✅ Trump effect: US Supreme Court approval numbers highest in almost a decade

 The U.S. Supreme Court is enjoying a resurgence of approval according to a new poll.  Public opinion of the high court has climbed to its highest level in nearly a decade, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday  “A majority of Americans, 53 percent, approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing, the highest rating since 2009 and a slight improvement from September’s 49 percent,” the poll stated  The ratings follow a few controversial rulings by the court last month and President Donald Trump’s nomination of conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy  According to the Gallup poll:  Republicans overwhelmingly approved the Court’s performance with 72 percent approving and a majority, 52 percent, of independent voters also giving it the thumbs up  The poll noted that 44 percent of respondents say the Court is “about right,” 21 percent say it’s “too liberal,” and 29 percent responded with “too conservative ”  “Democrats, have proven to be reactive — in opposite directions — to the same factors as Republicans when rating the Supreme Court’s job,” the poll stated, noting how Republican approval was just 19 percent in 2015 while Democratic approval climbed to an all-time high since 2009, at 76 percent  With the imminent confirmation of Kavanugh, Democrats and liberals are poised to be even more unhappy with the Court while Republican approval will likely increase If confirmed, Kavanaugh could shift the balance of power on the Court, and the president may get a chance to fill another seat if one of the other Justices decides to retire Frieda Powers Latest posts by Frieda Powers (see all)

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