Поднять или Нокнуть – NAVI Apex Челлендж

Oh god. – Who will I revive first? – Yes, and why? With both… Egor Kreed vs Mariana Ro… I’m supposed to read it out? You have to choose one of them. Choose one? I’d revive Egor Kreed, he is awesome. Can we leave them both knocked? Then I’d choose Egor Kreed, we could stream afterwards. Who are they? Definitely not the guy on the left, who is this girl? Her hair is not as good as mine, but I choose her. Mariana Ro for sure. Choosing between them, I’d like to stream with Mariana Ro, she is my love. – What about reviving? – I’d revive her as well. Wow… SA, he is my friend. Sasha, forgive me, but boss is boss, I’d save Zhenya. Zolotarov, I’m sorry, but you didn’t make tea for me at the bootcamp, so I choose this guy in a white shirt. Zhenya, it could have been you. I don’t know Zolotarov personally, so I choose our awesome manager, SA. Are they different people? Who would I revive? None of them. I’m not a support. Nobody. If they are dead, they probably died in scrims, and they died because they got caught out of position and if they did, they deserved it. It might cost us the game, but I wouldn’t revive them. Hey, I’d revive pkmk, because Clawz will be fine, he will forgive me. This guy on the right is my roommate, and since winter is comind and it will be cold, I want him near me. It’s hard to decide, but I’d choose Nata, Alexey will understand. Cooller will understand me, so I choose Natasha. They say love lasts three years, and I’m with Alexey for much longer, so I choose the lady on the left. Cypher or… Why? I choose my coach, Alexey. Who would I revive? I’ve killed Shroud before, but I’d revive him as well. He is a great guy, I like him more. Dr. Disrespect, I know him in person. – How is he? – He is a great guy. Do you watch his stream a lot? Not really, I met him at Dreamhack, he was in his character, as he always is in public. When I won my first world championship in Quake, I didn’t shake my opponent’s hand, so we have a lot in common with the guy on the left. Dr.Disrespect or Shroud? I like Dr.Disrespect, so I choose him. Who are they? Ah, Dizzy probably, I don’t like Diego at all. I think Diego would win this duel, he is a handsome guy. I’d probably revive him. Hold on, maybe Dizzy? I’d look better then. I wouldn’t revive either of them. Or Diegosaurs? Yes, probably him. Nobody, they are great guys, but I want them to stay on the ground. Who are they? Hardecki vs Desertuk. This is an easy one – my bro from Belarus, Desertuk. Hardecki vs Desertuk. Desertuk probably, I’ve known him for a while, he is a nice guy. So is Hardecki, but I’ve known Desertuk for a longer period of time and he’s really cool. Petya, of course. We know each other and keep in touch. So it’s him. Hardecki. He’s my cringe son. Leogri and esdesu. Who are they? Oh, yeah, that one. Esdesu. I’m kidding, I know them. Esdesu because she’s a girl and needs to play for as long as she can. I’ll be a gentleman and let the lady go first. Jeez. Leogri or esdesu… I love Elechka with all my heart, so I’ll pick her. That cute lady on the right does really have a good taste, so it’s her. – What makes you say so? – Her gorgeous hair color. S1mple versus Dendi? Dendi. Why? I don’t know. He’s wearing a cool hoodie in this picture. Dendi because s1mple’s doing great whereas Dendi needs moral support. Why? You’re running out of time, you have revive anyone. Dendi! Would you just look at his smile? S1mple or Dendi. That’s a tough one. Well, s1mple is still on Natus Vincere and I respect him, so I pick him. Kurisu, obviously. Because I’m a Steins Gate fan. Who are they? – You can make a random pick. – Random? I don’t want to revive either of them. I don’t know them so I’ll let both of them stay knocked. I don’t watch stuff like that, switch to the next one. Is it possible to have them stay knocked? Ghostmane or Skrillex. Into the pit they both go. I’ll go for Ghostmane, he looks like Nikita. Ghostmane. It’s totally Nikita Clawz. Of course that fan on the left. I love my fans. How are they any different? I think I’ll revive Travis Scott over Kendrick. I use my mouse with my right hand – it’s more important so I’ll pick that one on the right. Yes, Lamar. I’m one of those who mistake Travis Scott for Asap Rocky, so I’ll pick Asap Rocky. Ryan Gosling of course. Although Johnny Depp is good, too. Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling… Ryan Gosling because I’m tired of Johnny Depp already. I respect Johnny Depp and he’s been criticized and getting a lot of media flak a lot lately, so I’ll pick him. My mom likes Johnny Depp, so let’s go with him. Johnny Depp was in the Pirates of Caribbean, wasn’t he? Then it’s him. Apex against Quake. Of course, it’s Apex, bro. I have wonderful teammates in Apex, as well as a coach and manager. Whereas in Quake, I’m totally on my own, which is really hard, so it’s Apex.

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  1. dainger says:


  2. Dazzle YT says:

    Блин спасибо за настроение 😉

  3. Gaha says:


  4. Леонид Жолобов says:

    санлайт или фузи?

  5. Natasha Korovianskaya says:

    спасибо за рес, мужики!

  6. Bumashka Grief says:

    Ну реально круто, вы топ команда!!

  7. SINOBIDOG says:

    – Никита, когда ты в Кваке с тобой тысячи твоих фанов (ментально), ну уверен что и когда в Апексе тоже. 🙂
    – Угарнул когда Алексей Анатольевич выбирал между загримированным Авеком и Гослингом и сказал что Авек уже надоел 🙂 (сложный прикол понятный только квакерам).
    Зачетный ролик, спасибо команде Нави ответственной за контент. woof

  8. Hardecki says:

    Это я 5:45. Обидно, что Кирилл и МОЙ САМЫЙ ЛУЧШИЙ ДРУГ Никита меня не выбрали.. НО. Спасибо Тёмочка, папочка-кринжа <3

  9. FaerieGG says:

    Круто сделали!

  10. Ivorlun says:

    Только арех и так на ногах, а вот кваке рес не помешал бы)

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