Стражи Арктики Большая Арктическая мечта

Scene Arctic
snowy harsh place. And the main character
polar fox – Swifti, working in the post office
Polar vortex but he has much bigger dreams. He longs to get into the team
Valorous Husky who engaged in the delivery of parcels
to the Arctic. But he is too small and careless
and therefore Husky from the Arctic delivery services consider
his only annoying hindrance. He cannot prove in any way
them your potential and get chance to become a star among
couriers satisfying such manner of your thirst for glory. Though no one believes in him, but he is already doing everything in his power to all
prove your coolness. By chance, he delivers
mysterious package in secret place and gets
to hell with the cakes. Once there, the fox stumbles
to a hidden fortress, for which the vile observes
walrus Otto. Stupid evil genius commands
army of oddly polite birds … and they are plotting
something bad. Swift learns villainous
walrus plan. Greedy otto using rough
forces and weapons, wants to start drilling under snowy
Arctic ice. His plan is just to drill
ice and release enough natural gas which
will melt the polar ice a hat and Otto will become supreme
ruler of the world …. The brave fox tells
about his terrible plan friends and gathers a team
funny but clumsy animals and leads them into unexpected
adventures trying to stop Otto’s sinister plans. They have to save the husky,
captured Dr. walrus and also interfere
his plan to make global warming … They are ready to defend
weak, offended and destitute. After all, their home is in danger
and they decide without hesitation repulse the newfound
the enemy, because they are the Guardians of the Arctic. Depends on the courage of the team
the future is not only the Arctic, but the whole planet! So stay with us
because everything interesting on Yaheimer channel

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  1. DEV says:

    Спасибо, буду искать его на просторах нэта.

  2. Хмур и КОТ says:

    Ух ты, заинтересовали))

  3. РАСХИТИТЕЛЬ says:

    Огонь🔥 брат круто😀🔥👍👍

  4. РАСХИТИТЕЛЬ says:

    Ты случайна не гиг мувис голос похож)?

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