Logan Stanley says:

    you are the best minecraft guider ever! i wish no one would dislike your vids 🙁 i think everyone should like them you are very good at guiding! i watch your videos every day! there so good keep up the good work 🙂

  67. A and J says:

    what music

  68. Morgan Nicholson says:

    what were the flower pots meant to be?

  69. Morgan Nicholson says:

    what were the flower pots meant to be?

  70. Flame TamvanFX says:

    {"cpn":"_2AmRXaIBO8i0dnp","conn":3,"fmt":"160","c":"android","cos":"Android","cbr":"com.google.android.youtube","cplatform":"tablet","cbrver":"11.41.56","timestamp":"2016-11-02T10:35:41.488Z","bwe":443190,"df":"0/594","cver":"11.41.56","bat":"0.140:0","bh":12803,"cosver":"4.4.2","afmt":"140","videoid":"0574-cY8cfo","cmodel":"Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC","cbrand":"LENOVO"}

  71. Leonel Aaron says:

    eres el mejor te admiro mucho

  72. EdiPlayz says:

    you are a kid ?

  73. Maureen Valdez says:

    l Love you

  74. Trucker 970 says:


  75. Marissa Doble says:

    Go On New YORK, I'll Show you to fly to New YORK, Fly on A Airplane, off we go, go to new YORK, have fully fun, Have Some NYC Treats, SO THAT'S HOW.

  76. Marissa Doble says:

    Like down below And Comment On Me And I'll say hello.

  77. Marissa Doble says:

    thank you and bye……………………………

  78. Gold ex says:

    how to play cricket in minecraft

  79. Shadow AssassinZ says:

    The shovel can be the racket and the slime ball can be the tennis ball!!!😃😃😉

  80. Mikey Sheep says:

    OMG ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. KFcasper YT says:

    why a trapped chest?

  82. martin Ardila says:

    You did not play basketball with pigs because you greet me !!!

  83. beauty beat says:

    everyone magmamusen is well good at Minecraft and subscribe to me and magmamusen

  84. JeffMacc says:

    pigs are smart

  85. MLGusionPlayer says:

    I like magmusen's video i think i copied some of his video's i am a fan of him😁

  86. Nesfri Kurnia says:

    XD When the spider web placed it sounds like a block LOL

  87. Love11love says:

    Good vid good vid👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 give a round of applause of course why not he do this for us have fun like and comment

  88. Moumita Kole says:

    Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    I substibed to Magmamusen
    And you should too

  89. George Gachatuber says:

    Que bonita pistaaa!!

  90. WannaGet SomePizza? says:

    I remember the old minecraft music🙂

  91. Igi122 says:

    …did i just read "tetris court"?

  92. smart callen says:

    Magma building skills level ultimate

  93. Aadhya Rajan says:

    I know that this is an old video but I just wanted to ask……How many sheeps did you kill?!?!

  94. Zirrn Ziren says:

    Whoever disliked come and friggin fight me

  95. Thi La Do says:


  96. Ethan Brady says:

    What are the flower pots for

  97. Prijy George says:

    your so good at everything!!

  98. Drafty Crafts says:

    You are my favorite YouTuber!!! Can you make many more videos about how to make something?

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